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Four Types Of College Problems

I was planning on writing about the ten types of college students but there are so many of those out there. We all know them, the studier, partier, sleeper, slacker, starlead, deadbeat, richfolk, sologoat, dreamer, and the screamer. Instead, every problem in college will fall under four categories. If it doesn’t, maybe you’re not doing the whole college thing right. Here are the four types of problems you will have in college.

Financial- Don’t look at that word and pretend like you didn’t see this coming. College is expensive and getting more expensive everyday. From books to housing, it’s no wonder why financial issues can be a problem for not only the students but their families too.

All those commercials about parents saving up for their children’s college education before they are old enough to walk might seem ridiculous. In reality, it’s actually a very real and normal situation. Bigger families tend to feel the influence of this a lot more than a single child home. With the economy constantly changing, I can’t tell if the expenses are for the best or not. This is why federal grants, scholarships, and loans are so useful. By the looks of it, the only financial aid that doesn’t include repercussions is grants. Student loans eventually have to be paid back and scholarships are like winning the lottery. Out of the twenty-five or something scholarships I applied for I received one. The one that I was awarded with I didn’t even apply for. There are so many candidates competing for the same money that the process can become discouraging. Then work-study and full rides come in and it in some way is supposed to balance out the costs. Financials will always be a struggle for college students it’s just a matter of making the best of every situation as you are working toward a goal.

Social- Social problems begin the moment student’s walk on campus. Loving with a roommate isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Living in a community spaces and sharing areas is even harder because you have to respect other people knowing that they might not always do the same. Relationships will be tested. Then there are trust issues and breakups, long distances and different paths. Belonging to a community or a group adds a sense of belonging and can be depressing if it isn’t found. College is a new place. Everyone is looking to fit in somewhere. There’s not only the black sheep factor but also dispute factor. The maturity level of anyone drops when they get in an argument. Some recover faster but it’s a matter of tolerance and confidence. I personally didn’t have any of these issues my first year because I remained for the most part anti social but things happen. Handle social issues as calmly as possible especially when another student is losing their temper. As far as fitting in goes, keep looking because there are more students in the same situation than you know.

Physical- Some people don’t deem this as a problem and that’s fine. Other people react differently to things and not everyone will have the same concerns. College will challenge your self-control when it comes to freedom. Drinking what you want, eating what you want, and doing what you want can have negative effects on the body. Putting on too much weight, trying to take it off, deprivation of food, binge drinking, social smoking, wanting to change your style and try different clothes, the list goes on. Whether it is not getting enough sleep or depriving your body of food. Don’t get sucked into any extreme, stay smart, keep healthy and be yourself.

Academicals- The last type of issue college students have is keeping up with their academics. College is the reason why you’re spending all his money and are having financial troubles to begin with. College is the reason why you have been forced to live with complete strangers, hopefully making friends in the process. College has scared you with freshman fifteen stories and wild parties. It’s all kind of meaningless that college would put you through all of this for nothing. The whole purpose is to acquire a degree while encountering some of the things that will be in future work places and the real world. My Dad always used to say student first then you can party. Don’t put yourself through all of these problems only to fail at the most important one of all.

 If it’s not one it will be the other or both or all. Keep in mind some thing might not fall under these categories. Be prepared for them because if you are, college might end up being a legendary best four years of your life.



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During college I have spend

During college I have spend some of the most beautiful days of my life. Actually My Family could afford my education so financial problem was off and than I too have been pretty adjjusttble so rest problems got off too.

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I would say that the college

I would say that the college days are the best in the whole span of education. You come across many people here and learn whom to trust and whom to not. The problems that you have stated here are very true and almost everyone of us fall in either of the category. This post would definitely help the fresh joiners to cope up with the problems to some extent. Get some more interesting stuff here.

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Nice post. Actually, I have

Nice post. Actually, I have to face all the above said four problems. Academic was a great challenge to me, but after taking online individualized tutoring services, it was all kind of easy for me. College life rules.

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Nice sharing Dude

College days are marvelous and i enjoyed through out my whole career with music ,dance, study and others but there are some problems that we had to face in those days, some of them are stated above and some are stated best essay where full detail of such issues are demonstrated and hence there is no chance to rectify them due to their inheritence. These are fixed problems and if you are capable to cope up such problems then there is nothing more to change in your school or college.

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