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Math and Logic Puzzles

Do you have any math puzzles or logic puzzles to share with other college pals? You may share your puzzles or interests here.


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Math Magic: Part 1

Do you hate mathematics? If your answer is Yes, then maybe you haven’t taken the real test of math ever. Take the real test now.            

Do you want to amaze your friends? Then use this magic. They will be amazed surely. First of all, tell them to write three numbers on their exercise book. After that, ask them to show you the three numbers. Now you will have to write down these numbers on a piece of paper or anywhere. And from this moment onwards your magic is going to begin. Write the number “2” in front of the numbers.

          Example:  They have written 146

                              You have to write "2" in front of 146. It will be 2146.

After that you will have to subtract “2” from the numbers.


                                            2146-2= 2144, and it will be the result of your magic!

Now note the result on your paper. Try to do these very quickly in a hidden way.

Go ahead. Tell your friends to write again three numbers under the first given numbers. That will look like ….

                                                       1 4 6

                                                       X X X                                      

 X X X are the second set of given numbers.

They have written 287. Then it will be something like this…

                                                       1 4 6

                                                       2 8 7

Now it’s your turn to write numbers. It is a very important moment in this magic. You can’t write as you want. You have to write numbers by following the 2nd time given numbers from your friend. Keep in mind that the result of the addition of your numbers and 2nd time given numbers will be 999. See the example:

                                                       1 4 6

2nd time given numbers:           2 8 7

Your numbers:                            7 1 2

Note that the  2nd time they have written “2” first.  For that, you will have to write 7. So that the result of the addition is a 9.  The next number, they have written “8” and you will have to write “1” to make the result of the addition is a 9 just like before. The third number, they have written “7” and so you will have to write “2” to make the result of the addition to be 9 again!

This is not the end. Again, tell them to write another three numbers under your given numbers. They have written 456. So, it will look like this ….

                                                      1 4 6

                                                      2 8 7

                                                      7 1 2

                                                      4 5 6        

Now, it's your turn to write another three numbers. Again, you will have to write the numbers carefully so that the result of the addition can only be 999.  Next, give you paper (where the answer has been written already) to your friends and tell them to add all the numbers. See the example again:

                                                      1 4 6

                                                      2 8 7

                                                      7 1 2

                                                      4 5 6        

                                                      5 4 3

Result:                                         2144

The result is the same! No one can do this as fast as you can! You are a Superman! I hope you like this magic.

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Math Magic: Part 2

This is the second part of my math magic. Have you read my first magic? See that!  Let's start learning magic with me!

First of all, ask your friends to write 3 numbers. Then, ask them to reverse the numbers.

       Their numbers: 123
       After reversing the numbers: 321
Now, ask them to subtract the smaller number from the bigger number. See the example.

        Between 123 and 321, 321 is bigger than 123. So, ask them to subtract 123 from 321.

After that, they will get a result! Tell them to select one number from the three numbers they have obtained from the result.  Next, ask them for the other two numbers, which they have not chosen. Now the magic is starting. When they are saying the two numbers, you have to add them in mind. Then, subtract the result from 9. If the result of the addition is bigger than 9, then subtract it from 18. It will be that number which your friends have chosen! See example:
If they chose the number 1, the other two numbers are 9 and 8. The result of the addiction is, 9+8=17,  and it is bigger than 9. So, subtract 17 from 18. The result is, 18-17=1, which your friends have chosen!

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Playing the daily Sudoku puzzle on USA Today's website was a party of my routine for a while. I like the way it gets your eyes and brain on the same page, it's a good mental exercise to do early in the day to ensure you are at your best all day. For me, the same applies to any sort of fun, mentally challenging game. Chess, crossword puzzle, scrabble, all these things get my brain working. It's kind of like stretching before playing a sport, getting your body in prime condition so you don't strain something.

