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In college, it is very important to know how to do research. Databases are a great place to go to when you do research. Most school sites have databases from their library. I had in high school and most college I have seen all have databases that you can go to through the school’s library website. Encyclopedia and books are all great sources. Google is not always an accepted source for research papers nowadays. A topic that I am researching now is domestication of dogs. I am having trouble finding what I need exactly. Books tell stories and databases have vague information.

How to Fail a Final

It’s not like anyone has ever tried to fail a final. The higher the grade, the better right, but if you ever want to retake a class and spend twice the amount of money you have, this is how…

Easy Tips For Studying that Make All the Difference

It’s finals week, and you haven’t looked at a textbook all semester.  You’ve tried to pay attention all semester, attended all the classes you could, and you’re not doing all too bad, but you NEED to do well on this final otherwise you’ll never forgive yourself.  We’ve all been there.  Stressing out over grades is common in college, whether you’re a straight A student, or barely passing.  Here are some tips to help avoid the need for that all-nighter right before the test. 

Fighting Problems in Studying (Part 1)

What are the usual things that prevent us from studying? There are many, actually and sometimes we don’t know what to do so we end up sleeping or doing some other things. I have here common problems in studying and I have some things to share too in order to counter that negative attack in your study life.


Group Study

In college there are many times where in we will really need to review a lot of things.  There are usually a lot of chapters or even a number of books to review every time the final exam comes our way. And because ofthis, there are times when we really get bored and lazy of non-stop reading by ourself. So some students consider studying with a group so they can kill the boredom and bond with their friends at the same time. I really think that this is a good idea but what we need to have is control.

How to Be the Best Student You Can Be

Oftentimes, students have a hard time their first semester of college because they were not taught good enough study habits when they were in high school.  I have compiled a list of things that I like to do to help me excel in my class.  Some of these are simple but often overlooked.

How To Excel In a Difficult Class?

In my junior year, I transferred to an international university and changed my major to chemical engineering. I am good at math and chemistry, but I had a hard time adjusting to a core subject called thermodynamics. Although I was comfortable with the subject, I found it difficult to remember the plethora of equations and formulae required to solve the problems and projects. It was not that I didn't try to get good grades in the subject, I just didn't know how to.


Effective Procrastination: The Carrot and the Donkey.

There’s always one thing on my to do list that never seems to get done. Some days I’ll start the list backwards to forwards, first to last, or completely at random; and still it just doesn't seem to work out. I’m the kind of person who will start to write a paper, but notice that I accidentally left something out of order in my room, and in the process of moving it, down the rabbit hole I go.

Top 10 Note-Taking Tips

#1 Don’t overdo it

When taking notes make sure that you focus on the important information.  Instead of just writing everything down, not all information is needed or even important.

Academics and affections

Remember when you were younger, it seemed like every year, there was someone new you had a crush on. There were the butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms, and temporary speech impediment. With occasional school dances, or classes in common you may have had a chance to make your affections known, if you could muster the courage. Just the thought of them consumed your conscience for likely quite a while, during which time nothing else really seemed to matter as much.

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