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Gambling in college part 2

Hello guys, so last time I have been writing about how many college students are getting addicted to gambling  at an early stage. So what are your reactions that many students are already into gambling even at a time that they are still studying? Well personally, after I have learned that many students are gambling, I am actually a little shocked and alarmed. Now I am back to share with you some ways on how do these students gamble.


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Gambling in College

While majority of the posts here are about being a working student, a university scholar, an administrative assistant or even not having the finances to pursue studies or to enroll in your desired university, I will give something a twist. I wanna share a glimpse of the other side of the coin. Yes majority of students are not really well off, meaning their parents need to work hard so they can study, or they need to earn the money themselves. On the other hand, there are many students who doesn't have money problems at all. They spend here and there not thinking about their weekly budget.

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