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Feeling Tired all the Time?

Many college students suffer from chronic tiredness. They feel lethargic and find it difficult to wake up in the mornings, feel drowsy in the classes and have low energy throughout the day etc. Once in a while we all feel tired. When I was in college, there used to be some days I didn’t want to do anything but lie down on the bed. But, I met many students that felt tired all the time and some even had chronic fatigue. Sometimes no matter what they did like eat right and sleep early, they still felt tired.


There are actually many reasons why one feels tired all the time. Pin pointing the cause is very helpful in eliminating the sluggishness and feel energetic. When I was a teenager, I used to feel fatigue for a month or two in a year. I never really understood the reason for it because I ate healthy compared to many of my friends who were far healthier than I was. I understood the reason when I was researching about the problem. I found out that even though I ate healthy, my body wasn’t absorbing adequate nutrition. My digestive system was weak and once I realized this fact, I took probiotics and took care of my digestive health. Now, I rarely feel fatigue even though I eat less amounts of the healthy food compared to before.


Many people think they need to sleep for more number of hours to feel energetic and alive in the morning. But, from my experience, I realized it is not so much the amount of time you sleep, but the quality of the sleep that determines your energy levels in the morning. You can feel very energetic and well rested even with 6-7 hours of sleep provided you sleep deeply. With the practice of right kind of meditation everyday, you can even survive on less sleep. Emotional drain can also cause tiredness. Expending too much mental energy on unhealthy emotions drains the body also. So, you end up being tired all the time. Stress, constant worry and thoughts about academics and other responsibilities is a lot on the mind and body. If you think this might be the main cause of your tiredness, you should consider thinking about starting a meditation routine or calming exercise routine to relax your mind and feel fresh.


One of the best ways to tackle a health condition is to seek professional help. But, this does not mean that you have to go and pop in pills that can sometimes aggravate your condition. I personally don’t like taking harsh oral medicines. If I can correct a cause with the help of lifestyle changes, I will be much happier and willing to try. I read an article written by a popular Natural Health professional who talked about how the toxins in our bodies can have a bad effect on our health. He said that even without realizing many people are very toxic. Toxins from the food, the air, surroundings, water and other household chemicals and cosmetics can get accumulated in the body. For example, many people have tooth fillings that contain trace amounts of mercury, which is harmful chemical that can cause many health problems in humans. The doctor talked about his own experience with chronic fatigue and how he corrected it by detoxifying his body and getting rid of the toxins. So, take some time in finding ways to detoxify your body through natural ways and see if your condition improves.


The more consciousness and caring you are about your health, the faster you can point the cause for your tiredness and implement appropriate strategies.





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Great suggestions!

What a great post!  It’s so good to have a reminder to take care of yourself.

Another thing that can cause fatigue is stress.  As the end of the semester approaches I find myself constantly fatigued due to stress.  In that situation another good thing to do is to identify your stressors and make a plan (and stick to it!) that will allow you to manage your workload.

For example, I am taking an independent study course that I have until August to complete.  Due to some fairly serious family problems I am about a month behind where I want to be (and you ask, Rachel, why are you writing this comment?).  Luckily, I work for a public school system and their Spring Break is this week.  So I made a schedule for myself to catch up on my work.  Yes, I may be working harder than I usually do in a typical work week.  But the schedule is manageable and if I stick to it I don’t have to worry.

Just one last suggestion before I go back to reading about Queer Theory.  When you’re making a schedule for yourself make sure to build in time to eat and exercise.  You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.

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will definitely do what you suggest

Hi navyatha! Am here to say that you are not alone. lol. probably most college students suffer from this. I get this feeling too. I feel so tired on a , to the point that when I get to class on a monday, am just waiting for the weekend to come. And when attend my class in the morning, I just  wait for my dismissal. This is a very hard problem to deal with, it's like you still want to learn, but you cannot absorb the discussions any more because of being fatigued.

It's so nice of you to research for the reasons of being overfatigued. I never thought it would be that scientific. I have learned a lot from this blog post.

