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7 College Freshman stereotypes you will definitely come across

There are 7 kinds of freshmen we come across in college. Everyone knows about them but somehow, it has proven futile trying to eliminate these stereotypes from the freshman population on campus. Next time you meet one of these, you can confidently say, "There goes a freshman". Its funny because everyone of us was one of these in their freshman year, lol!

1. Everyone's best friend: So this is the freshman you sat next to during orientation, or maybe the one you lent a pen for a few minutes in class. Suddenly out of the blues, she friend requests you on facebook, follows you on twitter..and as if the social network is not enough, she stalks you everywhere on campus. Her trademark greeting statement "Remember me? I'm the girl you met during orientation..." She knows your name, all the classes you take. Prepare yourself because this 'friend' is not ready to go away!

Seven College Freshman Stereotypes You will definitely come across

2. The studious student: This freshman literally lives in the library. You find her in the library and you will probably leave way before she thinks of leaving. She doesn't talk to anyone....but when she speaks, she makes a very profoundly touching statement that brings tears to your eyes. Her life revolves around three places; classes, dorm room and the library. She is a silent destroyer because as others are struggling to stay on the B range, she probably has > 90% in all her a consequence, she destroys every hope you had of making an A in that course. And the worst thing one knows about her heinous out for this one!

3. The Activist: This freshman probably knows all the freshmen that are coming in in her year. He has his political career planned out way before he gets on campus, and will spend most of his campus life lobbying for support for his different projects. He probably will join more student organizations than the number of courses he takes on campus and ends up chairing all of them by sophomore year.  He has an opinion on any and every issue.....but the good side of it all is that he probably has great charisma.

4. The Stereotype Conscious student: This student is a part of the minority population on campus....and he will make sure you are aware of his presence. He spends all his time trying to debunk myths and assumptions about where he comes from. Dare not speak ill of where he comes from or you will have someone to answer to. Feminists and Chauvinists fall into this category...believe me, you will come across these in a college population. So watch your tongue..lest you provoke one of them.

5.  The 'Now-you-see-me-now-you-don't' classmate: You'll probably see her on the first day of class...and then that's it, she completely disappears for the rest of the semester. She will resurface for a couple of hours just to sit through the midterms. The next time you see her, she's making her semester-ly rounds, asking for a copy of the syllabus. These are times when you want to lock your dorm room door and pray she doesn't land on your door....beware, she who seeks notes on the last week to finals....

6. The 'Dress-up-party' girl: This girl thinks that college is one big dress up party. She wears shorts in the winter and heels to every class, cakes her face with make up for the eight o'clock class and you're like, 'woah! Tell me you did not wake up at 4 am to do your make up'. Keep your eye on this'll probably see her crying if she didn't get into a sorority at the end of the semester...I promise :)

7. The classic freshman: Everyone was here...unless you were a super-duper special freshman. The classic freshman always carries a map around, so that she doesn't get lost on campus. She has a lanyard on her neck (the ultimate way to recognize a freshman). New laptop, new car/ bike, buys every recommended book in the school bookstore (never heard of amazon, lol!), takes every eight o'clock class and skypes with her parents every single day.....I remember the days I was a freshman :)

These are definitely the kind of people I encountered in my freshman year. To all prospective freshmen...steer clear of these stereotypes :)...but have fun meeting these rather interesting people :)




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Haha this post is  very

Haha this post is  very entertaining. All the seven types you have mentioned on this post is present in my school environment. In fact, while reading every type, I am already thinking of a person of that type. It is indeed a great analogy, good observation! It is only now that I realized the existence of these seven types, though there may be  more types.

If I were to classify myself from these types, then maybe I should add the 8th type, the "little-of-all-the-listed-above type" If you may allow me. I cannot classify myself as studious cause I am not really that studious, However I can't be that party boy/girl in the campus because I don't go to parties that often. Same with all the other types. But I guess what is important after identifying all of these is that all prospective freshmen already knows what to expect the moment they enter college. They will already know what types of person to avoid, what types to join and befriend. I entered college without any preparation at all, just a ball pen. It is good to prepare and before you enter college, especially in choosing your friends.They make a big part of your college life. Choose wisely.

