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Marching Band - The Best Choice I Ever Made

Many, many years ago one of my older cousins was in the high school's marching band. I thought it was awesome at the time, but was way too young to even consider joining. I kept that option forever in the back of my mind.

When I finally reached the age where I was eligible to join, I chose not to. I am not even sure what my exact reasoning for it was at the time, and looking back I really regret it. I finally decided to join in 10th grade, and let me tell was the BEST decision I had made all of my years in high school.

By joining marching band, I instantly made 60 some new friends. The majority of the people were beyond nice and welcoming. It was literally the best decision I had ever made. I stuck with it for all 3 years in high school.

Then, the big question came...would I continue marching band in college? I debated it for quite sometime, and kept changing my mind. What would happen if I choose a college that does NOT have a marching band? Would I even want to be in it anymore?

And, finally, I chose the college I wanted to attend. And, with that choice, I had yet another choice to make. I could either continue my journey with marching band, or end it all together. After a few months of deliberation, I decided to join. And, for the second time in my life, I will say has been the BEST decision I could have ever made.

Looking back, my biggest regret in all my schoolyears was not joining marching band sooner. It was tons of fun, and I made so many great memories and friendships in the process. And, the BEST decision I have ever made was joining marching band (both in high school and college!).

So here's my advice to you. If you are sitting here, reading this, trying to make your decision whether or not to continue with marching band in your college years...I would tell you to do so! It can really make transitioning into college a lot easier!



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In life, many of us are

In life, many of us are having second thoughts when it comes to making decisions. We worry too much on what will happen next and most of the time we have to give up what we want now. I believe that when we want something and we have  the opportunity to grab it, we have to grab it. Right away. Opportunity knocks only once.


I am glad to have read that after a few moments of regret of not joining the marching band, you have finally decided to join the marching band. And as I can see, you really like what you are doing. In life, we just have to continue doing what we want to do. Doing what we do keeps us motivated in other things that we do. Am also glad to know that you still joined the marching band when you entered college. I believe it is a good way to break free from the stress that your academics brings you.Since when I was a kid, I always enjoy watching marching bands, I like the music they create and the ambiance that they bring. Though I never dreamed of being one.Good luck and being a part of the marching band!


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Far reaching applications

This could definitely apply to a lot of other things too.  If you want to do something, like marching band, then just go for it!  Nothing ventured, nothing gained as the saying goes.

I’ve had a lot of experiences similar to this one.  As a young child I always wanted to write a book.  As I got older that dream kind of died.  My dad has written several books and I thought that there was no way I could do what he had done.  Self-publishing, putting in all the scholarly work, having limited access to a computer (this was the ‘90s), it just seemed like too much to me.

Now that I’m in my 20’s I’ve realized that I can in fact write a book.  I’m currently working on the second edition of my first book (it needed some major re-vamping.) While it’s fiction and not a scholarly work, there is still a lot of research that goes into it!  But it’s all about things that I am interested in so it doesn’t really seem like “work.”  And self-publishing is way easier now than it was in the ‘90s.

Anyway, the point is, if you feel like you need to try something then you should go for it!  What do you have to lose? 

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I'm glad that you have found

I'm glad that you have found something to make you feel happy and secure in yourself. I am certain that almost every person has something that can help them get through the hard times by finding a hobby or something that makes them feel passion. It can be hard going through life and not enjoying anything or anyone's presence, and it seems like marching band filled that void for you. I had a similar experience when I joined choir. I had felt completely lost and without any solid group to make me feel at home or comfortable going through both my highschool and college experiences. Through the cajoling of a friend, I joined concert choir and began to feel instantly at home. I had practiced in choir in grade school, but it had never fulfilled anything for me like singing in highschool did. As I moved forward through the ranks and joined select singing groups, acapella groups, and got solos for big performances I realized that I had joined a "club" that really fulfilled all of the needs I had in my life. Much like you found you felt with marching band, I wondered why I hadn't started pursuing music sooner. It appears that both of us really found what we were looking for!