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Beautiful Skin Without Cosmetics for Girls

In college, I met many beautiful girls who felt the need to cover themselves with three layers of foundation to step outside of their dorm rooms. For that matter, my junior year roommate was so obsessed with always looking at her best that she used to wear makeup even in the room on days she didn't really have to go out. In the duration of the one year we were roommates, I saw her without makeup only once and that too by mistake. I was actually quite surprised to see her real skin. It looked damaged by the harsh chemicals in the cosmetics she used to apply day after day.

My interest in keep my natural skin clean and looking young and youthful started in my teens during which time I suffered from acne and acne spots. I used many cosmetics, creams and even anti-biotic medications because many dermatologists had me convinced that only bacteria and oil alone caused acne and other skin problems. All the cosmetics I used never really helped with my acne problem and worst they used to dry out my skin completely. So, I was determined to find a natural solution to keeping my skin beautiful. I tried home remedies, facials and natural creams. Although they helped a little, my skin still looked damaged. Then I turned to the only natural logically solution that was shown to me - to change my lifestyle. I realized I ate junk food and beverages, led mostly a sedentary lifestyle, faced a lot of stress and slept very little. Once I started to lead a healthy lifestyle, I was amazed at my skin’s natural ability to heal without fancy cosmetics and creams.

I think skin is a reflection of the internal health. If you want a clear beautiful skin, you really should aim to improve your internal health. Skin is the largest organ in the human body and is greatly capable of healing itself when you supply what it needs. Acne or other skin problems are basically due to harmful toxins in the body. Bad toxins can lead to hormonal imbalances that manifest as skin problems and other health conditions. I used to see my roommate eat microwavable food everyday after coming to the room from parties at late hours before bed. She also slept very little and lived on caffeine to stay up. I once asked her whether she knew how bad the food she is putting into herself is and to my surprise, she said yes. So, she knew the food was bad, but didn't really care because she had foundation and other cosmetics to make her look pretty. She regretted leading a bad lifestyle, but never really did anything because using cosmetics was easier than changing bad habits.

Naturally attaining beautiful skin will take time, effort and patience. Body’s natural processes are complex, and so you have to be patient and keep leading a healthy lifestyle to see results. Flushing out all the already existing toxins from your body by drinking a lot of water and exercising is on the best ways to start the skin‘s healing process. Added to that, you should also supply adequate vitamins and minerals to aid the healing further. Sleep is very important to your body and to your skin to replenish and heal. Obtaining clear gorgeous skin certainly is possible if you are willing to change your bad habits and committing to being healthy.

As a college student, it can be hard to lead a healthy lifestyle. But ultimately, you should decide between natural obtaining beautiful skin by being healthy and suffocating your skin with harsh chemicals while leading an unhealthy lifestyle.


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Great Topic

In high school, my skin always looked great. People were always complimenting me and telling me how lucky I was. I never understood until I got to college and my usual skin care habits were taken over by light study nights and late nights out with friends. In high school, I was in several dance classes and was meticulous, to say the least, about my skin. I never went to sleep with makeup on or was without a good moisturizer. But, when I got to college I suddenly had to pay for my own things. Moisturizer, facial masks and other non essentials went to the bottom of the list. I also didn't eat as healthy as I did in college and water was replaced with coffee. 

My skin didn't start to change until several years later. I am now beginning to see the effects of my late nights. I never really wore makeup and still don't. It's true that you can reverse the damage, but it's a slow process. Just like gaining a lot of weight and then trying to lose it. It's better to be proactive and take care of your skin before it gets bad. This is a great article about starting from within. Also, a lot of college students think they need to tan. My advice... don't do it.

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This is sad, but honestly

This is sad, but honestly though, who is there to blame? Look at the magazines, movies, even the soap operas! Women look like they are models when they supposedly wake up. Remember this movie “The Bridesmaids”? The main girl made sure she woke up before her boyfriend just so she can put her makeup on before he sees her a-la naturel? No wonder girls are so pressured into this strange movement of “oh, I am so ugly, I must look my best even when I am sick.”  Society has always been superficial; but I am just hoping that one day women would stop painting their faces just to be “popular”, stop all those ugly unhealthy diets, so they would look like a bag of bones… ah, it is nice to dream sometimes…

I am very grateful to my mother because she would not let me use makeup until I turned sixteen. And even then she took me to a cosmetologist, who showed me what colors I can use, and how to do it right. When it comes to skin care, just as you said – maintain a healthy lifestyle, and if acne still is there, there might be a need to check the hormones. Remember though, this is a task for a doctor to do, not a roommate with a similar problem.

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more than a food

I've encountered many a mention to the use of coconut oil as a great tonifier and moisturizer for the skin. I can certainly speak to its ability to help remedy dry, cracked skin. And what's more, it is an excellent nutritional source to boot!

It may initially sound a little weird, to use "food" on your skin, but the coconut is a very versatile plant. I've read of other cultures (especially Indian) that use coconut oil, and (I believe) turmeric on the skin to improve skin tone and health. And the fact that it doubles as something you can eat (I use it as a butter substitute-- just sprinkle on some salt, and you've got something that tastes just as good, if not better than butter, potentially with several nutritional enhancements).

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Definitely, coconut oil is an

Definitely, coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer for the skin and hair. I am Indian and we extensively use coconut oil in our food and to you put on the skin. Turmeric is a super spice and an anti-baterial and works great for acne when mixed with mint or neem or lemon juice. However, too much turmeric can dry out the skin. 

