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How to Fail a Final

It’s not like anyone has ever tried to fail a final. The higher the grade, the better right, but if you ever want to retake a class and spend twice the amount of money you have, this is how…

Midterm Slump

So it's that time of year again: the initial excitement of being back on campus and back in school has faded. The weather is beginning to literally cool down, leaves are falling off the trees and girls are wearing boots with shorts. Yes, it's autumn. By now, you've taken at least two exams in each of your courses, or written three papers and should have a firm idea of what you'll end up with come grading time. This period is an extremely important part of the academic term that I think students overlook because they've fallen into the routine of wake-shower-class-sleep-repeat.

College Troubles (Part 6) - Failing

Potentially failing a class is always a big concern for a college student because one bad grade could end up wrecking your GPA or result in the withdrawal of much needed scholarship funds.  Luckily, if you find that you are having an excessive amount of trouble in a class, there are many different ways to obtain help so that you do not end up with an unwanted failing grade on your transcript. 

I failed for the second time

Hello, it's been a long time since I last posted. So maybe I can share what I did the past few months. First off, as I previously mentioned on my other blog, My grades in Operation research are failing and I am very nervous about that.

I'm failing this subject feeling

It's been a while since I last posted, so yeah I am back with something to share. I am actually taking up the subject Operations Research this semester. I heard that his subject is a major nightmare to all students. Before I took it, I was like, yeah another challenging subject!! Lol, kidding, of course I got nervous. If I failed calculus when I was in second year, then perhaps I will also have a hard time on this one.


Getting an F: Making Peace with It

This is every student’s worst nightmare. Maybe you have never thought that you might get one, maybe you even looked slightly down at students who have had some of these grades on their transcript. The F is never a good sign. It is most certainly not welcome.

I never thought I would EVER get an F in my entire life. That was ridiculous. Everyone said that as long as you genuinely attempted in succeeding in a class you should at least get a D. This is why I never thought I would have one of those on my record. I also thought I was quite intelligent. I was in the honors program.

The College Student Vs. The Epic Fail

Sometimes in life, things don’t turn out exactly as planned.  In the course of a college career, this is no different and sometimes these failures, whether epic or not have a way of making or breaking a student.  How you handle your failures determines how well you can persevere.  Whether you'll give up or retain hope that things will all work out.

How to Deal with Your First Subject Failure?

Your grade: F or 5. or any other mark that would just mean you have failed the subject. I know many college students have experienced this and knows how it feels. Though to some, they don't know how this feels because they are those who are very intelligent (and hard working, I should say) not to fail any subject. So let's talk more about this. Don't worry, I ,myself, also failed in one subject. - as of now.



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