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What Planners Are Good For

What Planners are Good For?


Unless you are a very organized and visual person who makes use for a planner, it’s good for absolutely nothing. Average students tend to turn to technology for keeping track of their lives. Somehow, with all the smartphones and laptops, the caveman ways of using paper to organize has completely dissolved. Yet, every year through campus activities or orientation, students end up with another processed version of a school planner.


Web Hosting - Practical Tips To Get Started

If you want a web site, you need some sort of web hosting, so it's time to learn about it. The subject may seem complicated and overly technical, but knowing more about web hosting will make running your website easier. This article can help you to identify the best web hosts. Web hosting providers value their reputations, because you can learn so much from what users report. Look for articles or reviews on potential web hosts.

When your pc crashes

There are these times in college when your computer will crash. lol. I myself never experienced it until last week. I was just home from a night out and tried tuning on my computer the moment I woke up. It is my usual routine. And then to my surprise my computer will not turn on anymore!! :( I was so devastated that my computer has crashed at a very wrong time. The end of my semester is already approaching.. and the worse part of this is that I don't have savings yet, meaning I cannot afford to buy a new computer at this time!!

How technology affected our lives - positively

Today, technology plays a very big part in our lives. Everywhere we go, there is technology. Whatever we do, there is technology involved. It seems like we need technology in everything we do. We have been very dependent on technology even on the simple tasks that we need to do. Older generations always say that our generation is very lucky to have a great technology with us. We can now do our task s faster and easier. This saves us time and energy for more tasks that we have to do. There are many great ways on how technology affects our lives..



Learning 250: Technology- Nothing to fear except fear itself.

Technology, for all its advances and facilitations it offers us and the world at large, seems to have an equal if it's not a greater amount of fear associated with it that in some cases I feel causes it to do us great harm or hampers our success.

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