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College Mistakes

Research paper? What research paper?!

The great thing about going to a huge university like mine is all the resources. I’ve been here for two semesters and I still haven’t been to all of them. There’s one for medicine, one for law, and at least two just for general studying. All of them have at least 3 floors. One has a basement and then about 6 floors above that. Just books upon books, as far as the eye can see and open all night long. It’s such a big thing here all freshman are required to do an online workshop that makes sure you know how to use the library.

The College Student Vs. The Resume *Facepalm*

I’ve seen a lot of articles on writing the perfect resume.  There are many websites that are dedicated to the successful completion of the perfect fine-tuned resume.  Some of these websites charge a nominal fee for their services which is why a lot of times students opt to write their own.  With the job market still being at a lull, there are a lot of students, such as myself, that remain unemployed.  That resume is the key to your job searching existence.  What you put out, is what you will get back and in today’s market-image is everything.  Now, let’s say you spend hours tweaking and pruning your resume until it sparkles.  You have provided professional quality work, listed everything that you are qualified for and even have references that will leave you feeling awesome.  You think you’re finished, right?  Sure!  So you go ahead and start submitting your resume online.  A lot of employers have transferred their applications online out of convenience and paper applications are very nearly obsolete.  Then, after spending hours filling out online applications and submitting your gorgeous resume that you spent hours perfecting, you realize *gasp* there is a huge gaping ugly error just staring you right in the face and sticking out its tongue going 'Na, na!' 

The 5 College Faux Pas

There are many mistakes that are possible in college. The most brilliant thing is that most of those mishaps are forgivable, and easy to recover from. Some mistakes on the other hand are too common and a bit rough to recover from.

How Gaming Helps and Hurts my College Experience

I'm a girl and I'm a gamer.  It's no addiction, no oddity, nothing that should be observed by scientists.  I've always enjoyed playing games from the Super Nintendo to the PC.  Nowadays I frequent MMORPGs where I make friends with hundreds of people from all over the world.  Even when I'm in class, thoughts often drift back to my beloved games for one reason or another, and I can't wait until the class ends and I can make a dash for my room where they wait for me to tend to them once more. 

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