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Year 15

After all the ups, downs and merry go-rounds in two years, I’m entering my third year of school this fall. I have the perfect schedule, classes related to my major and most of my general education classes out of the way. I have a steady work-study job and have made some really great friends. It’s hard to think that after this year I have one more semester before I graduate. I finally even worked out a deal with my parents to let me stay at school and take summer classes. I don’t know who or where I’m going to be in the next couple years because the person I was when I arrived at college my freshman year is completely different than who I am now. It’s amazing so much can happen in such a short time. When I came home for the summer after my freshman year, I made a promise to myself. I call it the three-year plan.

The first summer I came back home, I got really involved with my music again. Every night I would obtain an insane amount of inspiration for my songwriting. I didn’t know what it was because when I left for school, I had lost all interest in music as I was focusing on my video production major. It’s hard to think clearly with inspiration floating in the mind. I developed this crazy idea. It was then that I knew I wanted to drop out of school. Then and there, after how far I had come I wanted to ditch the education scene and use the thousands of dollars for traveling and recording gear. Apparently, I’m not the first college student to have this type of crazy idea. An uncle of one of my friends told me that he had gone for some type of engineering degree and dropped out the beginning of his senior year. He says it was a mistake. He was so close to getting his degree but he wasn’t thinking. He told me whatever I do, do not do what he did. That may be why my subconscious gave me this idea. It was a seed planted kind of like the movie inception. To be honest, I was seriously considering the idea.

There were two things wrong with my plan. My parents would freak out and say no. Then they wouldn’t trust me enough to let me leave for school again, thinking I would drop out on my own and avoid registering for classes. As a result there was no way they would allow me to use my college money for something else and therefore, I wouldn’t have any money. After thinking it through to the bone I came to my senses. Thus my three-year plan was made.

The first year, I would continue to go to school paying my financial dues as well as putting a little bit aside every pay period. I had no intention of throwing my grades away but to work my hardest and make sure that all goes well as far as school was concerned. I would have to learn as much as I could so I could still do video work. 

The second year, my senior year, I would work an internship as well as my work-study job and graduate. By finally getting my diploma in three years as oppose to four I would be saving my parents money. My BRC rider course I took my junior summer would grant me access to buy a great gas mileage scooter so I could travel.

The third year, by this time I hope that my inspiration is just as strong as ever. It’s then that I can decide what I really want to do with my life, continue on with my production work or return to my music.

My three-year plan might not work out. I may end up dropping out of school anyway. There’s no way to know for sure but everyday I am living and learning. Two years earlier I would have never been considering anything like this. It just goes to show how much college changes someone. People, parents, and friends tell you about their college experiences, when it comes down to it, everyone’s experience is different.

 No matter what year of school you are in, take the time to develop a one, two, three, or four-year plan. Hide it somewhere you know you will look in that amount of time and forget about it. When the time comes, look back at your plan and see where you are. See how well it worked out or see how ridiculous it was, help you realize your dreams or follow them.


You can do this with anything. I have called my inspiration, my music, my plan, Since The Promise.