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How To Take Dining Hall Food from Gross to Gourmet (Or Close Enough)

I don’t know how it is at other schools, but at my school, the dorm food is terrible. At least once a week I throw something away after taking one bite, gagging and willing myself not to throw up. The fruit is often bruised, the bagels stale enough to break your jaw, and the meat burned or bleeding. The best thing that can be said for the dining hall is that there are a lot of choices. And there are ten flavors of ice cream, and every brand of cereal you can think of. Still, college students cannot live by cereal alone.

Dining Plans: What to do when you gotta eat

The most important math I do all week is figuring out how many meals and dining dollars I have left. If you live on campus, understanding the meal plan is one of the first things you’re going to do.

Food! Food! Food!

It’s ok to gain the freshman 15 if you’re gaining not more than 15 pounds! You deserve a feast with all the goodies and brownies and corndogs that you can eat for working so hard. You also need all that food while you’re studying. In college, the food is pretty much about the same in all dorms except for the special food days they may have and also if the dorm area or building is a little higher than the cafeteria must be a little bigger as well. If you don’t get a variety at home, you will at least get a variety of food when you get to college.

The Chocoholic within us all

The Aztec Treasury comprised not of gilded jewelry or silver coins, but rather of cocoa beans. Yes, you’ve read that one right. The Aztecs valued the Cacao Tree to the point of worshipping, and its beans were used as currency. It was believed that the drink that resulted from brewing those beans was a health elixir, only to be used in ceremonies, or available to the wealthy elite.  The divine beverage that resulted was not only a luxury, but also an aphrodisiac. The Conquistadors added sugar and vanilla to the ground and roasted beans.

Snack Time! (Part 2) - Chocolate

After you had a really long day, it can be surprising how something really small and simple can pick you up a little bit and make you feel better.  This is why you should always keep a little chocolate on hand in your room at all times, unless of course you are allergic to it or just do not like chocolate.  But if you do like chocolate, college is a good time to get into the practice of keeping an “emergency stash.” 

Snack Time! (Part 1) - Pretzels

Pretzels are one of the easiest snacks for a college student to keep on hand.  Pretzels last for a long time (not that they would ever have to) without going stale and can be combined with a variety of dips to make them more interesting and flavorful if you happen to being growing bored of their taste after eating them for a while. 

College Troubles (Part 4) - Food

No college student really expects to be able to indulge in five star dining at his or her college’s dining hall, but unfortunately there are some college dining services that have difficulty even meeting the standard of “mediocre.” Instead of complaining about the food all of the time, you can see this as an opportunity to expand your own personal culinary knowledge and learn your way around the kitchen a little bit better. You can be sure all of your friends will be pleased with this decision, too. 

My Favorite Super Foods

A food substance is usually consider super when it contains a wide range of micro and macro nutrients required by the body to heal and stay healthy. Some people think super foods will magically transform their bodies or make them lose weight just like that. In reality, they will provide great amounts of nutrition to your body. But, you will still have to lead a healthy lifestyle to get the maximum use out of the nutrients that enter your body. Anyway, here are a few super foods that brighten my day and make everything I do more fun and everything I eat tastier.

Artificial Sweeteners and Junk Food

These days, if you go to grocery stores, you can see many kinds of artificial sweeteners on the racks. The sales of these artificial sweeteners soared in the recent years because people think they can eat fewer calories and lose weight without having to make any changes to their diet.

How to Reduce Junk Food Cravings

Growing up, I did not a lot of junk food. So, I was relatively a healthy kid, although I always had an affinity towards eating sweet. During my first year as an international student, I was introduced to donuts. I started and ended my days by eating them. The more I ate, I more I craved them and other sugary foods. So well, I gained A LOT of weight. The worse was of course the mood swings, tiredness and sleeplessness that followed.


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