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College Orientation Fail

Everybody says the people you meet in college will be your friends for life, so choose wisely. Well, I’ve never been the best with choices, even the simple ones. I remember my Dad always asking me what kind of juice I wanted on his weekly grocery trips. All I could do was name all the flavors I didn’t want. I think we all know what we don’t want in a friend. What everybody should tell you is not to stress over friends. Orientation is just the bottom of an ice cream cone. If you focus too much on it, your ice cream will melt.


The Art of Making Friends

Do you have a hard time making friends? Or are you the type of person that has a lot of friends? Back in the day, I used to have a difficult time making friends and maintaining relationships.  I always wanted to be the cool kid, or the go-to guy. Today, I have more friends then ever and always making more or meeting new people. Making friends is actually really simple once you get used to it. Actually, you’ll be able to talk to anyone from any background or ethnicity. Which is pretty awesome! If you follow these steps, you’ll be liked and be there. Trust me on this.


Where People Make the Difference: Five Friends You Should Make Before You Graduate

At about midnight last night, three of my best friends and I took a walk, our path lit only by the gorgeous full moon. We talked about our dreams, fears, doubts, and faith. Those are the moments that make college really special. Yes, studying is important, and yes, the point of college is to learn, but a lot of that learning happens through friendships. Each of those girls who accompanied me on that midnight stroll has taught me at least as much as any professor.

Do I Know You?

When you go to college, you will be shocked at the path your life has taken. You will know where you stand. And some people that meant so much to you in high school meant nothing at all. You a like a new person with the same values and maybe even goals that you had as last time but with a fresh start. You could be walking down the street in Chicago and see someone you met from high school but it is like hey!


Over the last couple of weeks as I’ve considered what to write about I came across this quote that I think is really amazing. This can be found in “Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence” by Adrienne Rich.


Having Dumb Friends is Bad for You

I am not saying that one needs to surround him or herself with compassionate straight-A students in order to have a good college experience. After all, one person’s smart friend is another person’s idiot. In this context, a dumb friend is someone who will make your life miserable, regardless of original intentions.

How to Lose Friends: Things not to Do

A lot of females don't seem to know how to get along with other women. There seems to an inherent cattiness in them that make it impossible to become their friends. I've dealt with this many times over the years. I’m pretty laid-back and easy to get along with, but there are certain people I won’t be friends with no matter what. Here are some of their traits and ridiculous antics.


I finally got noticed

As a short introduction, in this post I will talk about how I got integrated into the campus, found my current friends, my girlfriend, and the percentage of involvement held regarding my participation to the college matters.

ESL: Ebonics as a Second Language

I was raised in a rural southern home.  I don’t regret a minute of it.

You Are Who You Hang Out With - the Importance of Choosing Friends in College

We all want friends.

For all age groups, this fact is true. Everyone needs interaction, friendship, and love. It’s important to be with other people.

In college, this is especially critical. We need friends! We need fellow students to laugh with and gripe with, to talk with and walk with. We need people who can share similar experiences and undergo similar circumstances. We talk, laugh, play, and study together.

These experiences are important in college life.

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