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These are all great tips! I'm

These are all great tips! I'm currently a female freshman in college, and I've definitely seen some problems with my skin over the past semester. I started eating poorly, didn't work out very often, and didn't take care of myself as well as I should have. I was definitely stressed, and didn't sleep much. I had a lot working against my skin and I didn't even stop to think about it! I did just as your roommate did: covered my face with foundation and hoped the problem would go away. But it didn't.

Now I'm in my second semester at college and trying to do things better. I've already changed my eating and exercising habits, and I'm trying to get some more sleep for myself as well. Although it can be hard to take care of yourself during college, you really have to make an effort to commit to keeping yourself healthy. Your body is the only one you have, and if you don't take care of it, you'll have nothing to show for yourself.

Even though I think you should definitely keep your skin naturally healthy, I don't think that you should rule out the use of cosmetics. Although my skin has cleared up a lot and is definitely on a great track to recovery, I still wear foundation and other beauty products. You just have to make sure you find products that won't work against you and your skin.

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Skin Care

Skin care is definitely tricky.  Like Jackie, I had beautiful skin in High School.  I didn’t really have to do anything and I hardly ever wore makeup (because I couldn’t afford it.)

Now, I still can’t afford makeup but my skin has gone totally insane.  Part of it is due to getting older (at least, I hope so).  But part of it is due to bad habits I developed in my teens.  I would hardly ever wash or exfoliate my face.  It was no problem then, but it certainly is now.

Although, I have to admit that learning to take care of my skin has some added benefits.  I now have no problem periodically treating myself to home facials.  What could be better than having chocolate oatmeal facial and doing some yoga nidra?

Overall, skin care is probably not the most important thing you can do.  At least, that is my opinion.  It’s not a catastrophe if you fall asleep before you wash the makeup off your face.  But taking care of yourself is really important.  Just eating healthfully and trying to get a good amount of exercise will go a long way in making sure you look how you want to look. 

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Skin care in college can be

Skin care in college can be very tricky. With all the stress that comes along with the busy college life, it is very likely that you forget to give special attention to your skin. College life is sometimes known as a hub for coffee drinking. Let me point out that this is true. In college, you will at least have to develop a coffee drinking habit at one point or another, especially when you have midterms and finals coming up. But just because it happens, does not mean that you have to make it a habit. Remember that the glow on your skin depends on what you put in your body as much...or probably much more than what you put on your skin. So, if you do get to that point when coffee is your best friend, just remember to do it in moderation. It is not essential that you take coffee every single day. Coffee can be harmful for your skin.

For your skin, I recommend that you get a regimen that works for you and that you stick to it. Trust me, sticking to a regimen does wonders for your skin. I personally struggled with skin issues for quite sometime before I found something that worked for me. It did take time to give me healthy skin...but it has paid off to stick to it. Mine is composed of three products..and I don't wear make it actually saves me lots of cash. Try it..if necessary get a skin test...its free once in a while at the mall,  I think. And find something that works for you and then stick to'll never regret it.

Finally, let me emphasize that water is key. Water is very essential if you're looking to have good skin. If you don't have a habit of drinking water, then its better to start now. It takes time to make it a habit. But with effort, it is something worth doing.

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You always hear a lot about

You always hear a lot about how your diet affects the appearance and overall health of your skin and that is true.  But if you live in a residence hall on campus, you are probably required by the school to purchase a meal plan and will end up eating most of your meals in the college dining hall.  I have been to some colleges that have amazing dining halls, but I am not one of those lucky students.  The food at my college is greasy and oil and just all around low quality.  It is really unhealthy — a lot of empty calories — and you can tell by what it does to your skin.  So many of my friends had arrived at college with clear skin, only to start breaking out all the time due to the dining hall food.  Then once summer came and we stopped eating in the dining hall every day, our skin cleared up.  There is not really a lot you can do to prevent it apart from not eating in the dining hall, but my suggestion is to drink a lot of water and maybe adjust your skin care routines a little bit to fight breakouts.  

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I like a girl that has the

I like a girl that has the power to get out of the house without any make up. That shows she is a powerful girl and does not mind what people say about her. I also met girls that cannot live without their daily dose of makeup. I think is ridiculous to get up three hours early in the morning so you could just apply the entire make up that you have and then go out on the street looking like a clown.

The young skin does not need and lotions or foundations or make up products. The body is constantly changing and so does the skin. The young girls that use make up before they need it are just damaging their beauty.

None of us likes to have red spots on the face, or freckles or anything that will look bad, but by applying makeup those imperfections will do nothing but stand out even more.

But if you cannot live without make up make sure you buy good products, they are not supposed to be expensive but they need to have natural ingredients and make sure you wash your face really well before you go to sleep or else the pores will be stuffed with makeup. 

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healthy skin

Makeup makes you look better, but most of it actually isn't good for you. You're right about the chemicals. Look up the ingredients sometime. You would be surprised at how many toxic ingredients that can legally be included. Also, scrubbing it off every day is hard on the skin (especially the area around and under the eyes). If you must wear makeup, splurge on the all natural mineral makeup. It is expensive, but worth it. If you go to a booth in the mall or a counter at the store (health food stores are your best bet), the representatives can give you a free demonstration. You'll find that with the right colors, you really don't need that many different kinds.

I know this article was about looking good without makeup, so here are my tips. Definitely eat healthy. Eat plenty of vegetables (more than you think you need) and drink lots of water. Fruit also keeps you hydrated because of the high water content. Drink lots of green tea. It has lots of antioxidants which are great for the skin. Berries have a lot of antioxidants, too.

This will sound odd, but make sure you are getting enough fat. Healthy fats will keep your skin soft and supple. Good sources are fish, nuts, olive oil, avocado, and eggs. Eat natural foods instead of processed foods. Also, remember to cleans and moisturize your face every day. Take care of your body, and it will take care of you!