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Remedies for Procrastination

How many times did you put aside doing something important you had to do to watch movies or TV? You had that nagging feeling that you should actually be doing that important thing like completing a project or homework instead of watching movies or just wasting time, but somehow you just couldn't help yourself. Procrastination is a pretty common problem and affects a lot of college students. I was a big time procrastinator in college and sometimes, even now, I can’t help myself from procrastinating from time to time.

Effective Procrastination: The Carrot and the Donkey.

There’s always one thing on my to do list that never seems to get done. Some days I’ll start the list backwards to forwards, first to last, or completely at random; and still it just doesn't seem to work out. I’m the kind of person who will start to write a paper, but notice that I accidentally left something out of order in my room, and in the process of moving it, down the rabbit hole I go.

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