I will put this into practice at the start of our next academic year. I am sure if all students practice this techniques to avoid fatigue, we will be more productive. I know there are really times when we feel over fatigued to the point that it is already affecting our academic performance. I will take your suggestions and hopefully be more productive in class. This has been my problem for years now and it's my senior year next year, so I have to get good grades!

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This is an awesome article! I

This is an awesome article! I seem to be one of those people who almost always seems to be tired. I think it may just be a college student type of thing. I sure hope I outgrow it at some point.

One of my really good friends up here in college, sleeps ALL the time! She seems to almost sleep more than she does anything else. She sleeps through a good majority of her classes, and is really struggling to keep her grades up. The other day we saw her at the gym working out. We were all so surprised. She said for once, she actually had a bit of energy, so she went to the gym. And, then she was going to go back to her dorm room and go to bed after wards.

I think my friend may be an extreme case of this "feeling tired" all the time sensation. Many students only deal with a milder version of it.


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I went through this stage

I went through this stage when I was a freshman. After the long summer holiday, when the school started, stress became overwhelming for me and I could not handle it anymore. After a while when I could not finish my day without some large cups of coffee, I decided to take up some relaxing activities. I started doing yoga, when I had time I also ran and so on. After I controlled my diet, I was feeling a lot better. I used to get involved in all sorts of activities and that was a major issue. I had to respect all those deadlines and I was not able to function properly anymore. And there were also a lot of parties I had to go to, I had so many white nights that I was not able to keep track anymore. It was exhausting.
After a few weeks as a freshman I said I have to slow down. I made time for myself, I had a schedule I had to stick to as in I went to bed early and woke up to do some exercises. That gave me a lot of energy and I felt refreshed after that morning shower. I gave up the caffeine and started drinking fruit juice, I also ate a lot of salads and soon enough I was back on track.

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It is normal that the tough

It is normal that the tough schedule in the college takes its toll on the students after some time and that they feel tired and exhausted. I did feel the same although I was not a person who partied late night and drank alcohol. When I felt exhausted I generally replenished myself by lying low. Meaning, for one weekend I would not do anything - just get up early in the morning of Saturday, clean the house and take a nice long shower with loud music playing, do the grocery shopping on the friday evening (I buy things that I don't need to cook much with plenty of fruits). Then the rest of the weekend I just hang around my apartment listening to music, read a good book or watch some adventure and fantasy movie. These things really charge my battery very fast and I am ready for one more week at the college. In between, I also do other activities that make me feel relaxed and allow me to enjoy life like travelling, open air theatres, bicyling around, hanging our with friends for coffee, cooking out with friends and so on! There needs to be a blance in life and once can figure out how to maintain it it will much more easy!

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I think that a lot of this

I think that a lot of this tiredness probably has a great deal to do with depression that can be associated with the weather, break ups, or even just doing badly in classes. Also, because many college students are just getting out on their own and living away from their parents, many of them do not understand proper nutrition or how to take care of themselves. Poor nutrition and health could definitely lead to individuals having trouble sleeping and being really lethargic. Also, in college, the world of drinking is opened up to people. Although not everyone in college is getting drunk or even buzzed all the time, there are still people that do. Hangovers could be a serious cause of fatigue and lethargy and should also be considered.

Because of the constant go-go-go of college, as you mentioned, it can be difficult to shut off. I do not think, however, that people need to go on medication to remedy it. What worked for me was just setting up a designated time when I start "going to sleep." So, say at 10 PM I will lay down in bed, in my pajamas and prepare myself to go to bed. I will do something that I can associate with sleep, or won't involve too much mental stimulus. It works for me, maybe it will work for the rest of you!

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I must say that this problem

I must say that this problem is much more common and probably more serious than we all think. Sometimes, chronic tiredness is really a symptom of bigger problems within our body systems. If you find yourself in a situation whereby you experience more than  the normal episodes of tiredness and laziness, I would encourage you to seek medical help. I know of a friend of mine whose cancer was detected due to such symptoms of extreme laziness. Otherwise, I would also advise that college students don't overwork themselves. You have your whole life ahead of you, and as such you need to take care of yourself....don't think only of the present but of the future too. Do things with moderation; study hard but don't kill yourself, attend parties but don't forget your studies....this will save your body from breakdowns due to stress. 

