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Some Discussions Concerning Careers After Graduation

You may discuss why you chose your current career path or you may give information about a career path. Do include the major/majors and the courses that you need to study to pursue this career path.

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Becoming a Software Architect

Many software companies depend upon software architects to ensure that their software technologies are designed, created and function smoothly and are reliable in the long term. Before they are hired for work, software architects must cope up with a few criterion and requirements and must receive technical college training. Students who are keen towards the career of software architecture, may be happy to know about some of the interesting facts related to the pay in this profession. Software architects with one to five years of experience can easily grab a salary of about $50,000-60,000. Also, according to a survey, the average software architect salary for different job positions across the nation is about 56 percent greater than average salaries for many other job positions.

To become a Software Architect, students interested have to study the latest Software packages once their graduation study is completed in Software engineering or a specialisation in Computer Science. Having a post graduation in the related subjects may prove to assist you to enhance your career. Software Architects are amongst one of the highest remunerated professionals. It won’t be wrong if you expect a pay of as much as $80,000 per year. After having complete knowledge, these architects can look out for jobs in the Government sector as well as in private sector firms.

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Becoming a Physician Assistant

Physician Assistants career is an increasingly growing career and a good option for many medical students. Physician Assistants work with the main or supervising doctors, and the job description is very similar to that of doctors, as just like the supervising doctors, even physician assistants are capable of seeing and treating the patients.

Physician assistants are known as health professionals allowed to perform medicinal practices while being supervised by a qualified physician. Their work involves executing different responsibilities in the medical field which range from the normal general care to high-technology specialty works. Physician assistants usually perform as first or second immediate assistants in major surgery and provide before surgery and postoperative care. Average salary of a good physician assistant can go up to as high as $80,000 a year.

In many of the country side areas where doctors and high positioned physicians are not available in abundant quantities, physician assistants serve as the major providers of health care, consulting and discussing with their supervising physicians and other medical professionals as needed and as required by law. Physician assistants can be found very easily in every medical and surgical specialty institute.

The physician assistant’s duties depend upon his or her type of practice, experience, the working relationship with physicians and other health care providers, and state laws as well.

There is a great scope and demand of aspiring physician assistants in the United states.


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Becoming a Management Consultant

Management consultants help firms and  organizations to enhance and improve their performance as well as services. Management consultants are usually hired on a per-project basis to identify problems and come up with optimal solutions. Corporations and governments are often willing to seek the advice of an external management consultants because an objective outside opinion is often preferred and also they feel that taking help of professionals is always better.

Becoming a management consultant may be an appropriate career choice for you if you are well aware of the industry’s best practices and have a little experience in managerial roles.

Salaries for newly made consultants range from £25,000 to over £35,000, depending on location, type and size of consultancy. After some years of experience salary can rise to over £50,000.

On getting promoted to more senior levels, the salaries earned per year increase which is also influenced largely by the size and exact location of the firm dealing in consultancy. The consultants that are senior can make roughly £80,000  per year and managing consultants can earn up to £120,000.

New recruits are expected to rise and grow rapidly up to consultant and senior consultant level, and to contribute to the progress of their firm. Consultancies also like to reward those who show interest and identify and produce opportunities for both the business and themselves.

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Becoming a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists help rehabilitate patients, who may include survivors from accidents and people suffering from conditions that cause disability such as cerebral palsy, pains in the lower back, diseases of the heart, injuries to the head, arthritis and other fractures. The physical therapists do the work of helping these individuals to regain proper movement and functioning as well as reducing pain and managing or  avoiding any physical disabilities that may be permanent. They restore, maintain and promote overall fitness and health.

To gain entry to the career of being a physical therapist, an individual is first required to graduate with a masters degree or even a doctoral degree from a recognised education program of physical therapy. Coursework includes biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as specialized fields like bio mechanics, neuron anatomy, human development and growth, techniques used in examinations, procedures of therapy and also learning how diseases manifest themselves.Taking a general overview of this physical therapists’ career, you can call it wonderful or excellent.

 This field is also predicted to undergo faster and rapid growth all the way through to 2018 compared to the other professions which require a minimum entry of a masters degree. Every operating physical therapist must attain a license from the state on top of fulfilling the required academic qualifications. A person who has attained a bachelor’s degree in the field of Physical Therapy can easily find work among the undergraduate programs that are accredited in the U.S which are 700 or so.

Those who have not attained this can alternatively enrol in one of the sixty or so graduate schools that offer a master’s degree in the field of rehabilitation therapy. Statistics from the year 2009 showed that a normal regular physical therapist took home an average salary of $74,480 an year.

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Becoming an Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers are educated individuals who handle very crucial roles in the workforce. They are civil engineers who have undertaken technical specialisation and perform the work of solving situations that have damaged the environment. They do so both technically using their skills and also socially by working with the affected nearby households. They may purify the air, soil or water after a danderous spill of chemicals that causes damage to the environment. They carry out tests to identify any contaminations and then undertake the appropriate measures to ensure a healthy and safe work environment. They may also design machines and come out with ways to assist in the process of cleaning up the spilt chemicals or other kinds of spills.

