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Benefits of reading books

We may not notice that there are many benefits of reading books like novels etc. I myself also thought of this before, I think that reading books is just a boring past time of others. But when my girlfriend has asked me to read some of her favorite novels, I realized that it is not that boring after all as long as you are really interested in what you are reading.

When I read a few novels, I realized that it helped me widen my imagination. I imagine every scene which I read from the book. Aside from this, my vocabulary has widened. I have learned a lot of new words while I am reading. And because of this, I am able to express myself event better. I know which words to use or say when I am expressing my self. It helped me a lot!

So now I already read books whenever I have the time. I don't read that fast but it doesn't matter to me. as long as i am able to read and understand what I am reading. Right now I am reading Hunger Games, and  i must  say that is is a really great book! Now I know why they always say that the book is better than the movie..



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I enjoy reading books on my

I enjoy reading books on my own, but when professors say oh you have to read x number of books by then I freak out and I can't get into it. It sometimes gets to the point to where I just give up, but then I have to say this will benefit me in the long run, so pushing yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone and getting into others helps you to be a well rounded person as well. Some of us may think it's a complete waste of time, boring, and that we will die from it, but just look at it from another's point of view and you'll see that you can benefit something out of it. For example I'm reading Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, the book bores me to tears, but it's helping me to understand my sex and the opposite sex and why we are the way we are, how we express ourselves and the way we act. So seeing from your eyes and someone else's eyes really do help. So don't knock off reading because it wll help you to expand your vocabulary, it will help you to understand what you didn't before. So don't knock it before you try it :)

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I guess for some people

I guess for some people reading barely makes it to the "entertainment section". It seems pretty boring when you think about it (especially if you compare it with watching movies and playing games). I wasn't always a bookworm but when I tried reading a good book and enjoyed it, I couldn't stop myself from reading. I  actually started to feel like it makes me smart in a way. It expanded my vocabulary, taught me how to read between the lines and dig deeper into things. After a while, I also took interest in writing. Reading so much has helped me think like a writer, imaginative and cryptic in a way. I've grown attached to books that I could spend a huge amount of time in a bookstore just reading through synopses and then choosing the best ones. Novels really captivated me. And I guess you're talking about novels here because the other kinds (eg textbooks) are not ones to tap the imaginative mind since those are the more pragmatic ones. However, those kinds of books aid directly but not very ideal for leisurely reads.

It's good that you're reading The Hunger Games! I think that trilogy is the paragon of an imaginative story. Keep reading!

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Hunger Games-great books! But

Hunger Games-great books! But then mens from mars, women from venus,and I'm not even half way in the book, some books, just bore you, but we will have to learn how to get outselves off into them, and get through the semester when we have thoughs boring books in our intersting classes. I stopped reading the book, going to just go and read the book because the report is due next month and I just have to force myself to read nad get through, When i find a boring book, I make something my motivation like the great grade i'm going to get, or the more I'd learn from the book etc. 


Just set a goal and complete that goal, set a motivation and get to reach it-if that makes any sense. Sometimes we will have to sufer through the bad to get to the good.

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Reading Books

I enjoy reading a good book, but my problem is that I hardly ever time to sit down with a good book! I'm lucky if I can get through my textbooks for my classes. Between juggling a business, two kids, a husband, housework, and full-time school, there is no time left for reading. I used to enjoy reading mysteries and thrillers. I like Dean Koontz a lot, I haven't ready any of his books for a long time. 

When I was a kid, some of my favorite books were: The Secret Garden, Stuart Little, Charlotte's Web, and The Trumpet of the Swan. I have seen all of the Lord of the Rings movies, but have never read the books. Someday I would really like to sit down and begin that trilogy, the books are always better than the movies!

Reading is so good for your brain, it is important to keep those brain cells stimulated and excited and what better way to do it than to find a book you really enjoy, curl up with it, and soak it up. Reading is healthy, I even still prefer a good old-fashioned book over any of the devices that people use to read on these days.

I wish I could grab a book right now and read, however, homework and housework are calling!

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Read Books

Aside from listening to music, reading books is also my hobby. Since I was little, I love to read books. Maybe because despite my young age, my mom already taught me how to read. Ever since then, reading became my passion.

I believe that one way of learning is by reading. By reading, I can learn new things. I can gain new knowledge. I can collect facts; discover things that I did not know beforehand and had existed. By knowing the facts, I can also have a way to share what I know to my peers.

Reading books can also help me with my research papers and home works. If I can recall having to read about a certain topic, I can just find the source or reference. Aside from that, I can broaden my vocabulary.

Reading books can also be a form of meditation for me. After a stressful day, after doing a lot of home works, computer programs, and dealing with projects, books would be my company. I relax by reading them. If I’m feeling down or depressed, it’s one way to leave the reality for a while. And as I finish reading, I feel that I’m refreshed and ready to face the world. By reading, I gain peace of mind.

