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Board Games

Do you play board games? Please discuss your favorites.


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Apples to Apples

I'm not sure if this actually qualifies as a board game, for there is no board, but it is a great game that is always loads of fun. Each player gets seven cards with a noun on them, then an adjective card is drawn and you try and play your noun that matches up to the adjective the best. I may have made that sound complicated, but it really is simple. Four or more people are necessary for a game. Every time I have ever played has ended up in an uproar of laughter. Give it a shot if you haven't played it before.

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Apples to Apples is Great.

Betterintheory- you're so right. Apples to Apples can get hilarious! Here's a twist on it that I find amusing. Have everyone show their cards at the end and see how well the cards they have left describe each person. It's sometimes stupidly accurate.Because the game is based on abstract thinking, it's a fun game for unwinding. There's thought involved, but more right-brained thinking than left-brained. And getting to see how other people's mind works through the word association is pretty insightful. I'm glad you mentioned it because a different game made the top of my list, but this one's definitely a fun game.

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Scrabble is one of my favorite games. It's like working a crossword puzzle, only you don't need clues and you decide what the words are going to be. :)

I've always wondered if a Scrabble game would be a good way to make a template for making your own crossword puzzles. It might not be the best strategy. Either way, it's a fun game. According to the box, a good player scores over 300. And using that rating system- I'm not great at it, I just like it. But I think the highest possible scores depend on the number of players anyway.  

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Board Games

I don't play board games anymore, but I did play a lot of board games as a child. I loved Sorry!, and Operation, and Monopoly, as well as all of its variations. I think one of my favorites was still Candy Land. As for the variations of Monopoly, we played Spaceopoly and well as Whovilleopoly. Those were always frustrating though, and no one ever won. Board games nowadays are changing so much. I miss playing all of the classics. When I have children I plan to bring the tradition back, and we'll all sit down and play some games together. Another that I played a few times was the Pokemon Board Game.

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Not sure if this is a board game but it kinda is.  Domino is one hell of a fun game if you learn to play it and play it with people that are really good at it.

You have to be quick with numbers, adding numbers to be more specific, and based on that you can now strategize and estimate what your opponent is doing or is going to do. 

So I guess if you like math dominos will be fun for you, and even if you don't like math you probably would still like it, as long as you are a quick thinker IMO.

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BeHereNow wrote:

Scrabble is one of my favorite games. It's like working a crossword puzzle, only you don't need clues and you decide what the words are going to be. :)

I've always wondered if a Scrabble game would be a good way to make a template for making your own crossword puzzles. It might not be the best strategy. Either way, it's a fun game. According to the box, a good player scores over 300. And using that rating system- I'm not great at it, I just like it. But I think the highest possible scores depend on the number of players anyway. 

Scrabble!! This is the one most popular game that I have never quite gotten into.  Why do people like it so much?  It always amazed me how I would see people sitting down having fun playing scrabble. 

Well, I guess monopoly is another one I couldn't get into as well.  My thing was always that I needed a game that could get me competitive. It just seemed like scrabble, etc., was too friendly for me lol.

I did play it once with a group of people, and while I had a good time, I'm still not sure whether it was the game itself that was fun, or that everything seems more fun after a few beers...

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We used to play Scrabble in my English class every other week on Friday. It was a lot of fun. We would be put into teams, and just sort of have a fun lazy day. It didn't really have a lot to do with school, but we did get to be competitive and work with our brains a little bit of work. I think it's important to have a bit of relief like that. Board games are also good to play as a child, as opposed to video games. Although there are educational video games, most kids don't play them.

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I don't love board game so much. But sometimes, there comes some situation when s board game is the perfect choice. Such as, in a rainy day. I don't love this but I like to play it sometime. From all board games, I like chess most. It is challenging to me always. When I play this, my brain is going to be hanged! It's true. :)

In fact, chess comes from India. But now it's a popular game all over the world. In our college, I play this much in the common room. My two classmates like to play this game at my home. Most of the time, I lost the game. But I play this, because it is a very good game to increase the power of our brain.

