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Mono and Getting Sick

Mono and Getting Sick

Sneaky Workouts

I realized last night as I was trying to fall asleep, mind racing after cramming for a huge test, that I’m getting a bit chubby. The jeans I wore that day were pretty snug, and the pajama bottoms that two years ago I considered returning for a smaller size now clung to my hips. The freshmen fifteen is real, and it isn’t just for freshmen. I have friends who commit a lot of time and energy to working out regularly, going to classes at the student gym, devising new weightlifting routines, etc. I applaud them. But I don’t really want to be them.


Hello everyone! I wrote this because I think that losing anyone to cancer is one of the saddest things that can only be stopped if we are all aware of the options we have when faced with cancer. Its a long ranting, but I hope you all enjoy it. :)


College is a world where one would really find it hard to keep that fit and healthy mind and body, especially those who are working-students and students who engage themselves in different extra-curricular activities in and out of school. Most of these students would just quit trying to stay healthy and young-looking. The terrible spirits developed inside their bodies caused by piles of paper-works, loads of activities and hundreds of research papers had really killed their motivation to stay healthy, handsome and pretty.


My current exercise - Badminton

Ever since I stopped playing basketball when I got an injury in high school, I got no physical activity anymore aside from my Physical education classess which I have taken on the first 4 semesters of my college life. I was not able to play basketball again because we moved to another place and my ball buddies are too far. Now, I am already playing basketball again every once in a while because I am already gaining a lot of weight since high school! I used to be somehow thin before lol. But now I am into another sport - Badminton


The benefits of visual training

Between our classes, our homework, our friends and the little spare time we have to enjoy ourselves, it’s rather easy to neglect our health. We know about the dangers of drinking, we’ve heard about the peer pressure on campus and its negative effects, we’ve been trying to avoid the infamous “freshman 15” and we’re struggling to sleep properly. But I believe we have neglected one important aspect of our health: our eyes. According to the Visual Council of America, 75% of adults use some sort of vision correction. We’re young adults, so there might still be hope for us.

College Troubles (Part 18) - Health

Every single person gets sick once in a while and this includes college students, especially those that live in residence halls and are constantly surrounded by other people and the germs that they carry.  Most colleges have a health center located on campus to treat sick students and prescribe medications so that the students do not have to look too far to get treated. 

Feeling Tired all the Time?

Many college students suffer from chronic tiredness. They feel lethargic and find it difficult to wake up in the mornings, feel drowsy in the classes and have low energy throughout the day etc. Once in a while we all feel tired. When I was in college, there used to be some days I didn’t want to do anything but lie down on the bed. But, I met many students that felt tired all the time and some even had chronic fatigue.

Nutrition 150: Exercise perspectives

Another important aspect to a healthy lifestyle is being suitably active. Exercise is a term often associated with activity- often because our fast-paced modern lifestyles are rather sedentary in nature.

To exercise, and to do so regularly, is a very fundamental part of one's health. In some respects, you can look at it as a form of nutrition (if only indirectly), because the activity of exercising can help burn fat, or use nutrients that if left unutilized may see the body storing as fat. Muscle development is another plus, as is cardiovascular fortitude.

Surprising Tips to Look Gorgeous

In the recent years, there has been an increase in the usage of various cosmetics because college students want to look their best. Often, many of these cosmetics that students use contain unhealthy chemicals that can do more harm than good. While you can still use healthy cosmetics, you can also tweak your routine and follow some tips that can help you good gorgeous.

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