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Reading For Fun

When was the last time you read a book for fun?  I read several books every semester but they are all for school.  I hardly ever read a book that I want to read or that I think will be enjoyable.  I think this definitely needs to change, though.  Here are my top two reasons for why you (and I) should read a book for fun. 

  1. It will give you a break from your schoolwork.  You might not think that you would want to read a book after doing all of your reading for class.  However, sometimes you just need to immerse yourself in a completely different story.  Reading will allow you to forget about your worries (the deadlines quickly approaching, the drama in your life, etc) for a short amount of time. 
  2. Reading outside of class can also be good for your overall education.   It is important to be a well rounded student and you can achieve this by reading a variety of books.  It can also help you in your career.  For example, if you are a writer then reading is especially important.  It can help get your creative juices flowing and inspiration might strike you when you are reading.  Reading can also help increase your vocabulary.

So go to the library and grab a book and read it for fun!  I will too! 


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I hardly ever read for fun

I hardly ever read for fun when in school. I mean, I just find it difficult to forget that I have deadlines and midterms coming up. I have always been a fan of novels and other reads. To satisfy my thirst, I use electives. Usually, I will select electives that require novels and films, and so far I find that it works well as far as giving me a break from my school work is concerned. Plus, these courses tend to be easier compared to the mainly science courses I am taking. So, I end up reading novels and enjoying films for my education and I have the least of worries when reading a novel because I know I am doing it for my education....that thought just kills the guilt.

I think it is a good suggestion for readers out there to ensure that you get a good read for the semester. It does help improve your vocabulary and your creativity. However, chose something that is manageable...I don't know about everyone else, but I wouldn't read a book as huge as the Harry Potter series while in school simply because the story tarries too much, and considering the tight college schedule, I wouldn't be able to keep up with it. I would go for something much shorter like Sidney Sheldon and Dan Brown novels. Well that's just my opinion! Otherwise, everyone should definitely consider reading while in school. Just find a way to fit it in your schedule. It works wonders in relaxing your brain while exercising it at the same time.


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Reading and Relaxation

“Reading will allow you to forget about your worries (the deadlines quickly approaching, the drama in your life, etc) for a short amount of time.” I totally agree with this comment. I love to read all kinds of book away from my textbooks. My favorites are romance (yes, I’m a girly girl), mystery thrillers, and inspirational book. I find that reading books I enjoy is very relaxing. I once read an article about relaxation and unbelievably, reading was one of the techniques to relax. The study says that the rhythm of the written word looses our muscle and gives us a clear perspective of the world around us. The rhythm aids in relaxing the mind.

I believe reading is better than watching TV. Reading lets us use our imagination to create whatever atmosphere and scenery described in the book. TV leaves nothing to the mind to imagine, it gives you all the visuals upfront. Many may argue this fact, but if you are a reader, you know that many things on TV came from books. Moreover, when we see a movie compared to the book, I personally think the book was better than the movie. The book provides more details compare to the movie may leave gaps. Therefore, read to get the full effect of relaxation.

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Oh, how I wish

How I wish I had the time to read leisurely!  I LOVE to read and bury myself in books and the writings of others but I often find that most of my reading pertains to class.  Sometimes when I have a few moments, I log onto facebook to find that there are a number of news stories that I find intriguing, so I read those.  I also read the writings of my peers, specifically where I can read the poetry and stories of those who are aspiring writers.  I also interact with these individuals and post reviews, although with my current time constraints I haven't been able to indulge in that for quite some time.  

I do have a number of books on my Kindle, but whenever I go out and am forced to wait in line for something, I am much too busy corraling my two children to break it out and read for a few moments as I once thought I'd be able to.  

I believe reading is important-LEISURELY reading for it enables an individual a way of escape from the reality of life and the responsibilities that can be so overwhelming at times.  Being able to lose yourself in writing enables you to relax and enjoy the little things in life, and also is a way to clear your mind so you can handle those stressful situations better.  

Your post has inspired me to take more time in leisurely reading, thank you.  Sometimes a reminder such as this post is something that is necessary for within the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget to sit back and relax a bit.  As college students, we need a break every once in awhile to maintain clarity within our mind.  

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I love reading for fun, but

I love reading for fun, but good luck finding the time for it.  I rarely have the time to just sit down and read out of a book that is not required for a class while I am in college.  I just really do not have the time to devote to recreational activities of any sort.  I know that this sound really depressing, and believe me, I wish that I had the time to just sit down and read book after book after book after book, but it just is not a possibility, at least for me while I am in college.  I am currently doing fairly well in all of my classes, and if I want to maintain that level of quality throughout my assortment of academic assignments, that means that I have to sacrifice the recreational activities that I find enjoyable, my favorite of which is sitting down with a good books and a fresh, hot cup of coffee or tea.  I really miss the days when I had the time to do that, but now I just have to be content with waiting until breaks during the year to do so, which I find really, really disappointing, but hey, what are you going to do?