I think the board game is like chess.  It is not boring every time. However, I don't love board games so much. Some people think that chess is a boring game, because it takes too much time. But we should recharge our brain sometimes, especially in this digital arena. We are becoming lazy and lazy, and our brain too!

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I've already told that I don't love board games. But, in some special situation, it is very interesting to me. Ludo is such a game. I think people hardly heard about this name. It is a very exciting game, like chess, though it doesn't recharge our memory! It is an exciting and enjoyable game. Everyone can play this game.

The game Ludo may come from Japan. Actually, I don't know this. I just had some idea. By the way, Ludo is a famous game in our country, Bangladesh. Everyone knows how to play this game. The elements of this game are also very cheap. 2, 3 or 4 players can play Ludo together. Actually, to play this game you have to believe on your luck! Total game is depended on your luck. The game is very interesting to play.

When we get leisure in college and don't have mood to play chess, then we play this game. Sometimes, teachers play with us. As I told, this game can be played by all ages. I think this is a perfect example of board games. It has excitement, enjoyment, and it is interesting to all. Now, you may find games on Ludo in the internet. If you find that, then play the game. Then, we will talk :) Good bye.

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Chess, Logic, Computers

Before, I never like board games. But there was this one time when I just downloaded a chess game in my cell phone. I immediately got hooked up. It is real fun and beneficial.

First and foremost, chess involves logic, or reasonableness on your move. You can't just move a piece just because you want to. You must have a reason, and that reason must be the most reasonable among all possibilities. A single move changes everything at every angle. And this is actually what I need. You see, I am a computer engineering student, and as such, logic is a requirement. Indeed, from the most basic line of command in programming, up to the most complicated electrical circuit would require logic. I can't just put a line in a programming code just because I want to. I should have a reason, and that reason must demonstrate the most efficient and most effective way to solve a problem.

Yet at the end of every game, what is it but a game. Yes, the satisfaction of winning a game is a confidence booster. Of course, if you lose, it is still an experience!

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Board games is probably one

Board games is probably one of the best ways to kill some time, or if you just want to bond with your friends, or if you just have nothing to do. Most board games are very fun to play and aside from that, most of them keeps you thinking, so it is a good mental exercise. I would share board games which I usually play and like.

First on my list is our family's all time favorite board game, the scrabble. It is a great game for bonding, and not to say, to get sleepy. Whenever we play this we get all sleepy afterwards. It also enhances your vocabulary so it is really a good game to play. It is worth a try.

Snakes and Ladders - The game I usually play with the younger ones. I play this with my girlfriend's younger brother. Does not require serious mental exercise though, you just need some luck on throwing the dice so you can avoid the snakes and go up the ladders.

Chess - I used to play this before when I was still in grade school. I used to play with my sister and I seldom beat her. This is a great game where you will learn strategies and to read the mind of your opponents. A very silent game.

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Board games are surprisingly

Board games are surprisingly popular among college students.  My friends and I always have a great time with an old classic: Monopoly.  Believe it or not, college students can turn Monopoly into one really intense game.  The sessions we have are always accompanied by loud, obnoxious, but good natured jeering and heckling.  Occasionally, things have been thrown in fits of frustration.  We may have collected more than one noise complaint from other dorm residents and we may also have had to have a resident assistance tell us to quiet down while in the grip of the game.  To be honest, most of the time we never actually finish the game.  Monopoly is notorious for being a long winded game and the fact that it is being played in a college setting does nothing to change that.  But, at least for us, that does not make the game any less fun.  Instead, we simply play until we are tired of doing so.  And then we come back and play it again the next night, and the next.  We all have really busy days and we like getting together to sit around a Monopoly board and spend some quality time with one another.

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When I was in college I used to play Monopoly with my friends all the time. It was fun because the game lasted for hours and we would go from one stage to the other. We were anxious and impatient, mad and happy at the same time. I have to admit that Monopoly is a game of luck. It all depends on the dice you throw, and if you do not have a good hand, you might lose the game. 