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This post made me laugh, and

This post made me laugh, and entertained me quite well. I hope I did not wake up my sleeping room mate. Oopsies if I did. It definitely would not be the first time, but she is a pretty sound sleeper. :)

While reading through your stereotypes and their descriptions, I could easily picture people I know who fit perfectly under each category. You are pretty spot on with everything that you have written! Weird.

I was probably mostly the "classic freshman". I was definitely the girl who carried around a map the first couple days of classes so I would not get lost...and yet, I still did! I am horrible with directions. I actually was one of the few freshman who did not go the lanyard root; instead I used my Vera Bradley wristlet. :) I bought all my books online, the book store completely rips you off! My advisor unwillingly put me into ALL 8 o'clock classes. That felt like a death sentence. And, skype with my parents?! They don't even know what Skype is! lol. More like, Skype with your best friends from back home that you miss ridiculously much, and are having separation anxiety from. Then, your parents text/call you just about every day. Yep...that's my life in a nutshell! haha


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Ha, I guess I can say that I

Ha, I guess I can say that I experienced some of these stereotypes when I was a freshman, but definitely not all of them. Maybe I just don't quite understand what some of them mean. Part of me also wonders whether I fulfilled any of these stereotypes and if so, which ones? Although you mention that there are the "typical" freshman, I think that every one of use is made up of a little (or a lot) of each of these stereotypes. College is meant to be a time in our lives where we are trying to figure out where it is that we want to go, and who we want to be. Because of that, I feel that every person goes through at least four or five different personalities, and might not even settle down into one until way AFTER they've gotten out of college. Although these individuals may fit a certain type cast, and this is certainly a funny post, I'm not sure that I can really get behind the message it sends. Sure, there's a girl that wears a lot of makeup...maybe she has body image issues. And maybe the kid that just wants to be your friend has never had an opportunity to have friends before. I guess it's just important to consider where everyone comes from.

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Truer words haven't been uttered

I definitely remember encountering all of these types of people when I get to school.  Hell, I still do....many of these stereotypes apply to far more than just freshmen at SFA...especially the guys that you only see the first days of class, and the one about the disproving stereotypes.

I guess I could say I was a classic freshman.  I certainly remember wearing that lanyard with my campus ID on it around all the time because I didn't want to lose the thing.  That is until the lanyard got burnt at a sketchy fraternity activity.  But that's a story for another day.   This school gets of lot of disappearing acts though.  Lots of people that party too much around here will just show up and realize that as long as their professor isn't taking attendance on them, they'll leave and as long as they think they can pass with the notes alone will never come back until test day.  I'll admit to having done this in a class or two.  Because it works.

All in all though, there ARE freshmen that exist outside of these stereotypes.  But 95% of all college students fit one of these molds at some point or another.  I have been there and chances are good that so have you.

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I found this so sad, yet  funny and true, I've seen this time and time again in my freshman year, I still see it. What I saw the most was the people who you saw the first two weeks, didn't buy books, always asked for notes,pens,scantrons, etc...the ones who showed up only for a test,asked you to let them cheat. 

Then there are those people who don't fit none of these types, some people are just that outcast and you can't put them in a group at all. Sometimes we think that oh just because we were this or that in High-school, we will be in College no,College is a lot tougher and people aren't pleased as easy. You really have to work if you want to make good grades, and make sure you pick the right bunch to hang out with so you don't get throw under the bus.-Not literally. 

We all want to fit in, but being a stereotype isn't something you want to actually be, prove the system wrong. Nobody wants to be labeled as a stereotype, so make your own ways, don't follow what others do because most likely you will either make fun of yourself or they will use you as a joke and that's no fun!

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Funny Stereotypes

This is absolutely on point! I am ashamed to say but I was the "Everyone's Best friend" freshman. During my orientation I met three girls who were extremely nice and easy to talk to. We all stayed in the same dorm together and had fun staying up all night to get to know each other more. On the first week of classes I saw each of them and none of them wanted to speak to me! They all pretended like they didn't know me. I was bummed out about that. 

I was also the "Dress-up-party-girl" but I all the way through senior year. Hey, I can't help it! I love fashion an campus was my run way! However, I  was never that dumb to wear shorts or even flip flops during the winter time. No Way!

