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Time Management

Time Management for Beginners

Many of us, don’t realize how important time management is. Time is more valuable then anything… Many of us waste it, and time passes us by. Some people take advantage of using their time to their full-potential. With in this text, you will learn ways that will enable you take full advantage of your time. Once you master these tips, you will be able to complete everything you need to and have time left over.  This is generally, how I manage my time and how I consider myself to be successful.


1). Become organized.

Sneaky Workouts

I realized last night as I was trying to fall asleep, mind racing after cramming for a huge test, that I’m getting a bit chubby. The jeans I wore that day were pretty snug, and the pajama bottoms that two years ago I considered returning for a smaller size now clung to my hips. The freshmen fifteen is real, and it isn’t just for freshmen. I have friends who commit a lot of time and energy to working out regularly, going to classes at the student gym, devising new weightlifting routines, etc. I applaud them. But I don’t really want to be them.

Midterms: To Sleep or not to sleep?

The midterm death cycle just ended and I feel completely drained. Chemistry on Friday, Cell Bio on Monday, World History on Tuesday. Because everything is computerized, results are already back and guess what? I completely bombed them.

Let’s review my semester to see where I went wrong:

Spring Break (2 weeks to Chemistry Exam):

Budgeting Time for Yourself

As a college student, taking some time for budgeting time for yourself is taken for granted since you don’t have that much time to think things over. Budgeting time for yourself is really a necessity in life because through this, you’ll be able to regain all the energy you have lost in working, studying and doing other things. Spending time with yourself too helps you relax our mind and think things over. This would also help you bloom and would help you clear your mind. So here are some ideas on achieving this time for you rself thingy:


Achieving Properly Managed Time

College is tough, finding time for yourself and time for some other things around you could be really hard especially if you’ve got lots of things to do like paper works, requirements, activities and sometimes voluntary works add on to these somewhat burdens of us college students. There are many ways in which we can manage our precious time, but sometimes those ways are hard to follow and kind of complicated to work on to.

Nuggets from a Recent Graduate

Many of my blog posts here on My College Pal have been about time management.  A huge part of this is because I believe that managing your time effectively is the single most important thing you can do as a college students.  The other part is because over the past several years I have struggled with learning to manage my time effectively. Every time I think I’ve got it down something happens to throw off my delicate balancing act.

College Troubles (Part 8) - Time Management

College student are just always busy, busy, busy! Do not enter college with delusions of having hours upon hours of free time available to you.  Just because you are spending less time in class per day and per week than you did in high school, that does not necessarily correlate to less work and more free time to indulge in. 

Stressful Times, they are a'commin'

It’s been about a month since I’ve visited My College Pal and I’ve really missed the community here!  I’m glad to be back, sharing what I have learned over the last month or so.  Several things have happened that have taught me a lot about stress management that I hope will be helpful to you today.

Time Management--In Conclusion

In this series of blog posts, we have looked at the variety of types of time management a student can make use of when trying to make the most of his or her time. And so, it is with any type of consideration one makes with regards to figuring out his or her desires and needs and the various types of ways to connect his or her desires and needs with the time he or she has and the types of options he or she has available for the purposes of his or her own fulfillment.


Time Management--Hybrid Strategies

Looking at the range of options available to a student it seems obvious that some sort of management must be made regarding the strategies he or she can make and take advantage of and use to make the most of his or her college time.


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