We also played Scrabble, which it was not as fun but it was worth it. It was a great chance for us to learn new words. When we were in no mood for board games, we just played cards or Rummy. They were also fun, but none of them taught us to be good investors. Only Monopoly did. It became a routine, every Friday night we would gather at someone’s house and spend the night investing, buying and developing our skills.
But those times are long gone, college is over for all of us, we all have families to take care of and things are more complicated. I wish I had one more Friday night so we could spend it playing the games that we enjoyed. I don’t know if Twister qualifies as a board game but you also have to try it out. You will lose your breath laughing.

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I am glad to know that most

I am glad to know that most college students at my college pal plays (or loves) scrabble like me. I thought I was a little geeky because I love a game which is considered to be boring by others. Well it is actually boring, but it is mentally challenging. lol. Scrabble is really a great game for everyone, not only it exercises your brain, it also widens your vocabulary. There is an exchange of ideas involved in the game. When you don't know the word your opponent played, you'll ask him or her the meaning of that word. And you add it to your vocabulary. You just learned a new word. That is why I really love the game!


I hope to play scrabble with other people at mycollegepal even just playing online (because obviously playing real scrabble is impossible). It will be a great time to bond with other college students at my college pal. I hope someday mycollegepal will add games like scrabble which helps us learn something new and at the same time having fun. What do you think of my idea, scrabble lovers? Can't wait to play scrabble with all of you! So we can have fun and learn new words from each other.




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re: Scrabble

Huh! I’d never thought of using scrabble as a template for a crossword puzzle, I think that’s actually a really good idea! The only issue I could foresee with that plan is that usually crosswords have themes, and the clues/answers usually fit within them. But, maybe that’s not the case all the time and just pertains to the ones that I have done in the past. I know that there are whole websites that generate crossword puzzles for you now if you have the words that you want to use and the hints; I’ve used them before for neat and fun class activities for my students. Some kids really hate learning, but don’t mind if you’ve sugar-coated it and made it taste a little differently. :]


On another note, I totally agree. I love Scrabble and really enjoy that it combines smarts with cunning while playing with words. As a writer, I like to think of myself at a somewhat unfair advantage in terms of other players because I know and use words all the time. It runs in the family, too, when I was growing up my mother positively loved Scrabble and played it all the time. I even got the kid’s version for Christmas one year!

BeHereNow wrote:

Scrabble is one of my favorite games. It's like working a crossword puzzle, only you don't need clues and you decide what the words are going to be. :)

I've always wondered if a Scrabble game would be a good way to make a template for making your own crossword puzzles. It might not be the best strategy. Either way, it's a fun game. According to the box, a good player scores over 300. And using that rating system- I'm not great at it, I just like it. But I think the highest possible scores depend on the number of players anyway.  

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Battle Ship

Maybe it's because that new movie is coming out (and I'm going to see it tomorrow!) but I always loved Battle Ship. Even into my college years I had my old, beaten-up set and I would play with my friends. Battleship is a really fun strategic game that never fails to get me nostalgic and thinking about how fun it was to be a kid. I'm pretty sure they don't even make the board game any more, but maybe it will see a resurgence with the movie that is coming out. I guess it's kind of like that game Guess Who, and a bunch of other board games that were created when we were kids and have since seen a revamp.

Either way, Battle Ship is great. If you haven't played it yet, or don't even know what it is, I would SERIOUSLY recommend trying to pick a box up at the thrift store, or maybe even online. I'm sure that given the recent uprising in popularity of all things "old-school" that there are tons of copies of this board game circulating for (probably) pretty cheap prices. If you like classic board games, you should definitely check out Battle Ship. 

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I am quite a huge fan of

I am quite a huge fan of board games. I have a pub in my city where every night people gather and play a different board game. It is quite a good opportunity to meet new people and create new friendships.

My friends consider me boring because I do not like to play online games. I have tried to play them, I am not jumping into conclusions without testing the product first and they seem quite dull. I like to be face to face with the players, see their reactions and so on. And I know the technology advances fast and we have all means of communication, but still…face to face is more fun.

Every weekend we gather and play all sort of games from rummy to cards, poker, scrabble, monopoly and so on. we have a lot of fun and we laugh our bottoms off.  I could not picture myself in front of a computer all day and having only a virtual gaming life. In the end I am a person who likes to interact and speak a lot and after we get bored of playing all the games on the planet, my friends ad I start talking about what else is going on in our lives. 