Above all, by reading books, you can learn lessons that you can apply in your life. The books that I read, apart from our subject textbooks, are novels and inspirational ones. They depict real life experiences of people. By reading, I feel that I can learn from their experiences. And it’s possible that what happened to them can also happen to me. Reading books makes me become a better person; and also a good decision maker.

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Read a book!

It seems that phrase, "Read a book!" has become a way to "get a clue" instead of literally picking up a book and reading it. With the advancement and accessibility of technology (from laptops to e-readers to tablets), actual book-reading seems like a lost cause. But that's really because of the way the technology is sold. I've played with tablets, but I wouldn't invest in one for the sake of reading. Sure, I like how books smell but that's not why I read them. I read casually because I've always liked reading. Books, like movies, are a form of escapism and while I don't really mean to "escape" from my life, it's interesting/fun to look at someone else's life or imagine being in another world.

I'm also a writer, so reading helps to get me through a hard point. I just bought a book of short stories and I've been able to see how the authors experimented not just with subject matter but also how they used the words. (I think it's just a geeky thing writers/English majors do when we notice how a paragraph is written different and we get excited.) Reading is a hobby I've had since I was young and yes, it's pretty important to know what you like before you try to invest time in it. Like, if you don't like romantic movies, you wouldn't watch one. It's the same for books.

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Book reading

If students would learn to love books, then surely they would enjoy the benefit of going through college with lesser efforts. Yes, the internet is very much useful but books are far more better than the internet since books contains the entire thoughts of a certain topic, story and anything related to that. Those materials found in the internet are only parts from taken from the book. 

Reading book would also refill one's knowledge tank and would help you expand your vocabulary. There are many ways of learning with the book, take down notes. When you encounter new words, list them and go over them before going to the next page. Another is that books never waste your time, yes you are just sitting or lying somewhere reading the book, but you are learning. 

Books are not just for learning alone, they can relieve one's stress just by reading. When you read, you tend to forget everything around you for a while since you are letting the book take you on a ride. You forget your world and then suddenly, you find yourself somewhere, a place or situation created by the book. Believe me, it is very much fantastic.

Teachers must motivate students to read books because books are always, and will always be the number one tool in surviving a tough college life. 

And besides, one advantage of book is that you can carry it wherever you wanna go. You can still read it's contents even if you are on a remote area.  Learn to love books and they will surely  love you more.

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Reading as an escape

With the Kindle app and Nook app being free to download, cost is not an excuse to not read. Both reading apps have tons of free books - you just have to search Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (Nook). These apps can be downloaded onto smart phones, laptops, and iPads. They allow you to change your device into an e-reader. They are really simple to use.

Reading can help function as an escape. I'm not speaking of reading a textbook, but of reading other books. Some fiction works wonders as an escape - it can help you release your fears. Non-fiction, like biographies and current event books, can help widen your perspective. It is too easy to get caught into college life and not remember that there is a whole wide world outside of college. Reading can help you remember that there are other important things.

Additionally, reading can open up worlds that classes cannot. Not everyone has access to the art class, or even knows they might be interested in art, but when you read a story about an art gallery, you can gain knowledge and decide if you might want to take an art class. Fiction books can teach important life lessons while making you realize that your troubles are not the worst.

Books are great and will help you grow as a person.

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Reading is very important for

Reading is very important for human beings. The needs for reading have existed for a very long time since first human civilization. Human started to tell others from drawing on the cave wall. This is the first idea how human started to spread information. People have known how important reading to human beings was for so long.

Reading is the main method we get information and knowledge. This can be reading from books, newspaper, website, etc. There is other method of getting information like listening, but the most best one is through reading. For blind people, there is Braille system for them to read.

Purpose of readings to people are to learn, to develop and growing, to get know how to, to look for opportunity and chances, to success, to get alert and alarm, etc. In short, people need to read in order to have better living.

People who use to read usually are very knowledgeable person. All the information he reads will be kept in his brain memory and can be used when it’s needed. The more one person read, the more he get knowledge and the more value of that person. They will get position in society for their knowledge and usually success in their life.

People who don’t know how to read usually people that much left behind in life success compare to people who knows how to read.

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Teaching through reading

Another thing that we have not spoken of is that teaching can be done through reading. Children learn language through reading, and so can adults. If your native language is not English, then reading English books can help give you a better grasp of sentence structure and grammar. When you are taking a foreign language class, reading a novel, short story, or webpage in that language can help you grasp grammar. Sometimes it is simply easier to read and learn than it is to practice grammar rules again and again.

Also, reading is a skill. When you graduate and go into the workforce, reading is a skill you will need to have. The most efficient workers and the most knowledge people were the ones who could read and understand things quickly. They had the ability to read fast and understand the material. If you are planning on going into a career where there is a lot of reading in school and in continuing education classes (medicine and law come to mind) then you need to be able to read well. The only way to get better at reading is to actually do more reading.

So reading is fun and important to life after college.