A student who aspires to become an environmental engineer needs to understand the knowledge that make the basis of civil engineers. Also, keen interest and care towards the environment may help you in your studies as well. The ability to comprehend and later on perform or operate new processes or new machines is important. An environmental engineer will also be required to have a firm background in mathematics as well as effective project management skills. Chemistry and biology are very important aspects of the training, since these engineers will be required  to carry out an examination on the contaminating substances and analyse their genertal effect on the entire environment. In this era of the Information Age, these engineers are also required to be computer competent in order to come up with new technologies to protect the environment.

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Becoming a Civil Engineer

Day in day out, the population continues to increase. There are also buildings, bridges and roads that are old and requiring repair at any given time. These factors rise the demand for preservation, replacement and creation of new structures. This is where civil engineers come in. These engineers have a very crucial role in the design, construction and repair of these important structures that support our lives and our lifestyles and will continue to be a key component in meeting this need and demand. Civil engineers design and supervise the construction of proper infrastructure and also do the work of calculating estimates for total material and labour costs. They as well supervise the completion of projects and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Civil engineering is a wide field and one may choose to specialize in some specific area like transportation or structures. Others can as well choose to work for governmental institutions and provide supervision for a wide variety of projects.

The minimum range for civil engineer compensation is based on a number of components including level of education and experience, additional certifications, whether they work for the local, state or federal government or are in the private sector.

The average salary per year for a nornmal regular civil engineer is roughly $40,000-$60,000. People who enjoy designing structures and seeing projects through from concept to completion will find civil engineering career a rewarding choice.



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Becoming a Database Administrator

The modern world runs on digital data. The storage and modification of data involves the management of sophisticated software programs known as databases. Administering to these databases is quite an important function and component in organisations and businesses that require to store, modify, monitor or distribute data. Trained professionals who perform this function with technical knowledge are called database administrators.

A database administrator is an information technology professional who manages and works out on database management systems and establishes effective methods to arrange, organize and store data.

The occupation of database administrators is classified among the most rapidly enhancing work profiles as businesses and organizations seek to have an expansion of the usage, storage and management of data, used by their ever so dynamic computer systems design and related services.Candidates with bachelor degrees will also have great opportunities when coupled with practical work experience. Database administrators with sound technical backgrounds and excellent business skills are highly sought after. A career in database administration is a very good option for aspirants who have a talent for logical reasoning, and enjoy spending time studying and monitoring digital data. Database administrators must be capable of multitasking and work well under pressure and stress.

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Becoming a Sales Director

The growing field of sales and marketing has opened gates to management opportunities in large and small countries and cities across the world. Meeting clients and customers, working with retailers, promoting and even testing some products are a few of the many duties and responsibilities of a sales director.

Sales directors deals and direct their sales teams. In a smaller firm, a sales team can be made of a few members, but in large firms the sales department can have many executives. If you are working in a big firm you will liaise mostly with middle level managers who act as a link to the sales personnel working on the ground. The junior level managers also lie under the directors of sales and answer to them. Sales directors also work with other department leads.

The average monthly salary of a sales director can be as high as $60,00-$70,000 depending upon the level of their education and marketing skills, also upon the way they deal with their clients and customers and other company heads. There is wide scope of advancement in the sales field, dealing with customers and negotiating with dealers and retailers. The amount of orders that a firm receives and produces and the total business they outperform crucially depends upon how a sales director convinces his or her clients.



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Becoming a Certified Public Accountant

The Certified Public Accountant is a position that is given to accountants with experience to benchmark their level of competency. If you are looking forward to take up an accounting career, your accounting degree will only be completed in the real sense if you are a certified public accountant.

They form an essential part of any business or organization. In public as well as government sector of the industry, certified public accountants are valued and awarded much respect as the experts of professional excellence, and are greatly exposed to promotions in the workplace, many opportunities to travel, and even personal improvement and development.

They are respected and appreciated by their colleagues, clients, and the society. From their training and experience, their principles, ethics, and character are tested as well as their technical and academic proficiency is examined well enough. If financial success is part of your motivation to become a certified public accountant, you are thinking very right about your career. On an average, a newly graduated individual with their certified public accountant qualification will make even 10% more compared to another accountant in the same level but not certified. Salaries between $80K - $110K are usual in public accounting, and are likely to increase annually. Also, there is great job security for the certified public accountants, as these professionals are in great demand nationwide, but few in numbers due to lack of awareness about this profession.

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Becoming a Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers bring up solutions to problems by developing a few medical and health related devices and techniques. Biomedical engineers also team up with life scientists, chemists and medical scientists in order to carry out researches about new medical developments.