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I used to be a part of a weekly Risk game group called the "Dominators". We would have weekly tournaments and get about 5-6 games going at one time. We had developed our own house rules which allowed us to keep the game fresh and exciting. At one point we had adopted over 35 different rules, including the ability to occupy the lost city of Atlantis (the compass rose on the map), the development of naval warfare, and of course nukes. 

There have been other games where house rules have made the experience a whole lot more fun. In Monopoly, my family used to have a rule that when somebody owned an entire street, they could charge a speeding ticket if a player rolled a 10 or greater and bypassed them entirely. In Apples to Apples, we would have a rotten apple round every rotation, where players would play the least matched card. We would even develop our own variations of party games like Werewolf, where we would add different elements of characters for people to play to stir things up. 

Board games have always been a great family tradition that I look forward to passing on to the next generation. 

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Of Course!!!!

Of course Apples to Apples applies (nice alliteration). It is one of the easiest board games to just pop out at a party and get everyone involved and I mean everybody. I have played this game with three year olds who can't even read, and because of that, their answers seem to be the best. I had a three year old actually win a game because her answers seemed to always be the most hillarious. My favorite part of the game is the table talk and it allows for a lot of wit to come out in the game. 

The only down side to the game is when you have people who lack a sense of humor. They get frustrated when the dealer chooses the not-so-obvious choice (ex. Scary-Monster). This is not a game for these kinds of players as it takes away from the whole experience for everybody. This is a game for silly people. 


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Settlers of Catan

For anyone looking for a different but very very fun board game for 2-4 players, I would highly recommend The Settlers of Catan.  This is a strategic board game that might seem complex at first glance but really is no more difficult or simple than monopoly.  The game is based around gathering resources with what land you have settlements on, and trading with other players to meet your goal of becoming the first player with ten points.  Although there is a lot of strategy involved, especially in the first few turns, there is equally as much luck using the dice rolls and that sort of thing.  This game isn't easy to find, and you probably will not see it at a walmart or other sort of general store that sells board games.  You will probably have to go to a game shop that specializes in this kind of thing to find it, but I guarantee it is worth it.  A few friends and I have enjoyed many nights playing this game with each other.  I would recommend having a bit of time though, as it could go up to two hours with four players.  Although isn't that what board games are for anyway?  Killing time?  Have fun doing it with this game.

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I used to play board games on

I used to play board games on the daily.  my favorite to play was probably scrabble.  I always enjoyed the thinking and planning aspect of it.  I never got into chess although my college does offer a course so im thinking I may take that for one of my electives.  But back to scrabble I have always loved it growing up and now with things like words with friends for the smartphones and tablets it has got me addicted all over again.  Although nothing beats a good game of the true scrabble at home playing someone, the tehcnology is a good substitute for when you cant.  That may just be the computer nerd in me :)

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Steve Jackson Games is a company that produces many different board games all with a similar vein: a quirky sense of humor, and liberal application of slapstick.

Munchkin is a multi-player card game designed to give the feel of adventuring through a "dungeon," gaining "levels," and getting "loot." Based on Dungeons and Dragons, with many card jokes referencing rules or common practice with the game, Munchkin is a solid choice for anyone with a slightly off-kilter sense of humor and a love of wordplay. You can play Munchkin with as little as three people, all the way up to eight or ten. You draw cards at the beginning of the game and fight monsters to gain levels, the winner being the first to level ten. Oh, and by the way, you are encouraged to stab other players in the back, or make their life miserable in general on the way to the top, in true munchkin fashion.

The word munchkin derives from Dungeons and Dragons as well, and is a slanderous term meant to heap shame upon a player who doesn't "role-play" but does "roll-play", meaning he tries to take his character and turn any tiny insignificant rules loophole and exploit it to create a powerful character. They are often criticized for starting inter-party conflict and only playing the game to kill monsters and obtain treasure, much at the other players expense of fun or involvement. Munchkin takes that concept and dials it up to eleven, and get this, the rules even encourage cheating. With the caveat that you don't get caught of course, because no one likes a cheater.

