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College revolves around an area of study. There’s so many to choose from it’s like an ice cream parlor. Some colleges even have the build your own option, which doesn’t help much if a graduating senior can’t make up their mind. Even if someone knows what he or she wants to do beforehand, a mind can be changed just as fast.

Food! Food! Food!

It’s ok to gain the freshman 15 if you’re gaining not more than 15 pounds! You deserve a feast with all the goodies and brownies and corndogs that you can eat for working so hard. You also need all that food while you’re studying. In college, the food is pretty much about the same in all dorms except for the special food days they may have and also if the dorm area or building is a little higher than the cafeteria must be a little bigger as well. If you don’t get a variety at home, you will at least get a variety of food when you get to college.

Group Study

In college there are many times where in we will really need to review a lot of things.  There are usually a lot of chapters or even a number of books to review every time the final exam comes our way. And because ofthis, there are times when we really get bored and lazy of non-stop reading by ourself. So some students consider studying with a group so they can kill the boredom and bond with their friends at the same time. I really think that this is a good idea but what we need to have is control.

First Year

Everyone will go to college and off on your own one day. When we all enter into our first day of our first year at a new college, new place, new town. It can be scary and we wouldn't want anything but out security blanket. 

What Not to Do Your Freshman Year: Part 5 – Success Is What You Do, Not What You Can Do

With only four years, your college career will go by very quickly, much quicker than your time in high school. You need to enjoy it. And at the same time you cannot waste your time. Nowadays, many job postings don’t just ask for a degree, but a few years of experience under an applicant’s belt to determine if the applicant is good enough.

What Not to Do Your Freshman Year: Part 4 – The Freshman Fifteen

While your schedule and responsibilities are going through quite a few changes, so is your body. There are many reasons that cause the infamous Freshman Fifteen, and being a freshman is not one.

As you age, you’re going to gain weight. It’s only natural, and if your lifestyle is becoming more and more sedentary behind a desk and a computer, gaining an extra pound or two is bound to happen. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t stop your body from jumpstarting again to a healthy fitness.

What Not to Do Your Freshman Year: Part 3 – Knowing When It’s Time to Grow Up

TGIF = Thank Goodness I (am a) Freshman. Why? Because that means high school is over! Or … wait … is it really? Listen, you may think that you’ve heard the last bell ring and carried the last hall pass, but high school sometimes sticks to us a little longer than we expect or even realize.

What Not to Do Your Freshman Year: Part 2 – A Cage Is Not a Home

For many, leaving home and family is terrifying. Kind of like some kind of a reverse abandonment, you know you could return back to your comfy life with your loved ones if you weren’t so far away, and yet you don’t return because you know you are where you should be.

What Not to Do Your Freshman Year: Part 1 - Freedom

Guess what? You’re free. Or as free as you’ve never been before comparatively. Feels pretty good, but guess what? Classes start soon. Responsibilities start soon. First chances start soon. And you feel great.

Here’s some advice: Don’t let it get to your head. Sure, you’re able to sleep when you want to, wake up when you want to, and pretty much travel wherever you want to, but you’re still going to need an extra PUSH to get you through your mornings and study breaks and daily stress breakouts (etc) – a push that now only you can provide.

College Events (Part 1) - Carnival for Freshman

At my college, the school tried very hard to make sure that freshmen interacted with one another and had a lot to do so that they would not begin to feel homesick.  The freshmen moved into the residence hall about three days before the returning students did, so that there was less confusion and time for all of the freshmen to get to know each other a little better before the arrival of the upperclassmen. 

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