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How technology affected our lives - positively

Today, technology plays a very big part in our lives. Everywhere we go, there is technology. Whatever we do, there is technology involved. It seems like we need technology in everything we do. We have been very dependent on technology even on the simple tasks that we need to do. Older generations always say that our generation is very lucky to have a great technology with us. We can now do our task s faster and easier. This saves us time and energy for more tasks that we have to do. There are many great ways on how technology affects our lives..



Doing research is becoming easier and easier. Before, older generations will go straight ahead to the library and look for books whenever their professor asked them to do some research. But now, whenever we are asked to research, we don't even consider going to the library to look for relevant information. All we do is search it on the internet. Google and Wikipedia can do the work for us. 



I just watched the news last month and one of the headlines is that postal office, where we used to drop our snail mails are getting bankrupt because of technology. I would bet that a percentage of college students have never used snail mail to communicate to anyone. Aside from this, cellphones has made it so easy to communicate to everyone! Before there were telephones but it is not so handy since we just need to stay put whenever we are talking with someone. With cellphones, we can even do other tasks while talking to someone. Yeah talk about text and drive lol.


Aside from these 2 that I have mentioned, I know that there are many more ways community has helped us and made life a little bit easier to live. Technology has affected our lives in so many ways we cannot even imagine life without it. Can you imagine life without cellphones, ipods, computers etc? No, right? Technology has been a very big part of our lives, and I believe that from this day on, it will always stay like this, since the research for improvement of our current technology is always on going. Technology has helped each and everyone of us in one way or another.

How about you guys? How did technology made your life easier? Share it on the comments below! Thanks for reading my blog post.



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Technology - A Bittersweet Tool?

I enjoyed reading this blog about technology. I agree that with the technological advancements made in the past 10 years, life has been made so much more convenient. I attend the University of Phoenix - Online and the textbooks for my courses are all e-books. As far as doing research for homework or for whatever other reasons, the tools needed are all digital now, there is no need for physical hardback books. The laptops, notebooks, and smartphones have made it so that you can work or play almost wherever you are.

To make the point about technology being bittersweet, I think that self-control over how much the various types of media are used needs to be exercised. It is so easy to get sucked in and engage in online activities far longer than you may have originally been planning. With all of the different gadgets available, access to media is just a click away! My kids enjoy playing games on my iPhone and I will let them, but I have to restrict their time, usually to 30 minutes (or however long the battery lasts). When their time is up, they have to go play and interact with friends and each other. I think it is too easy to lose sight of the importance of social interactions when technology has such a huge presence in our lives these days.

Technology is truly amazing and so much more has been made possible because of it, but, like anything else, too much of anything can be, well, too much.

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Technology-Positive Effect

The world constantly changes. One of the factors which change the world is technology. Due to advances in technology, people’s lives and lifestyles tend to move in a faster pace. Tasks which involve too much effort and time to be completed are already simplified by new equipments. Certain areas and fields of life are also being affected by technology.

In the field of education, new materials and equipments are already being used. One example is the use of projector to display the notes for the lessons. Another area in education which is now prominent is distance learning. Through PC or a mobile phone, and a webcam, a teacher can give instructions to his/her student. Also, instead of copying the notes from a blackboard, the teacher can just give the softcopy of the notes which the students can just download.

In the area of Food industry, instead of manually producing large quantities of food, there are new equipments being used to automate and shorten the manufacturing process. Instead of spending too much time in, for example, mixing ingredients, some devices can already perform the task. Instead of manually selecting rejected goods, some equipment is designed to do the job.

In Health, more medical equipments are being invented which enable doctors or pharmaceutical experts to create new medicine for curing diseases, and even the most serious illnesses.

In the field of Crime Prevention, crime rate among certain places decrease, due to the presence of CCTV cameras that monitor establishments 24/7.

And in the Business sector, businessmen don’t have to personally deal with a transaction. Instead, they could just communicate using their laptops with a web camera, or conduct conferences using a hologram.

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Positive Technology

I liked this blog because too often we talk about how technology has hurt us socially. But it's helped us so much in the areas you mentioned. Research is so much easier now and not just for school. I always check out restaurants in my neighborhood or maybe even new music. Since moving to a new country, it's been the best way for me to learn about things to do or places to go. I'm also lucky to be near a college campus so it's smart-phones and younger people who know how to Google probably faster than they can write. Research also helps with finding jobs or learning about companies or schools. I never thought I'd be able to get a Master's in Illustration, but after a bit of research, I've found good schools that I can compare. I really don't think I would have been able to learn about them otherwise.

It's a little sad that young people have never sent an actual letter or felt the anticipation when you check the mailbox and hope there's a letter for you. Nowadays, they don't even need to wait for an actual letter of acceptance for their universities; they just get emailed the results. Still, it's easier to talk to people all over the world and we're gaining access to new information.

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There are several effects of

There are several effects of technology in human life. The positives sides are human are more efficient, knowledgeable, communicative and faster.

