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College Love

The Best Dating Advice I Can Give to Someone In College

            Dating is a huge part of the college experience.  However, some people tend to value the importance of romantic relationships in college a little too much, which can sometimes hinder the other great experiences college has to offer.  I was one of those people, and it is safe to say that I have learned a lot of valuable information from my dating experiences in college.  While there is a lot of good to be found in romantic relationships, they have the potential to screw with our emotions, cause problems in our everyday lives, and

College Relationships and Break Up

Whether we admit it or not, most relationships usually start to blossom in college. Whether it is just being acquaintance, being a friends or a romantic relationship. College is the time of our lives where we really start to get exposed to the world. We will meet a lot of people along our college journey. Some will just be those people whom you say hi or greet along the hallways, and some become so important and special to you that they really become a part of your life and you spend a lot of time with them, in our outside the campus.


Absurd Things To Do To Get The Girl At Your Dorm

Most of us have done silly things to impress our crushes at some point in our lives. I had pulled some stupid stunts to impress my crush when I was a teenager. Although they seemed very smart at the time, thinking back, I do feel kind of embarrassed. But I definitely enjoy looking back at those times to have a good laugh.

Falling In Love At College

For me, college was an exciting place. I was a freshman who was naive in the matters of love and relationships. I made plenty of mistakes before I understood what it is really to fall in love. I have regretted making many mistakes at that point, but I now realize that those bad experiences were the ones that really taught me valuable lessons. Those bad experiences and bad relationships were the ones that made me realize that what I thought was love at that point was only an inexperienced me thinking it was love.

Academics and affections

Remember when you were younger, it seemed like every year, there was someone new you had a crush on. There were the butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms, and temporary speech impediment. With occasional school dances, or classes in common you may have had a chance to make your affections known, if you could muster the courage. Just the thought of them consumed your conscience for likely quite a while, during which time nothing else really seemed to matter as much.

Is Romance Dead in College?

It may often seem that romance and the dating rituals are suspended in college. There is the infamous break up between couples over Thanksgiving due to the long distance relationship becoming too difficult. There is also the insidious idea floating around that no one really dates in college, there is just hooking up. The latter statement is a generality, and like most generalities it is false. College students are not tired of romance, or finding their soul-mate, and by no means bored of developing lasting relationships.

Love and College

Having a relationship with someone while in college. We all know that this REALLY HAPPENS.

Hey, you went to college to study, not to fall in love or have flings. - This might be the epic line  your parents blurted out, when they knew that you are already in a relationship -- in your FRESHMAN year.


Meeting new people.

Expectations in True Love

In life, everyone wishes to meet someone they get to know so well that they end up falling in love with each other. Everyone wishes to be loved and to feel love from someone and connect to a person so well that they can talk to them about everything. When people search for love, they wish it to last forever and to be true love. When people look for someone to be with, they are generally looking for someone who will be their companion and who will fulfill their need for love in life.

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