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Benefits of reading books

We may not notice that there are many benefits of reading books like novels etc. I myself also thought of this before, I think that reading books is just a boring past time of others. But when my girlfriend has asked me to read some of her favorite novels, I realized that it is not that boring after all as long as you are really interested in what you are reading.

Chapter Reading

When it comes to your college level classes, chances are you're going to be doing A LOT of reading. To help you remember what exactly it is you're really reading about, I'm going to share some classic tips with you that might finally help! It can be frustrating trying to understand what in the world it is these chapters and books are really about. But it all comes down to plain old organization and note taking!

Reading For Fun

When was the last time you read a book for fun?  I read several books every semester but they are all for school.  I hardly ever read a book that I want to read or that I think will be enjoyable.  I think this definitely needs to change, though.  Here are my top two reasons for why you (and I) should read a book for fun. 

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