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If you like puzzles, then Nonograms are a good choice. This type of puzzle features a grid and numbers for each row and column telling the pattern of squares in that grid. For example, a column with "1 1" will have one square, and then some space, and then another square. Another type of puzzle is the Hashiwokakero. In this puzzle, you have a bunch of circles and you have to draw bridges between then such that the number on the circle matches the number of bridges that connect to that circle. Bridges are formed at 90 degree angles and between two circles there can be 0,1 or 2 bridges. Also, the bridges cannot cross, and all of the circles have to form a single connected group using bridges. If you like Sudoku, you can try Kakuro. Kakuro is similar to Sudoku in that each number must be used only once in a set of squares, but the numbers in a section of a row or column have to add to a certain number, like a crossword puzzle. These puzzles are fun and can be found in various places, including the World Wide Web. In fact, the Internet is probably the best resource for puzzles.

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Ahh math and Logic puzzles!

Ahh math and Logic puzzles! lol. I really really hate math especially those which involves letters. I really feel awful whenever the numbers are mixed with the letters. lol. What I am here for is to share my love for logic puzzles. I am really the type of person who really loves intriguing questions, I love the feeling when you cannot focused on something you are doing because you cannot think of the answer to a puzzle. It is awkward right? but it is very challenging.

I want to share with you a logic puzzle which I can remember..


There are three light bulbs in a room, and three light switches outside the room. You are outside, and want to match up which switch goes with which light bulb. You can only travel into the room once, and cannot come back in again. You can do anything you want upon entering the room. How can you set the situation so that you will know which switch goes with which light bulb?

Haa, this riddle really got me thinking for minutes!! this is very tricky I literally laughed at myself when the answer was revealed to me. Anyone here who wants to answer?

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Alright, I got a brain teaser

Alright, I got a brain teaser that I found on another website which I think is pretty cool.

Basically it goes something like, well, here's how the site puts it,


Imagine a table, standing on four legs at about 1 meter high, 80cm wide, and 2 meters long.
Now imagine a cube, sitting on the table, that measures 30 cm all around.
Take your finger, and balance the cube by its point, so that one point of the cube rests under your finger while the other is balanced on the table, so that you could spin it.
Assuming that the surface of the table is made of a softer material, press the tip of the cube, straight down into the table, until it makes an indentation about 2cm deep.


Now draw a picture of that indentation.


The answer is on the page here,

What's so amazing about it, is that a lot of people get it wrong. Once you see the answer it just looks like the easiest thing in the world, yet for some reason lots of people draw the wrong shape.

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Math class and homework is so boring to me, but for some reason math puzzles can keep me entertained.I love playing sudoko too.  It's a great way to unwind while still working on keeping your brain sharp. Sometimes it gets a little addictive, lol. There are so many brain teaser apps are so much fun and force your brain to workout.  One of the most fun puzzle games I have on my phone is this game called flow and flow bridges. 

I also really like doing word searches. Word searches aren't really logic puzzles but I have found that they help me keep up my reading speed. If you want to practice or learn how to do speed reading, I would suggest to do word searches.  They're fun and they can really improve your reading speed.

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The Pill Problem

Ok folks here is a fun one, and a classic to boot.

There are 8 pills. 4 are type A pills and 4 are type B Pills. You must take 2 A pills and 2 B pills in order to survive a sudden heart attack. Alas, in your pain and panic you have dropped all 8 pills to the floor. The pills are unfortunately identical, and are now scattered about your feet. Should you take too many pills or take more than 2 pills of the wrong type, you will overdose and die. Should you just take the risk anyway and swallow a random 4, in the hopes you will choose correctly? Before you take such a drastic step, maybe a little logic will resolve this issue for us! Is there method of consuming the pills in which you will consume exactly 2 of which as instructed?

Scroll down to find a hint, and even further to discover the answer!










Having Issues? Imagine the pills to be of the classic pill variety. None of this time release or liquid cap nonsense. A pill you can essentially ground to powder if you so choose and still have the medicien retain it's potency.








Give up? Cut all the pills in exactly half and eat only 1 side of the halves! 4 1/2 A pills is equivalent to 2 and vice versa. A little math and a little thinking outside the box goes a long way.