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One of the most important parts of college, often overlooked, is importance of familiarity with not only knowing the campus but around campus as well. In the long run, it can save tons of time if when dealing with issues. Take that new foreign place and make it natural. From financial help, to knowing how to get back to campus from a downtown club, learning an area can be nothing but beneficial.

College Identity

As the middle child, when it came to college, I'd already had a glimpse at how it worked. My older sister went to what would become my university and while she was there, she had her ups and downs. Her grades fluctuated, her friends changed, but all in all she seemed to be having a great time. Unfortunately, despite the 6 years between us, when I enrolled, she was still there, pursuing higher level degrees. So even though this university has thousands of other students and tons of other classes to take, I'd see my sister and her friends wherever I went.

College Troubles (Part 18) - Health

Every single person gets sick once in a while and this includes college students, especially those that live in residence halls and are constantly surrounded by other people and the germs that they carry.  Most colleges have a health center located on campus to treat sick students and prescribe medications so that the students do not have to look too far to get treated. 

Pros and Cons of Eating In the Dinning Hall

Eating in the dinning hall is a part of traditional on-campus college experience, unless a student chooses to stay off campus. I think dinning hall has an equal number of supporters and enemies. I belong to both categories because there were times eating in the dinning hall came in handy and there were timings I absolutely hated eating there.

Ideas For Having Fun On Campus On The Weekends

For an international student like myself, who didn't really have a home to go to during the weekends, participating in a variety of activities and utilizing all the facilities my university offered was a great way to have fun during the weekends. Many students, including my roommate, used to make long trips to their homes to spend time with their family and friends to have fun on their weekends. While there is nothing wrong with visiting home during the weekends, I think the students who do it thinking that there is nothing fun to do on campus is missing out a lot.

Advantages of Having an Apartment in College

Dorms are great, you get to know lots of people, and it is a good start if you’re not used to being on your own. Some of my friends never went to apartment shopping and made the small space work for them. Others could not wait to leave them. Apartments are a whole other ball game; some things change, while most stay the same.

1. Private Bathroom

First primary benefit is the private bathroom. There are only a few single suites on my campus with private bathrooms, so for many contemplating moving off campus, this is a really good bonus.

 2. Parking

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