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Dorm and Roommates

Microwave For A Mom

Depending on whether you like your moms cooking or not, having a microwave to cook meals could be a great or horrible thing. If home cooked food isn’t really your thing then disregard this, college food will be the best thing you’ve ever had especially the buffet part.

Name that Roommate

Roommates can make or break your college experience until you have an opportunity to live alone. Whether it’s cleaning or scheduling issues, everyone communicates in different ways. Once it’s understood how a roommate communicates, many surprises and issues can be avoided. While some are better than others, the best thing to do is to compromise when possible. There will be some things you will have to tolerate but here is a rather humorous way to look at it…


Help! My RA hates me

I’d like to think the higher ups in my college trust me enough to leave me to my own devices when I agreed to live on campus. I mean, I basically left all my friends and family behind so I could be here. I’m not really trying to go out of my way to get tossed out.

7 Types of Roommates You May or May Not Meet in College

There are many different types of roommates you can get stuck with during college, and it is not uncommon to have issues while sharing a small space with someone for the duration of an entire semester.  There are a lot of factors involved in whether or not you two will get along, and an endless amount of personalities you may be dealing with.  This list is entirely meant for fun, based on the types of roommates I have experienced, as well as those that my friends have.  I want to clarify that this in no way describes the average college roommate, just some of the extremes tha

Your Home at School

When you’re excited about entering college, you want to get there already so bad that you may miss getting the important things that you need to get for college. Go shopping! Clean out your closet. Spirit wear is a great way to feel connected. Take everything you would as if you were going for a long vacation with summer homework in mind. Take you manners with you!


Roomie For Life

It’s the summer till your freshman year of college!  You are excited and ready to leave the house and get out there in the world and meet new people! How will it be? Will I like it there? What’s most important is…How will my roommate be? Will we get along? Half of the people in college do just fine with their roommates, but almost everyone has something that they don’t agree on or get along with, with their roommate. Having to deal with your roommate teaches you a great life lesson on getting along with people.


College Troubles (Part 12) - Dorms

Residence halls are not always in the best of shape.  Some of the buildings are quite old and there may be problems with basics such as electricity, water, or heat systems.  One of the residence halls I lived in was always constantly having electricity problems.  People would accidently blow out fuses all of the time and then there would be periods where certain floors would have to wait for maintenance to come by and fix the electricity. 

College Troubles (Part 5) - Roommate

Although you always seem to hear people complaining about roommate trouble, I think for the most part people get along with their living companions because for the most part, both parties understand that they need to make the best of the situation that they have been confronted with.  But every once in a while, some unfortunate soul will end up with an obnoxious roommate who he or she is completely incompatible with. 

College Troubles (Part 2) - Handling the Heat

This really only affects people who go to college in hotter climates or at the beginning or end of the year when there are heat waves, but it is still a problem.  Few college residence halls have air conditioning and this can cause a problem for people that have difficulty handling the heat, so you be prepared to deal with a warmer than comfortable living environment for a while. 

College Troubles (Part 1) - Dorm Neighbors

One of the most numerous complaints that students have about living in the residence halls are their neighbors, specifically if their neighbors are making a lot of unnecessary noise.  The walls in between the rooms are way thinner than you can even imagine and the little bit of noise you could be making could be driving your neighbors nuts.  The noise carries to rooms across the hall as well as the ones adjacent. 

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