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Reading for Fun

I think reading for fun was one of the things I missed most while I was in college, and I think it's one of the things I'm most excited about starting again now that I've graduated. During winter and summer breaks, I was always reading like crazy, and I'm excited to start again.

It was an unfortunate circumstance, that I was too busy to read very much aside from my actual course text books while I was actually taking classes. I agree that it would be a huge stress reliever, and at times I was able to use reading to that end. However, the majority of my reading time was occupied by text books.

I also agree that extra reading is very good for education. Of course I learned a ton of stuff in my actually college courses, and from my assigned readings, but I would say I learned almost as much from my own independent reading. Since we are more focused on a certain subject area by the time we get to college, there is often a great deal that we cannot learn about outside of our majors. Therefore, it is important to study areas of interest that are not included in our own courses of study.

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I love to read. I had many

I love to read. I had many favorite books and I still read them once in a while. I have to say that I did not always had time to read, I watched a lot of movies and listened to music, but back in the days, reading was not a habit. Now I cannot fall asleep unless I read at least a page of a book. The detective stories were my favorite. I left the last chapter of every book unread until I managed to decipher the mystery myself.

Reading is very fun when you manage to find the books that you want. You have to go to a library and look on the shelves. You will see millions of books that look good on the outside but are crap on the inside. In this way you will research a book, see how many reader does it have and also read their comments. If you decide to read it, stick to it no matter how bad you think it is. You will never know when a teacher will ask you something about the book.

Book will also make you love. They will give your imagination wings and you might learn how to fly sooner than you think. 

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Finding the right books

I am dealing with the same problem. With so much reading assigned, all the homework that needs to get done, social commitments and freelance projects, I feel like I never have the time to read. I tried to put it on my schedule, a few hours every week. It did work for a while, until I got engulfed in my work/studies again.

I usually read online articles; I try to find bilingual ones so that I can also practice my German (my minor). But I do miss a good novel. Recently, I’ve become very interested in philosophy and tried to explore that side. I discovered that I enjoyed non-fiction books more, and I plan to invest some time in pursuing this interest.

I have learned so many valuable lessons from books, and I love entering a whole new world, far away from mine, where I can explore new uncharted territories.  I love the feeling of liberation it offers me. But I get sad when I finish a book. And find it difficult to choose another. I am very picky when it comes to it. I do as Simona, I research a book and read comments on it before even bothering to get it from the library.

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On Reading

It’s a funny thing because I am an English major. Part of the reason why I chose this major is because I enjoy reading. Honestly, though, I have to read so many pieces in so many different ways that I’m almost burnt out on reading. With every book, poem, short story and play, I have to do a close reading where I study every word and try to figure out why the author uses it. The thing is, I can’t read like I used to. I can’t suspend reality and allow myself to be pulled into the author’s world. Instead, I’m constantly searching for cryptic messages and hidden meanings. I’m always looking for a new interpretation that no one else has come up with yet.

Still, there is a certain joy to reading. It’s a way of forgetting about the world for a while and relieving stress. There’s something truly relaxing about reading. I think being able to read for pleasure is so beneficial, and we really should do it more often.

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Reading to me

I've always been fond of reading books for as long as I can remember be it for school or for fun. I always took school seriously but reading provided me the break I needed to keep myself rational since school mixed with the pressures of being a teenager can be pretty intense. Aside from that, I always wanted to be a writer and I know that I can greatly enhance my vocabulary if I read a lot of books. Reading has definitely aided me in mastering English even though it is not my first language.

One thing that I notice with young people is that they view reading as a tiring and troublesome act. Books are almost always made into films and they would say that they'd wait for the movie to come out since it'll be over in an hour or so. If compared to the time to finish a book, watching the movie version certainly takes less time. I am glad that recently, this norm is starting to change with the rise of popular young adult novels such as the Harry Potter series, the Twilight Saga and the Hunger Games trilogy. More and more teenagers are starting to be interested in reading which made the movie versions of the aforementioned books blockbuster hits. And you are somehow behind in the trend if you haven’t read these popular novels and this drives young people to read the books so they can contribute to what all the other teenagers are talking about.

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I like to read funny magazine

I like to read funny magazine while having a rest at home. This is good to build sense of humor in myself and give me a break from stress and tension from daily routine at my work place.

I read popular magazines in my native language. I always cannot stop laughing from the first page of my readings till the end. I just cannot stop myself from laughing when reading funny stuff. Actually laughing is good exercise for our face. It will make blood in our face moving smoothly and make our brain active. Laughing will make we look young without stress line in our forehead.

Actually all the stories in the humor magazine that I read were base from real life examples but they add the humor sense in it. Sometimes it happens in our real life but we don’t realize. I always use the wordings or example I read in these magazines when meeting my friends. These make our meeting always full of fun and laugh and our friendship very close.

Sometimes we can take example from humor magazine on how to tackle situation in our real life to make situation better. Making people around us happy and laugh is good to have better working environment and make friendship longer lasting. But better be careful when making jokes to avoid our friends thinking that we make fun of them.