Using technology human can do things with more accuracy and faster than ever using machines. In factory, production line has using more machines and robots to replace human and this resulting more efficiency and accuracy in production Quality & Quantity. Counting numbers has become 100% accurate and fast using calculator and computer programs.

Humans can communicate to each other where ever they are on this world using communication tools like satellite, mobile phone and internet and at the same time, since information can flow fast using these communication tools, knowledge has been spread very fast and human have become more knowledgeable.

Human are also now close to each other cause distance has been shorten using fast machines like airplane, etc.

The negative side effects of technology on life seems to be less compare to the positive sides. Human function has been replaced by technology in doing work done. Help from machine and robot also has made human become lazy and lack of living skills. For example, production line has been using machines and robots and human is less needed in production lines.

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Technology really did help me a lot in many ways. I could not imagine myself trying to find my friends in a busy city without a phone. Finding my friends even with a phone but with a network acting out is even hard, how much more without a phone??? When on a place new to you, of course you would need a laptop or an IPad for facebooking, skype, twiiter, etc to communicate with the ones you love. Now I can’t imagine how lonely life would be without these things when I am far from home, or when I am in a place where I know no one except for the land lady or the dude or chick living next to my room. This contribution of technology to communication for me is a big, big blessing! This will minimize those emotional moments when you’re far away from home. During my first days with my aunt when I was still in high school since I lived with her, facebook lessened the burden of missing my family so much, we used to chat sometimes all they long. Facebook was also the reason why I was able to communicate with someone who was lost for a long time. Another is for researches, I really hate reading textbooks, or books for academic purposes, I love reading but I only read those that are not for Math, Science and all. Thanks to Google and you’re just a click away to the answers you are looking for. You do not have to check the table of contents for keywords, you don’t have to spend some time flipping pages, highlighting and outlining for Google and MS Word will all do it for you. Thanks TECHNOLOGY!

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How technology has affected my life positively

Technology has made my life easier in every aspect. I will take smartphones as an example. With a smartphone, you can almost do everything from calling to texting to playing games to working. I find having a smartphone around is very useful because I can get things done whether I’m traveling, at home, at the store, or wherever. It’s productivity on the go.

I find having different kinds of applications on my phone very handy. For example, I can scan documents and email, text, or fax them straight from my phone by using an application. I also have Kingsoft Office on my smartphone which enables me to view, edit, or review documents on the go. Not only is it useful for work but also for your everyday life. For example, I have a TO DO application that reminds me of what I need to get done during the day. I am the kind of person that does not keep an agenda so I find this very useful. Last but not least, the ability to have an “on the go” entertainment center. With a smartphone, you can watch movies, listen to music, or play games.

Everyone has their own story of how technology has influenced them positively. Share yours :D 

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Still adjusting

I am having a hard time adjusting to changes in technology and I am only 31. For me the only bonus I have experienced is having instant access to information online. No more spending hours in the library looking up various studies. I wouldn't even know how to use the library tools anymore that is how long it has been! There are so many products out there that I do not know about such as some of these programs in other posts. I feel that advanced technology makes people lazy. There is no need to learn how to spell or learn proper grammer or writing skills because office programs correct everything for you. I just learned about a program, I beliee it is called Dragon, where you speak and the program does the typing. How much more lazy can you get?! I still have an old school flip phone, I refuse to upgrade to a fancy phone. Part of the reason is because I feel like I have gotten along just fine without all these applications on phones so I shouldn't change now lol. I also do not want to be accessible 24/7. With fancy phones you are constantly getting updates or notification, I am amazed how people actually get any work done. I know I need to face my fear and get hip to technlogy but I am going to hold out as much as I can.

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Simplicity. (Not affectED affects)

I agree, that technology has expanded our research capabilities. However, what would we do if there was some sort of catostrophic black out or somehow everything being wipped out from everyone's devices, and databases... Then what would we do? Even though we are able to find virtually anything on the Internet, it is still essessential to know how to use a library, or how to find inforamtion/knowledge from alternative methods. Technology is great because it puts so much right in one spot, but it makes life too easy for us- which is what I wanted to talk about. 

Technology makes everything so much easier for us, and also helps the environment. It helps place everything all in one. Such as a laptop, or kindles, tablets... From work, to school, to research, to fun and games! Everything is accessible on any of these devices! Technology isn't limited to electronics, it's also could be automobiles, or even touch enable devices. Automobiles could be automatic start, navigation system, satellite radio, On Star Diagnosis... You name it, it's all technology! It makes so much easier to find our way or if we are in a crash, for help to be provided for us- immediately.  Don't forget about GPS too. Not talking about cars, but in reference to cell phones or to computers. If it istolen, it can generally be found.

Technology is incredibly awesome for communication! Which again ties in with research. In an instant, you can find any type of information to any country in the world. You can find hotels, international schools, history.... My lord, it's just amazing how much information and how many ways you could contact people through today's technology. 

Technology is also good in the sense that it helps get jobs done easier. It helps doctors preform surgerious better and more accurately, and it helps make food faster at resturants.... Technology is good in so many ways, but it's also negative to us that we become too dependant and can loose jobs.