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College Budget

Help with Getting Supplies for your Art Class

One of the difficult things about taking an art class can sometimes be the materials list.  Many times the items listed are things you have never heard of, seem to cost too much and are too hard to find.  Here are some tips for getting you materials together with less stress.


Know before you go

Before you head for the art mart, do a little research.  Know what it is you are shopping for.  This might mean asking your professor or a fellow student.  Look online; know what it looks like and about how much it should cost.

What to Do with Little Money in the Pocket?

Not enough budgets in college are every student’s worst nightmare. When you are in college, as much as possible, you’ll be needing more than enough money to suffice for everything you need, like for your papers, folders for the papers, photocopies, payments for test papers, for activities, for your classmate’s labor in having your papers photocopied somewhere when your school’s photocopying machine crashed out during the time you needed it the most and sort of things like those.

College Troubles (Part 3) - Broke

Once you get to college, the one thing you should expect to be is broke all the time.  Between the cost of the actual college education, the low wage job (that is, assuming you are lucky enough to have a job), and if living in the residence hall, all of the little items you have to now purchase for yourself such as toothpaste, pretzels, and shampoo, you will have little more than pocket change at your disposal. 

Avoiding College Bookstores

College bookstores, from what I've witnessed, are all the same- they overcharge for almost every product.  It makes sense, since the bookstore contains most necessities for students and alumni alike.  A student can get their books, purchase notebooks, writing materials - some sections are even devoted to certain majors such as art and photography.  On the alumni side, there are plenty of shirts, sweatshirts, pants, banners, and plushie mascots for the universal university fan.  Funded by the college, the bookstores always see plenty of business, so they can set their pri

Grocery Shopping on a College Budget

If you live in a dormitory, chances are you are far enough away from home that you can't rely on parents for food.  In such a case, the only way to solve hunger pangs would be to go grocery shopping.  There is only one obstacle in your way- money.  You see, most incoming college students have to save their money due to the monstrous loans they will have to pay back when they graduate.  This leaves little room to be ordering takeout everyday or buying only the most expensive products.  You must learn to save and budget your money so that when grocery shopping day com

Buying Textbooks: Online, the School Store, and International Editions

Textbooks have got to be one of the largest expenses most college students will pay. A book less than an inch thick can cost more than $40 and often upwards of $100-200. A student registered for five classes, the typical semester load, at $200 per book is looking at another $1000 bill. And that's for about 3 ½ months, or one semester. Good luck eating Ramen Noodle 3 meals a day.

How To Save Money In College

College is a big change from high school. There is a lot more independence in college than there is in high school, but with that independence comes responsibility. There are many more responsibilities in college, such as taking care of health without having your parents to watch over you all the time. Another responsibility is doing well in school and getting good grades. We have all been nagged by our parents to do our homework and study for tests in elementary school, middle school, and high school, but no more in college.


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