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What Planners Are Good For

What Planners are Good For?


Unless you are a very organized and visual person who makes use for a planner, it’s good for absolutely nothing. Average students tend to turn to technology for keeping track of their lives. Somehow, with all the smartphones and laptops, the caveman ways of using paper to organize has completely dissolved. Yet, every year through campus activities or orientation, students end up with another processed version of a school planner.


Overbearing Parents

Overbearing Parents


When Finding a Full Time Job is a Full Time Job in Itself

           The current state of the job market does not make anything easy for recent grads, especially those who are independent, living on their own, and supporting themselves.   It is a tiresome struggle.  There are only so many unpaid internships, underpaid freelance projects, and relentless job searches we can actually do to further our careers.  We often find ourselves taking up full time jobs in retail, the restaurant industry, or other things we are much less qualified for academically, leaving the job search as a secondary priority.

Don't Jump Off a Cliff

With pressure building up, many people commit suicide in college. Though this actually may be an appealing often when living gets tough, it’s not the way to go. There are way too many people that care about you that if you let them know that you are in trouble, they can help you out. There are so many ways to improve and help combat stress. Don’t take too much on your hands. Take it slow.

Tools for Achieving an Organized Life

In trying to build something, may it be buildings, furniture, appliances and the like; you’ll need tools and other materials to help you build those things mentioned. In trying to build everything, you need to have things to help you and it is the as trying to achieve ORGANIZATION, or trying to achieve ORGANIZED LIFE.

I have my list of tools in order to achieve the goal of building an ORGANIZED LIFE. these are simple things and easy to do, this won’t take too much of your time, or won’t take too much money from your pocket so try these:


Space of Your Own

Do you how important it is to have a “space of your own”? this is the place where only you has access. This is the place where only you can open. For those who has no special place yet, try to look for a box if that could be locked or something that could keep your things safe and untouched. There are things around us that we all know for ourselves that should be kept only for ourselves. To some, this may sound not so important but it is, especially to those who are staying in apartments and boarding houses.

Shorter Time in Dressing

Dressing up to some of us here is one of the things that really take some of our times. Especially the girls, they are the species who do not really get immediately satisfied with the way they dress. they keep on changing and changing until they get on what really makes them comfortable and this really takes time.

I want to share my ideas on how to kind of make the time shorter in dressing, meaning you don’t have to take too much of your time dressing. I have few ideas but these will surely save you from spending too much time in dressing up.


Let me start:

Improving Study Skills

Lots of article about improving study kills come here and there. They are all effective and efficient, but I have my own set here which I started to discover and develop the moment I reached this senior level in college. They maybe somewhat similar to others but I have my own way of enhancing them. I have my cool ways of making them a lot fun to do and a lot easier.

Let me start with:


On Fighting Mr. Sleep

Fighting your sleepiness at times when you need to is really hard, it’s like trying to fight a lion on a concrete den, seems like you can’t survive and all you want to do is just lie down and wait for your body to be torn into pieces by the lion, it’s like trying to stay awake for your papers that has to be submitted first thing in the morning and you can’t afford to rest because the clock is about to hit the time where your bed already calls for your attention. What would you do? You think you can work properly with this kind of feeling?


There are times when we don’t know how to spend our week ends right. Some of us end up doing nothing during weekends when this should be the time to do on things that could not be done during the week days. The moment I reached my senior year, I was able to appreciate every time of my life, I don’t want any minute wasted. I don’t want to leave a minute useless and empty. We have 2 days on weekends right? We have Saturday and Sunday. Here are what I usually do during weekends…



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