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Frequently Asked Questions

Credits and Levels

Q: How do I earn credits? How do I use credits?

A: In order to promote a helpful and positive community at MyCollegePal, credits can only be earned by polite activities in the community and by making useful and thoughtful contributions to the community. Each member can earn 10 credits per day by logging into the site. A member can use credits to vote or post. Members with negative or zero credits will not be able to vote or post.

If your comment is voted down, two credits will be taken away. On the other hand, if you make good comments, your comments will most likely be voted up and you will earn two credits for each up vote on your comment. For each node, only the first 25 comments can earn credits, but you can still make comments after that. A maximum of 50 credits per comment can be earned from voting. Likewise, a maximum of 50 credits per comment can be lost from voting. Ten good thoughtful comments can earn you 500 credits from voting and qualify you to become a Junior Contributor.

You will need credits to be able to vote and post. Some activities will cost credits. Most of the time, you need to spend some credits to earn more credits. For example, it will cost you 2 credits to make a comment, but you will earn 6 credits immediately. Then, if someone gives you an up vote, you will earn another two credits and if someone gives you a down vote, you will lose two credits. It costs one credit for each vote, but you will not earn credits from voting. Voting is used to police the site and make your opinion heard and to motivate your fellow college pals to make good contributions.

Q: How do I earn credits? Can I lose credits?

A: You earn credits by posting comments for different contents. Some are one-time credits. Some are on-going credits. An example of a one-time credit is your one-time sign up bonus of 40 credits. On-going will include the following:

  • Daily login: 10 credits/day
  • Make a comment: Net 4 credits/comment
  • Post a message on another user's profile - Receive 1 credit/message; Max: 10/day
  • Make a blog post and earn 15 credits immediately. To make a blog post, you need to have at least 10 credits in your account.
  • Make a Campus News post and earn 15 credits.
  • Make a How-To post and earn 20 credits.

An up vote on your comment will earn 2 credits. A down vote on your comment will lose 2 credits.

Q: How do I achieve contributor status?

A: After you earn 500 credits, you will be promoted to Junior Contributor status, a recognized and trusted contributor.

Some examples of what can members do while earning 500 credits:

  1. Give helpful reviews on your courses/textbook/college for the benefit of other college pals. A good review on your courses/textbooks/college should have at least 200 words.
  2. Make thoughtful and non-trivial comments to the blogs and on the review forums. Each comment should be at least 100 words and must be 100% original and in your own words. You can earn at least 4 credits per comment. If other college pals give you an up vote, you will earn 2 credits for each up vote - a maximum of 50 credits can be earned from a thoughtful and well written comment. A down vote will lose two credits. Since this is a community for college students, good grammar and correct spelling are expected. No foul language. You will be banned from this site if you do not adhere to these expectations. In this case, all credits will be taken away and your account will be closed.

Q: How many credits do I need to maintain for each level?


  • Junior Contributor Level 1: 500 credits.
  • Junior Contributor Level 2: 2000 credits.
  • Junior Contributor Level 3: 6000 credits.
  • Senior Contributor Level 1: 12000 credits.
  • Senior Contributor Level 2: 24000 credits.
  • Senior Contributor Level 3: 36000 credits.
  • Senior Contributor Level 4: 48000 credits.

Q: How long will the credits last? Does a credit have any equivalent value in money?

A: Each credit currently has no expiration date. No, the credit is used to promote a positive and helpful community - it's more for recognition and has no monetary value.