I believe everyone on the forum can relate to having a "Now-you-see-me-now-you-don't" classmate(s). The thing that gets me about these students is that they actually have the audacity to ask can they copy your mid-term or final exam study guide! I would always reply with heck no! I just could never understand how some of them even passed class. And I was always curious about what they were doing those 12 plus weeks out of class. 

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Cool stereotypes

This post is awesome! The article brought me to the time when I was on my frist day, fo the first semester of my frist school year in college. I met those 7 types of freshmen and I had no idea who to go with. I don't really care what kind of student I go with on the frist day of class as long as I have someone whom I can talk on with, I don't care if he is nerd, a party-freak, a studious dude, and the like as long as we get along well with each other. That could be the reason why I never encountered problems with students on my first day.

I remember I went out on a lunch with an activitis. I never knew she was one until after eating she showed me a book containing different activities in which she asked me to join even just one of those. The activities were like, fighting for the State University's Budget-cut, activity intended for the justice of a certain massacre in the city that is still unsolved after how many years and many more. And I was like, "Oh my, what is this???" I really had no idea with those stuff during that time. On the evening before entering my last class which starts at 7:30 in the evening, I ate dinner with a party-freak. She then asked me not to attend the class anymore and just go with her on a bar just a walk away from the school. I was about to get tempted but during that time, I am the type of student...

who would never want to miss a class on the first week because I do't want to miss anything or any instructions on my first day, frist semester of the first school year. Were you like me before?

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The Activist

Just last week, I met a freshman who just entered the class since November 2011. I asked him why he wasn’t able to attend classes and he said he was sick for almost 3 months. I really wondered if he was telling the truth since he doesn’t really look sick or he doesn’t look like he came from some bed rest at school or at any hospital so I tried to make friends with him since all the time he is just staying in some corners reading something. I was really curios about him so I really did my best to become his friend. We ate lunch together, went home together and many times we talked until finally he told me the real reason why he was absent for almost 3 months and he told me that he was an active activist who had to do something within those months and he really told me what happened to him during those months and I was like, “OMG! That really happened to you???” and he was like, “always.” He talked about his advocacies and what he and his comrades are fighting for and I was so amazed how a young man could have such philosophy in life. I was so amazed with how he was able to survive everything, of how he was able to cope up and still fighting. I salute him for having this love for our country which is very rare among teen agers nowadays. I just told him to just be careful because he is not facing ordinary obstacles in life, and by the way, he is lost again just yesterday. 

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Everyone's Bestfriend

Going back on my freshman days, I think I am the everyone’s best friend. I used to talk to everybody even to guards and maintenance staff. I never really cared on who to talk to, because there are some dudes and chicks out there who doesn’t talk to certain people or group because they are afraid that their image might change after talking to those people, say the socialites to the not-so-popular students of the school, the bad guys to the losers of the corridors and so on. But me? I don’t care, I talk to everybody, I smile at anyone who stares at me. and yes, I used to borrow pens on my seat mate and then eventually asks for paper and borrow books, the next thing is, I’ve already added that person on facebook, or sometimes follow on twitter and they’re like, “hey you were the one who borrowed my pen and asked for a piece of paper during our Math class. LOL” and yes, that was my life, that’s what I used to be. that’s just my way of making friends. Thanks to that attitude of mine because now, I don’t have to do those to make friends with anybody because they are the ones who would draw near me since they have heard how friendly I was, and yeah I never changed. I still entertained people, talk to random people and get amazed with their attitudes once I would know them thoroughly and life really is extra-awesome with that. 

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I actually don't believe I was any of these stereotypes as a freshman. I was more the guy who kept to himself, sat in the back of the classroom, and made decent marks, despite the fact that I was probably seldom, if ever, seen studying at school. I had a small group of friends, and kept it that way. I was the guy you would see sitting alone in the cafe' after class with his laptop, or working out alone in an empty weight room. I was the "Antisocial, depressed freshman", if that's even a thing. I didn't care for much except my homework and my smoking habit. I suppose not much has changed since then, aside from being in a relationship. I will admit, while I've done anything but "lighten up", I have become more social, albeit ever so slightly. There are times at which I even see fit to initiate (horribly awkward) conversation! I've even made a few new friends, but for the most part, I haven't changed much since I was a freshman, aside from the maturity that comes with aging. If I absolutely HAD to choose one, I would have to be the stereotypical "I'll be fine" freshman.