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Learning Tips

Tips for Group Projects

It’s five weeks into a course and that group project the professor has been talking about is finally here. With the time available, it was possible to observe fellow students in class. Many have never held a real conversation with anyone else and deciding who you actually wouldn’t mind having in your group is rather difficult to estimate. In university, there’s no more…”Pick a partner and discuss your reactions.” For so many big projects, there’s always group work. Whether it’s a presentation or a project, coping is needed.

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: The Anatomy of a Great All-Nighter

It’s the rare college student who has not had an all-nighter, or an almost-nighter, as I like to call those strange bursts of productivity after which you get in an hour or two of sleep before the alarm clock screeches and it’s time for your first class. Succeeding at an all-nighter or almost-nighter is very difficult. You are fighting your natural sleeping instincts—sleep, after all, is necessary for mental processing and physical well-being.

College Troubles (Part 22) - Study Habits

Good study habits are a vital component of college success.  One of the most important things a college student can do for his or herself is to establish good study habits early on in his or her college career.  This includes choosing a good place to study.  Usually, the lounge in a residence hall or student center is not good during the “main” hours, but may be nice if you need to stay up later. 

College Troubles (Part 19) - Final Exam

The college semester always ends with one final experience that every student no matter his or her standing dreads: final exams.  However, the key to successfully making it through final exams is to be thoroughly prepared.  Preparation for final exams should begin about anywhere from two to four weeks before the start of exams, and the sooner you begin to prepare the better. 

How to Be the Best Student You Can Be

Oftentimes, students have a hard time their first semester of college because they were not taught good enough study habits when they were in high school.  I have compiled a list of things that I like to do to help me excel in my class.  Some of these are simple but often overlooked.

How to Make A's

Some people have a harder time making good grades than others do. One of the reasons why it seems to come so easy to some people is because they have a method for managing their classes and studies. Making A’s is easy if you have the right strategy. Here’s how I made mostly A’s while I was in school.

Learning 250: Technology- Nothing to fear except fear itself.

Technology, for all its advances and facilitations it offers us and the world at large, seems to have an equal if it's not a greater amount of fear associated with it that in some cases I feel causes it to do us great harm or hampers our success.

Learning 230: Basic vs. Advanced: Where is the true challenge?

In Computer Science Education pedagogy, there is a frequent discussion of "depth-first" vs. "breadth-first" approaches to learning. The notion is that, in a breadth-first approach, one encounters as many different topics as possible, but largely on a surface level, sort of a survey or sampling approach. Whereas in a depth-first approach, we might dive into a few areas, particularly deep, soaking up all there is to know and learn.

Learning 202: The fine art of learning: steps to mastery

Having been immersed in considerably more educational theory and philosophy during my current graduate studies, I've gleaned some interesting tidbits when it comes to looking at learning, that if I knew back during my Associate's and Bachelor's degree days, might have given me some added tools for learning to learn and mastering the subject matter.

Learning 150: Balancing theory and practice in your learning journey.

With pretty everything there exists a series of spectrums, where we fall at various points in time. Often times, especially in college, we must evaluate where we are on the work-play spectrum... knowing that if we're too far toward the work end we'll have less fun, but if we are too far towards the play end our grades often go down.

As with anything, a careful balance must be obtained.

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