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Ways to Build Your Résumé as an Undergraduate Student

With the current state of the job market, résumé building as an undergraduate student can play a crucial part in acquiring an entry-level position after graduation.  Since new graduates are applying for their first real positions in the work force, sometimes finding the right information to include in a résumé can be difficult.  Here are some suggestions for extra-curricular activities and other things that look good to a potential employer.



The College Student Vs. The Resume *Facepalm*

I’ve seen a lot of articles on writing the perfect resume.  There are many websites that are dedicated to the successful completion of the perfect fine-tuned resume.  Some of these websites charge a nominal fee for their services which is why a lot of times students opt to write their own.  With the job market still being at a lull, there are a lot of students, such as myself, that remain unemployed.  That resume is the key to your job searching existence.  What you put out, is what you will get back and in today’s market-image is everything.  Now, let’s say you spend hours tweaking and pruning your resume until it sparkles.  You have provided professional quality work, listed everything that you are qualified for and even have references that will leave you feeling awesome.  You think you’re finished, right?  Sure!  So you go ahead and start submitting your resume online.  A lot of employers have transferred their applications online out of convenience and paper applications are very nearly obsolete.  Then, after spending hours filling out online applications and submitting your gorgeous resume that you spent hours perfecting, you realize *gasp* there is a huge gaping ugly error just staring you right in the face and sticking out its tongue going 'Na, na!' 

Get that Resume Done

It's almost summer time and most college students are thinking of finding internships . While others are lucky to find internship opportunities solely through networking, a vast majority have to prepare a resume to ensure that they get that opportunity they are willing to kill for. A resume is important especially because it gives you an edge over all other applicants who don't think of preparing one, simply out of 'naivety'. However, if you are to secure a great opportunity, these tips will come in handy for a great college student resume:

Resumes 101

You might be perfect for a job but if you do not have a great resume then you might not be invited to interview.  Here are a few simple but effective tips on how to make a great resume.

1.  Make sure your Objective section is specific to the job you are applying for (such as “Seeking an X job at Y Company so that I can utilize my Z skills”).   It should never be a general Objective.  A recruiter once told me that if it is a resume that you can use for more than one job, throw it out.  It has to be specific to the job and to the company. 

Building a Good Resume

It’s important to start building a good resume as early as you possible can. When you start looking for work after graduation, if you only have school on your resume, you’ll be way behind a lot of the competition. Try to see your resume as just a portfolio of your worthy accomplishments and don’t limit yourself to just the facts about what jobs you've held. There’s a difference between a resume and a good resume. Here are some strategies for building a good one.


Answer to my prayers

Hello friends, and welcome once again to my blog.

To make a short comeback of what I’ve told in my last post, the name was “I finally got noticed!” and, I’ve talked about how I entered college , made friends and named my very first activities.

You’re probably curious why did I chose this title to represent what I’m about to say.

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