This game is an absolute blast to play with the right group of friends. You can celebrate all the traditional fantasy tropes, as well as breaking out into rules arguments right in the middle of a heated battle. You can find munchkin at many card shops, as well as places that sell board games and similar products. If this description piqued your interest, be sure to pick it up and try it out.

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Bored Games

  • Scramble
  • Clue
  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Life
  • The Twilight Games
  • Monopoly

With each of these games you have to come up with a strategy to win. 

Growing up playing these games, it taught me how to count,budget, It also helped with learning how to work by yourself and work on your own. 

In playing Monopoly  I was told to always try and stay out of Jail-which I found funny each time I ended up there :).  

Clue- I'm still trying to figure out, but trying to get someone to play is the hard part. In clue, you have to put a card from each pile into an envelope and play the game, to see who killed someone or if what you accused someone of doing is true. It's fun in the start but gets hard because you are trying to figure out what room,what weapon,how, and why did they do it. It's an interesting game and you learn about how people can think and function when they are under "pressure" about finding who could of done this or to would do this.  

Chess and Checkers-you just have to know the game and think how you can beat the other person, build of different strategies to win each and every time.

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Castle Risk

Castle risk is a variation on the popular strategy game Risk.

In Risk you take turns placing your armies on a map of the world and the object of the game is to capture all forty-two territories by attacking them with your armies. You also draw cards to play during your turns like Reinforcements, Admiral and Marshall to aid in attack and defence. Risk has remained popular over the years due to its simplicity of design while at the same time allowing for strategic depth and planning.

Castle risk is a variation in which up to six players pick a castle coin and then place that coin a territory on the corresponding nation the coin represents. Then play continues in the traditional Risk fashion of players alternating placing a single army on a territory until all armies have been placed. You also draw cards to play on your turn to aid in offence or defense like Reinforcements, General and Marshall.

Castle Risk is unique in that if the territory your castle is on is taken, you are knocked out of the game, as well as the person who captured your territory gaining all the territories you owned. The castle also affords you some increased defense, with only two attacker allowed against your two defenders, instead of the usual three. I find this adds a very fun dynamic to the game of rushing to protect your castle, versus expanding and attacking anothers territory. You can also play with as few as two people and still enjoy a varied and intense game, with games involving four or more people getting very hectic.

Castle Risk is one of many seriously fun variants on a strategy classic. You would do yourself a favor checking it out.

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Chess is a great game to play if you want to improve your logical thinking skills as well as tactical and positional sequencing. Players of all ages and skill levels can get together across the nation. Many coffeee shops have groups that get together to play fairly regularly, as well as high school and collegiate chess clubs.

If you can't find a chess group to play near where you are, you can always get online and play through a chess client. There are numerous ones like that let you play for free, all you have to do is set up an account.

The amount of Chess newsletters and publications, including magazine columns, in the nine-teen fifties was estimated to be over twenty thousand. There is very thorough documentation of the history of the game and its evolution as a test of skill and intelligence.

Many chess tournaments are held every year in nearly every country across the world. There are also amatuer chess tournaments for the less experienced players that still offer fierce competition.

Remember, you are never too old to learn or enjoy the game of chess!

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The roots of the game of Go can be traced back to China, two-thousand five-hundred years ago, back to the Tang dynasty.

In Go, each player takes turns placing stones on the intersections of a 19x19 grid. The first player to place a stone plays white, and the other black. The object of the game is to use your stones to surround a larger area of the board than your opponent. You cannot move the stones once they are placed, but if they are surrounded completely, they are captured and removed from the board. At the end of the game, the captured stones and surrounded territory are counted up and compared to determine who has more points. Although many games reach this point, many still are ended before the endgame is completely played out through resignation. It is considered polite to accept defeat to an overwhelming victory by resigning.

The basic principle of Go is that each stone has a number of "liberties" to remain on the board. A stone has as many liberties as the intersections adjacent to it, and connected stones share liberties. An enclosed liberty is called an "eye," and a group with two or more eyes is said to be "alive," that is, cannot be captured.

