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Senior Year

Paperwork (and rewriting it)

There is so much paperwork that we have to deal with in college. In fact, the paperwork will come in right  after we enter college. I myself have already dealt with a lot of paperwork when I was in my freshman year. And it is a very huge adjustment for me. I have never worked on so much paperwork like these before - when I was in high school, and if there is ever any paperwork, it's like it is drafted already; and we just have to insert our thoughts and research info in it.

1 more year to go

Just one more year of full hardwork, effort and dedication and I am already done with college. Yes, you read that right, I am already on my senior  year.  A little more effort and I am already a graduate. I will admit that I am very very excited to graduate! I can finally be free from school and can now work and earn money. I can finally get to buy all the things I want.


Planning for the GRE

Planning for the Graduate Record Exam is something along the same lines as my blog "Know Your Program." If you don't know that you are going to take it until the last minute, you are not likely to score as well as you would like. Probably the best bet is when you decide on a major (most colleges expect this around your sophomore year), you should also decide on whether or not you want to go to graduate school. Do you want a Master's or Doctoral Degree? Or are you happy with just a Bachelor's Degree? Will you be able to get a decent job with a Bachelor's Degree?

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