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Alcohol in college

Alcohol - probably a big part of college life for those who are fond of going to parties or just some late night booze. I myself is guilty of this. I would admit that I became more alcoholic when I entered college. I have been drinking alcohol since high school but my alcohol consumption almost doubled when I entered college. I guess that this is due to th environment in the university. In our university, bars are just around the corner. You will just literally walk out of the gate of your university and you will find lots of options on where you can drink alcohol and have a good time.

Taking Care of Drunk Friends

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”. This popular proverb can be interpreted in many ways. I like to interpret it as - a friend who helps you in need is a true friend. The relationships we maintain and the friends we make play an important role in shaping our personalities, our present and our future. Hence, it is always important to form true friendships and associate with good people.

Parties Drinking and Bad Choices

College experiences are memorable in any student’s life. Friends, parties and socializing to make most of those experiences. As an international student, I had my share of fun meeting different people from different backgrounds, going to parties with friends and just enjoying college. Although I came from a very conservative background, I adjusted to the new environment without much difficulty as I loved learning about and experiencing new things. As a transfer student, I found it a little difficult to interact with my peers as they already formed their own close nit groups.

How My Roommates Drinking Problems Affect Me

In college for many it is just a big party without spending an equal amount of time in their studies. These groups of party students like to partake in drinking alcoholic beverages regularly like the daily. These individuals drink beer like its water from the tap, and it does not matter what time of the day it is. Furthermore,, some students like to drink alcohol before class and then even more after class. Drinking alcoholic beverages is a commonplace for many college students and an activity that seems to be a part of college everyday life.

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