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Digital Photography

If you have a digital camera, you may give a review of your camera, share your digital photography experience and/or discuss other aspects of digital photography. Maybe you are thinking about getting a new digital camera, etc.


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Spaghetti to me

Digital photography, computer generated digital photography, computer enhanced digital photography and the list goes on and on with things like Photoshop and Skype. The advancement of technology has allowed art and the many different gerunds of it to be mixed up like a plate of spaghetti to me. Where to start, what is best applied to my art form, and will not be out of date in the near future are questions I ask. If anyone in this section has an opinion it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and reading my post looking to hear for my college pals soon.  Talk to you later Michelle

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other camera devices vs digital camera

Well, digital camera is by far one of the most purchased devices by college students, because it helps us remember different moments. When we look at pictures that we took when we were still young, we have this sense of  nostalgia in us. Now, looking at the past few years, a lot of devices ranging from phones, smart phones, mp4 and mp5 players, ipod, ipad and so on, now they all come with a camera feature in them; and this has made it possible for us to capture anybody or any event from the comfort of our phone or device.  This new trend has really reduced the interest of me in buying a camcorder, because I feel that with my phone or device, I can still take the same picture and get other benefits.

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Digital camera

The best camera I have ever owned is in my newest phone.  8 Megapixel dual flash.  Great Pictures.  I have never really had enough money to buy a fancy camera nor have I had the need for an 8 megapixel camera.  Nonetheless this is way more than I thought it would be.  Easy to use and even easier to upload anywhere.  This has opened my eyes to the world of cameras.  My wife knows plenty about cameras so she laughs at me when I mention new things that I notice that have been there for ages.  All in all I am interested to learn more about these things we call cameras.

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Digital Photography

Digital Photography is a very creative work. I took a course on this subject long time ago. But I can clearly remember all those things.

There was a time; I wanted to be a photographer! I took the course to be a professional photographer. This course taught me many things about digital photography.

Basically, this was not such course what we thought. It was a course on real experiences. On the first two days of this course, our instructor showed us how to capture a nice photo, how to use the natural effects, etc. Then, we went outdoor to capture photos. It was really a very nice experience to me. I had not taken any course like this. We were learning the ABC of digital photography very nicely.

When we could capture a nice photo, and Instructor was telling, "Beautiful!", we felt very proud. This plan of our instructor was very effective. It taught us how to capture a photo, and I must say that it was the best way to learn this subject very clearly.

However, I do not want to be a Photographer now, but it helps me to capture a photo nowadays. When I capture a photo, and if it is great, I really feel good about it!

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Best camera is a convenient camera

I used to own discrete digital camera (typically Kodak), and was always pleased with the quality they offered. But my problem was that in many situations where I would have loved to have had a camera on me, I did not, for I like to travel light, or the camera is in a different room, and the event I wish to capture has a short temporal presence.

For those reasons, I've come to appreciate more and more the simplicity and effectiveness of having integrated cameras in other devices. My iPad's camera fills this role for me. I typically carry my iPad most places I go, and it is just a few key presses and swipes to get the camera ready and... CLICK! Image taken. Or if it is a video I need to take, no problem... swipe an on-screen switch and I'm recording. Management of my digital media is facilitated through the iPad (I can instantly e-mail photos, or catalog them in my library).

And, even though the overall sampling quality of the iPad's camera pales in comparison to pretty much any discrete digital camera on the market. I don't feel any regrets-- I've still captured the essence (and to think, 5 years ago this WAS considered state of the art for sampling quality).

So, while there are certainly great cameras out there, and I'll be the first to admit the iPad's camera is nothing to write home about, the best camera in the world won't do me any good if I don't have it available when I wish to take pictures.

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I totally agree with wedge on this one. You can buy a really nice, high-quality digital camera, but you will only have it with you at the type of events you bring a camera to. The key is to having something with you all the time, because I usually want a picture at the least expected time. That's where the iphone comes in. I have it in my pocket at all times, so when the moment arrises to take a picture, it's always there. And the quality is better than I expected. I just recently had several pictures printed by that were taken on the iphone, and the pictures looked as good as any camera.

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Have to agree

I have to agree with better in theory on this one. It's just not practical to bring a large expensive camera everywhere. My favorite digital camera is an Olympus that I got a few years back, but the drawback is that it's bulky. The quality of the pictures is better than an iphone. But for random candid, I'd go with an iPhone camera for sure, because that's going to be with you anyway. I bring my camera to places where I know I'll be taking pictures, but sometimes you catch that unexpected random moment, and you use what's most convenient.

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Olympus: Gate to Creativity

I recently received a gift from my sister, a new Olympus camera. And I am super excited.

Ever since I was a child, I already love pictures. Thus, when cell phones started having cameras, I was very happy although not that satisfied. You see, we are not that rich for my parents to have the money to buy me a mega pixel camera phone. I was stuck with a Nokia phone, which can only generate rude quality photos.

Thanks to my sister, a gate of new-found creativity was open in front of me. Of course, I have a lot of studying to do. What I appreciate in photos is the ability of a photographer to hide some details of the scene. That I am dying to learn. I would also like to master the angle selection on photography. In the end though, its call comes down to a Photoshop to be edited and process. The good thing is I'm an expert with computers.

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Photography is my hobby

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies. I have a great passion of taking landscape of nature. For this I bought my first camera at the last year of my graduation. It also helped me in my research work. After that I have captured thousands of pictures.

