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College Students

HVZ Once Bitten

With the number of really fun activities and mixers located on a college campus, the least expected was the increasing popularity of Human vs. Zombies. The game where safety is first and class is unnecessary if it means risking contamination. If going into college for the first time don’t worry, participation is completely voluntary. However, it will be hard to ignore large groups of students walking around campus with Nerf guns and bandanas, like a live version of Rambo.

Tips for Group Projects

It’s five weeks into a course and that group project the professor has been talking about is finally here. With the time available, it was possible to observe fellow students in class. Many have never held a real conversation with anyone else and deciding who you actually wouldn’t mind having in your group is rather difficult to estimate. In university, there’s no more…”Pick a partner and discuss your reactions.” For so many big projects, there’s always group work. Whether it’s a presentation or a project, coping is needed.

The College Student Vs. The Rip Off


When you venture out of town either on vacation during spring or summer break, or you opt for a more enjoying vacation of some sort you often prepare for the worst.  What if it rains?  What if its too cold?  What if you didn’t bring enough clothes?  Too many clothes?  What about gas, is there enough money to cover the expenses and the incidentals that arise?  Is there a safety net of some kind.  You check off everything on your list of things to bring and events to prepare for.  Now you think you’re ready to head out right?  TOTALLY WRONG!  Have you prepared for the ABSOLUTE WORST, or have you forgotten one vitally important factor whenever you leave home, most especially if you plan to be gone for an extended period of time? 

Picking A major

I always get asked the question-what do you want to major in College and Why? I'm going into my second year of school, and I'm between two majors. Social Work and Music. 


I have a passion for music, played 13 years 

I have a passion for Social just because I'm adopted and I would love to change another child's life. 

Have you ever wonder what would happened if you picked the wrong path? 

How do you pick the right major for yourself?


These steps have gotten me through picking the right major for me :)

The College Student Vs. Surviving Deployment


I had never had any experience whatsoever with anything military.  My knowledge of it was slim to none.  I didn’t understand the rules, regulations, customs, behavior, nor the different world that the men and women of the armed forces lived in.  In a way, going from quaint girl who dates geeks to a girl who is engaged to a geeky soldier…let’s just say it has taken some getting used to.  I can relate Army life much like I can relate it to my move to the Upper Peninsula.  I grew up in lower Michigan, relatively close to the city, everything was in easy reach and there was that blessed anonymity.  When I moved to the U.P., however, that anonymity went straight out the window.  You know those teeny-bopper books and T.V. shows about the ‘new girl in school’ where everyone knew her and her backstory before she even walked through those double doors?  Yep, that was me, and I felt like a sideshow freak.  Its very unnerving having someone walk up to you, give you the third degree then walk off and tell their friends and discuss whether or not you are worthy of being part of their little clique. 

College Troubles (Part 21) - Sleep

College students are often overworked and tired.  Everyone knows that college students are notorious for not getting nearly enough hours of sleep per night, per week, or per month.  Yet, sleep is a necessity.  When a college student has gone on for an extended period of time without getting a sufficient amount of sleep, this can sometimes lead to what is always a potentially embarrassing situation: falling asleep in class. 

College Troubles (Part 17) - Jobs

Since students have limited job choices available them to them due to their busy schedules and little to no prior job experience, many college students often get stuck with bad jobs.  A job could be bad for a college student either because of the schedule or because the job only pays minimum wage.  College students tend to stick with these jobs because they do not think that there are any other options available to them. 

When you just can't keep up: Cope with stress as soon as it shows up.(conclusion)

Hello everyone! Here's the last part of my article on stress and relaxation techniques. I have added a few tips and  a video for your pleasure. Watch it! Its quite interesting!  A funny video on stress management. :)

When you just can't keep up: Cope with stress as soon as it shows up.

Have you been in a situation when you just can’t keep up-especially with your responsibility as a student? Classes just become impossible to attend because you have other obligations calling for your attention, and you may end up flanking the classes not because you didn’t work hard enough, but because…you just couldn’t keep up, trying to give ample attention to family, friends and books at the same time may not be as easy as it seems, huh?! Well, we are all human beings and with some hard work and perseverance, you can hang in there, work hard and still manage a decent grade.

The College Student Vs. The Soup Kitchen

This is just a bit of wisdom that I have acquired within my 31 years of existence.  Each day I learn a new lesson and add that to my library of experience.  

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