Play commonly begins at the corners, as this is the easiest area to build a "living group", one that cannot be completely surrounded and captured. Play then spreads to the edges and finally the center where most of the "fighting" occurs.

Typical Go strategy involves attacking your opponents groups while strengthening your own and at the same time gaining territory. Play contiues until both players pass in succession, the score is then counted and the winner declared.

The basic rules are simple enough, but the interesting thing about Go is that from these simple roots a game of unimaginable complexity springs forth. It is said that there are more variations of moves within a game of Go than there are particles in the universe.

If you want to pick up an interesting, mentally challenging hobby, Go is the game for you.

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Galaxy Trucker

An interesting board game that I am unfortunately not very good at is Galaxy Trucker. Galaxy Trucker is a game where you have to build a ship and then it flies through obstacles. To build the ship, there are a bunch of tiles placed face down in the center of the playing area, and each player looks at tiles one by one until they find the ones they need. If they find a tile that they want to use, they place it on their ship so that the connectors match. There are three types of connectors; there is the single connector, the double connector, and the universal connector, which connects to both. Then, when all of their components of the ship, such as guns, engines, cargo holds, and crew cabins, are placed, then the ships fly through a series of obstacles, represented by cards. These obstacles include planets, which you can pick up cargo from in exchange for flight time, enemies, which you have to defeat or you lose some people or cargo, and meteors, which damage your ship unless you have the right protections for it. Galaxy Trucker is a fun, quick game which takes no more than an hour and is perfect for those with little time.

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I have already mentioned

I have already mentioned before that I am really into board games. And when I say board games, I automatically mean those games which mentally challenge you especially your vocabulary. I love playing Scrabble with my father and sisters. It has become our bonding time since we all love to play it and we are really competitive everytime we play it! This really sharpened my vocabulary and mind. Now I am here to share to you another board game which I really like is the Boggle or the word factory. It is a not really played on a board, it's game set consists dice like squares where in letters are written on every side of it. These letters are inside a box and you shake them to randomize the letters.  After it has been shuffled, the game starts, player search for words which can be formed through the letters which are connected. The longer the words, the better and if you are the only one who wrote that word that's also better. The game ends when the timer is done. After it players will compare words which they have written down for scoring. Try playing it! I really find it very fun and learning.

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Favorite Board Games

I love board games. Some of my favorites include Clue, Scattergories, Monopoly, and Guesstures. Guesstures is a lot of fun because it involves charades with a group of people. It is a good game to break the ice with new friends or just on a night when you have guests for a dinner party. Scattergories is fun because you try to fill in categories with words that all start with the letter shown on the dice. When the timer goes off, no matter where you are at on the list, you have to stop and then everyone goes around and lists what they have. Monopoly is great because it teaches real-word concepts of money and real estate. It teaches decision-making and strategic thinking. Clue is a lot of fun because you are trying to solve a mystery. The game takes a long time, just like Monopoly does, but it is fun to sit around and snack, have a drink or two, and enjoy the pace of the game.

Another board game that I just thought of is Life. This is another game that teaches life lessons and decision-making. The game moves through going to college, getting married, having kids, and retiring. It is interesting to see the where the path takes you throughout the game.

Board games are a great way to stimulate person-to-person interactions and healthy socializing. It is a great way to make new friends and spend quality time with old ones.

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I really love this game.  It is a game that requires at lest four people to play, but in my option, the more the merrier.  The game is played by dividing up into two teams.  Each team takes turns with one member trying to get the others on the team to say certain words with out using any of the "taboo" words listed on the card.  Of course, the "taboo" words are all the words you would usually use to describe the thing.

It is a great exercise is creativity, and quick thinking.  Some people who are a little shy might have a hard time when it is their turn to give the clues.  Creative people seem to have the upper hand in this game.

The best thing about this game is that it becomes a great way to feel closer to your friends because what happens is that people begin to use personal experiences with each other to try and describe the word. For example, "remember yesterday, the thing you had for lunch?"  While that was probably a weak example I think you get the idea.  It is a way to capitalize on how well you know your family and friends.

In my house this is defiantly the game of choice.  It is a great gift for birthdays!