Several people who saw my pictures did praise my hand of photography. But few months ago, when I did a course on photography, I came to know that photography is a matter of learning. It is such a creative work by which you can give a message with a photograph to the viewers. So, I think a professional training course on photography is a must for being a good photographer. Though I am not a professional, the course has made me to think complete differently about taking a picture. When I compare two of my photographs taken by me previously and recently, I see a great difference between them. This course will make you more creative in thinking. Now I submit photographs captured by me in various photography competitions. Few of them got some prizes. If you are not a professional photographer, you can still do a course on photography to improve your skill.

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Love Taking Pictures

I have recently discovered my love of photography. I own a pretty standard Cannon Digital Camera. There's nothing really special about it, but I took a photography class which gave me a lot of insight into taking better pictures. The first tips I learned was to turn off the flash, turn off the zoom, and use your white balance feature. I was told to zoom with your feet, which means actually walk up close to the object you want to zoom into. Sometimes this won't be possible be try it as much as you can. The white balance feature will help you have more accurate coloring in your subjects. These tips will make a big difference even with a standard point and shoot camera, as opposed to the fancy SLR's which I dream of owning. Maybe some day.

Taking your pictures at the right time of day is also extremely important. High noon with super bright sunlight and no cloud coverage is the absolute worst time to take pictures. It will wash everything out and your pictures will look overexposed. Evening, about an hour or two before sunset is the best time for picture taking. 

Be creative and take pictures of things you wouldn't normally think of.

Document your memories, they will be important to you one day. 

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Within my group of friends, I

Within my group of friends, I always tend to be the camera shy one and the memory card in my digital camera has very few pictures of myself or of my friends.  My memory card however, is very full of pictures. In fact, I have multiple memory cards that are full of pictures.  I enjoy and appreciate photography as an art form, and most of the pictures I take are taken with artistic intent.  My method usually is to take pictures of the same subject multiple times from varying angles, and then paw through the pictures later at my leisure to select the one I like best.  When you do this, you can pay more attention to little details that vary in each shot.  The amount and positioning of light is never quite the same in ever photo.  Neither is the balance of colors, due to the small variations in light.  As a primarily detail oriented person, I appreciate the small differences between photos and am able to see how the overall impact and presentation  of a photo can be affected by just a small simple change in an aspect that I know most people will not consciously pick up on.

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Recently, I have discovered

Recently, I have discovered how black and white photography can be used to enhance certain photos or improve upon ones in color.  In photography, although vivid and abundant colors can be quite beautiful, they can also be equally distracting.  Black and white photography simplifies the color scheme down to variations in hues of grey, and obviously black and white.  This allows details other than color to become more prominent in a photograph.  Black and white photography enhances the shapes of objects in photographs.  However, it does not work very well on photographs that do not have a lot of light and dark variation for obvious reasons.  This means that oftentimes landscapes do not turn out very well if they are photographed in black and white.  Personally, I happen to really like photographing subjects in black and white, and I think that it works especially well with pictures of people.  One of favorite types of photography is the human form in black and white.  It brings out the beauty of a body outline and it produces some amazing photographs.  For some reason, it seems to work on people the best, and it does not transfer over into animal subjects as well. 

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I personally suck at taking pictures, but with time and patience I can touch up a picture. It's a lot of fun. 

I prefer turning them into black and white, or having once piece stand out. I don't like a lot of color when the picture can tell it's story on its on. 

I think it's better to let the picture tell the story than having someone sit there and try to tell what the photographer wanted to say or what the person wanted the picture to say or how they wanted it to come alive. 

Everything has a beauty, having everything in black and white with one hence of color really makes you think and the pictures will tell it's story with just that color.

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Nikon coolpix

I have a Nikon coolpix that I have had for the last three, or so, years.  It has been a great camera and has served me well.  I bought it because being a fine arts major I am required to take quality photos of my work .  I know I needed a better camera then I was used to having.  I needed something that had various setting that would allow me to take clear photos under many circumstances.  I could not afford a fancy camera either. I had to find one that was somewhat in between.  I through light internet research I came across this model.  It had the options that I needed, had great reviews, and was almost in my price range.  It was it bit more than I wanted to spend but it seemed like it might be worth it.  And it was!  I love this camera and have taken many beautiful shots both for school and for pleasure.  This camera has made me  really like photography.  I like to carry it around with me and snap shots of anything I think is interesting. It has become almost a digital sketch book to me.  I often use the photos are starting points for my art work.

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Digital photography

Digital photography has been really popular especially in the last 5 years because of advancement in technology and the beauty of what you capture from it. Not everybody was able to own a camera back in the days but now, it’s like food. Everybody has a camera, a digital camera, in their household. Everybody can be a photographer these days, but there is something unique with real photographers. By real photographers I mean people that actually went to school to be a photographer and have the experience.

Now, I am not a pro photographer but I really like to go around and take pictures. Although, I did get some compliments by pro photographers that I am good at it. HA!! I used to use a Nikon D300 DSLR camera and I loved it. Although it wasn’t the best for serious photography, I was able to make the best out of it. I was able to experience try out different things. I have not had a camera since last summer, but I am hoping to get the Cannon t4i for both photography and movies. Why? Because after watching some reviews on Youtube and on the internet, I thought, I must get this camera because it does a great job for photography and movies.