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Volunteer and Cheer

Volunteering is a great way to spend your time in college; you can earn a lot of experience on the spot. I’ve had trouble finding jobs, so I started to spend my time writing. Writing is a great skill to improve and can help you in the long run as well, plus you don’t have to go anywhere to do it, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Joining Organizations

Some people think that getting involved with organizations such as clubs, sororities, fraternities and others are a waste of time and energy, well I want to prove them all wrong. There are priceless benefits one could get in joining organizations. This may take some of your time but it’s all worth it. all the efforts will be paid off and you would gain once in a lifetime experiences. I have getting involved with different organizations since I was in high school, so let me share the benefits I got from joining organizations and I hope these will inspire my fellows to join organizations:


Volunteering in college is awesome. Some would say that it is waste of time and effort since it is not rally part of the academe. Some would say that it will just tire you and would give you nothing but really NOTHING. But there are still people who have given their hearts to volunteering. Just last year, I joined Philippines’ Gawad Kalinga – an organization that focuses on building houses and community all throughout the country to those who do not have any house or to those who were victims of flash floods and storms.

Doing Volunteer Work In College

Student organizations and clubs lay out a great platform for students to meet their peers and interact with like-minded people, who can become their friends for life. When you join a club, you will have to dedicate some time to attend club meetings, charity and fundraiser events, etc. Although at times, it gets a bit taxing to manage both academics and extra-curricular activities, the experience is worth the trouble because you get to make friends, learn a lot and ramp up your resume.

Building a Good Resume

It’s important to start building a good resume as early as you possible can. When you start looking for work after graduation, if you only have school on your resume, you’ll be way behind a lot of the competition. Try to see your resume as just a portfolio of your worthy accomplishments and don’t limit yourself to just the facts about what jobs you've held. There’s a difference between a resume and a good resume. Here are some strategies for building a good one.


Delivering Hope to the Homeless

Colleges, as I've mentioned in previous blogs, are the best places to help people.  Every month there seems to be an event, a fundraiser, or a donation drive to benefit the less fortunate.  The homeless issue is a big one to face.  With the economy as it is, more and more people are being laid off and forced to give up their homes.  What seemed like something that could never happen to a person is now very much a possibility.  It's thanks to various colleges that the homeless can have food, toys, and clothing to look forward to throughout this difficult period.

Peace Corps: Weighing Your Options

There is a table at every career fair where they speak politely, concisely, and give out really professional brochures. The Peace Corps is not like any other job opportunity. The fact of the matter is that most people think twice before sending in the application. I have not been through the process, but I have contemplated signing up, and committing two years of my life to an amazing, challenging, and rewarding assignment.


Internships: Where to Look and How to Get Them

As you are no doubt aware, unemployment rates remain high and jobs are hard to come by. Unfortunately, that doesn't just apply to long-term positions. Internships are also affected.

Why should this matter to you? Well, as I discussed in a previous post, work experience can be much more important for your future career than your choice of major. Internships are a great way to gain some experience in your chosen field without a long-term commitment.

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