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Preparing for my thesis defense

Previously I have blogged about being almost finished with my thesis which is a major requirement ro graduate.. And now we are already finished with our marketing plan. Now all we have to do is to proof read and proof read the whole paper so that we can identify potential loop holes which may be asked by the panelists during the oral defense of our thesis which is schedule before two or three months from now.


Paperwork (and rewriting it)

There is so much paperwork that we have to deal with in college. In fact, the paperwork will come in right  after we enter college. I myself have already dealt with a lot of paperwork when I was in my freshman year. And it is a very huge adjustment for me. I have never worked on so much paperwork like these before - when I was in high school, and if there is ever any paperwork, it's like it is drafted already; and we just have to insert our thoughts and research info in it.

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