To ensure that  you don't experience chronic tiredness, I recommend that college students learn to plan their days... Set goals for yourself. Remember to include in your plan time to just relax, catch up with friends and to just breathe. It can be very hard to develop a schedule that you can stick to because life is full of emergencies and unplanned events, but with time and much understanding of yourself and your goals, you will surely learn how to manage your time to ensure that you do not overwork nor do you under work yourself (if there's such thing,lol!)

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Boy was I tried!

In college I was one of those students who was constantly exhausted and tired. I try not to sleep most of my day away. I even found that some evenings I would be so tired that I would over sleep and miss my night classes. I was so sluggish and never could understand why.

When I started drinking healthier drinks with vitamins in it that's when I started to see a change in my sleeping habits. Even Carnation drinks helped me out a lot; especially during my junior year  and senior year because I was cramming in 17 hour credits two semester of those years. 

I am not a big fan of energy drinks I must say. they never really agreed with my stomach. Plus they had an awful taste. They would usually bring me all the way up and then just drop me like a hot potato. So, I tried my best to stay away from those. Coffee was just not great to me. I would go to my school's Starbuck's every now and then, but i hated the taste. Plus it would make me a little too extra hyper. 

If you want to combat college exhaustion then I say work out every chance you get and take in a lot of Vitamin C. Good luck!

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The Quality Sleep

Precisely! Our body doesn't need too sleep to be able to fight fatigue, sometimes, too much sleep can even make us feel tired all the time. I have tried that. There was one time when I thought I'm going crazy. I felt aliens watching over me. I told my friend about that and she said I'm just making stories, and I know in myself that I am not. I observed myself, I eat well,I never skip meals for I am a health-conscious buddy and a fitness buff. I would even do regualr exercise to maintain my figure. I ate fruits and vegetables all the time. I wasn't able to pin-point the main problem, maybe because I went crazy thinking why I always feel tired even if my body is recieving enough and nutritious foods. For a week, I continued what I was doing, and then one day, a school-tragedy woke me up... I fell asleep hour before my case presentation, and obviously, I wasn's able to report. I decided to consult a Psychologist. I told her about my problem, on why I always feel tired and sleepy. She asked me few questions about how I take care of my body. I have no problems with regards to nutrition. She asked me then about my sleep, and I said I sleep 8-9 hours daily, but not the deep sleep. I wake up from time to time trying to check on my phone, and doing projects for school. She then told me to try to sleep straight, even if it would only take 2-3 hours as long as it is deep. She told me to temporarily leave things in my mind aside, before sleeping and try not to think about problems while waiting for myself to fall asleep. I did what she actually instructed me t. One day, after making projects around 2 in the morning, I slept and woke up at 5 in the morning. That was 3 hours of deep sleep. And I noticed all the way that QUALITY SLEEP is much more better than 8-9 hours of sleep which is not deep. And I discovered that by doing that, I never felt tired again, I never feel sleepy at school anymore. Thanks to Quality Sleep. 

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Sleep is Essential

Sleeping and developing proper sleeping patterns is essential in life-not only in college. If we're up all night studying for exams and doing work, we're denying our body the right for sleep creating more stress and other health issues for us. We have to sleep to keep our bodies regulated and from over-exhaustion. Being up all the time causes so much stress that our boides begin to wear down and we become subjects of illness and other issues that will decrease our health. Sleeping is so important! Sleep helps us stay alert, focused, and energized throughout the day. If we go several days without sleep we will begin to hallucinate and to see or here things that aren't present. Also, we begin to fall asleep without evening realizing it. Just sudden sleep, regardless of what we are doing. 

We need to sleep and we can't put it off no matter how much we want to. It relaxes our bodies and gives us time to recooperate and be ready for the following day. Without sleep, and running on energy drinks, or caffinee, we will become very sick and possibly be hospitalized. Finally, sleeping well the night before an exam will help be more prepared and focused to attack it head on instead of cramming the day/night before.