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Overall, I Just Spent How Much

Recently I’ve been interested in the growing debate that students no longer need college in order to have a successful future. It’s come up on a variety of YouTube discussions and opinion blogs. After continuingly seeing this topic popping up everywhere online, I’m starting to second guess my life choices, which I shouldn’t be because I’m sure I’m headed somewhat in the right direction. At some point, I began feeling guilty that I was letting media affect me so much as to change my perception on something that had always been essential to acquire a job. Why wouldn’t it be?

The 5 College Faux Pas

There are many mistakes that are possible in college. The most brilliant thing is that most of those mishaps are forgivable, and easy to recover from. Some mistakes on the other hand are too common and a bit rough to recover from.

Parties Drinking and Bad Choices

College experiences are memorable in any student’s life. Friends, parties and socializing to make most of those experiences. As an international student, I had my share of fun meeting different people from different backgrounds, going to parties with friends and just enjoying college. Although I came from a very conservative background, I adjusted to the new environment without much difficulty as I loved learning about and experiencing new things. As a transfer student, I found it a little difficult to interact with my peers as they already formed their own close nit groups.

Don’t Waste Your Time

I find it very entertaining to look back at all the energy that I have spent. I do believe that every single activity, and “the old college try” help to make every student a better version of him or herself. That disclaimer aside, I think I have made lots of effort that was never built onto further. From classes to activities and community service, there is a lot of exerted energy that I would have wished to conserve in retrospect. The irony of it all is that, I do not wish that my previous two years were filled with “smarter” decisions, but rather “my” decisions.

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