If you want to get a job and work as a Biomedical Engineer, you need to be creative, analytical, detail oriented, observant, patient, well organized, determined, precise, and an efficient worker and must be able to work under pressure and with time restrictions. You must also possess knowledge and skills about the use of technology and be able to work properly with others in related disciplines. You must also be possess skills that involve the use of technology and have a strong desire to improve the lives of others.

The work of Biomedical Engineers involves detailed understanding of the medical profession or health system needs and to produce and test devices or techniques to meet these needs. This necessitates hours and years of research, creating, testing, and experimentation, repeated again and again until the final success result is achieved.  Although there are a variety of specializations within the field of Biomedical Engineering such as rehabilitation engineering, bio-instrumentation, bio-mechanics, and genetic engineering, etc, they all are inter-connected.


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You make Accounting sound so cool Akademik, when I took it in High School it seemed pretty boring. But I guess you can't really complain when it's good money in a faltering economy. Plus, if you are working for yourself, you don't have to worry about a boss, just making the clients happy!

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Becoming a Dentist

Today the world faces an Economic crisis. The 1st world countries have especially been the main victims. The United States of America is no exception in this. Everyone worries about their future or career, and so as a result, people want to be more efficient so as to get what they desire. For a student, it’s now mandatory to select what he/she wants to be before it too late. The general nature of human beings makes everyone want to be self reliant with every security needed so as to live a happy and a solvent life. The selection of a profession is therefore very important to a student. Some professions have job security; those should be their 1st target. For instance, dentistry is now one of the leading most demanded professions in USA and therefore those who would love to become dentists can pursue the course confidently as it offers a chance to fulfill one’s dreams. According to a recent survey, the Dentistry profession is at the 12th place of the top 20 professions right now. There are many types of dental related jobs and so after completing the recommended education course, one can get to select from the job areas on top demand.     

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Becoming a Nurse Anesthetist

The field of nurse anesthetists has become a popular profession in USA today. A handsome salary, social dignity and practicing humanity by serving fellow human beings make this very acceptable for people. Day by day its demand is increasing rapidly. A nurse anesthetist is a certified nurse who is very efficient in using anesthesia. And this efficiency is obviously acquired by proper trainings. What are these trainings? Well, if one wants to become a Nurse anesthetist, then he/she must have a graduate degree. Then he/she has to get training from a registered nursing institution. After this one will get a general certificate of nursing and start working as a nurse in hospitals. After acquiring a one year experience, he/she can apply to get higher trainings in nursing. One of those higher trainings is on anesthesia, and one who gets this becomes a nurse anesthetists. This higher training takes 24-36 months. Here everyone gets higher degrees like M.S in nursing and so on. All these certificates are given by The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA). Recent survey shows that AANA trains 92% of the 40,000 nurses hired every year all over USA. After successfully becoming a Nurse Anesthetist, one has many opportunities in related jobs.                            

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Becoming a Healthcare Consultant

Healthcare Consultants are professionals on very high demand in many parts of the world today. USA is no exception in this. The US population is very conscious about health and this concern rises day by day thus giving the healthcare consultants profession a new dimension. Actually it operates as team work and this sector is also called health counseling. The team normally consists of doctors, nurses, therapists, biochemists and so on. In fact it consists of many experts from different medical professions. The main work is to give their clients health related advice. By bringing people from different medical related professions together including doctors, nurses and other staffs, it offers a big opportunity for young and efficient people to seek jobs here. Moreover, these types of private organizations are created everyday and so its popularity goes higher in that respect. It will be practically impossible for well qualified healthcare consultants to lack jobs any time soon. New consultants also get a chance to undergo training from their experienced counterparts so as to be well knowledgeable on the job processes. Young students should definitely give healthcare consultancy a thought as it is an excellent career choice with reliable job and finance security.

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Becoming an IS Security Engineer [ISSE]

In the modern world, human civilization has become totally dependent on computer based information systems. And yes we are in The Information age. At this age we can easily realize the necessity of information in our daily life and in modern civilization as well. We also know how this helps us to lead such a glorious life. However, we also have to keep in mind that every great invention also has a negative aspect. Well, Information Technology is no exception in this. Some people pollute this blessing of science by scamming and hacking. This is known to us as Cyber crime. So what are we to do? There goes a saying: Prevention is better than cure. And yes we can be totally safe if we take adequate precautions to prevent Cyber crime. For this it is mandatory to secure our information systems. The person who acquires technical knowledge in that respect is called an information system security engineer (IS security engineer). It’s now one of the top 20 jobs in USA today. The increasing rate of Cyber crime increases its demand. An IS security engineer requires a high educational background in Information Technology. To become an ISSE, one first needs to be a graduate in computer science and then study software engineering. After this he/she has to complete an independent special course on ISSE, then he/she will get a certificate on it governed by The International Information systems Security Certification Consortium. Its one of the highest paying occupations and so interested students should give it a try.

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Becoming an IT Manager

IT management is one of the leading professions in the USA. We live in the Information age today and thus its demand definitely increases over time. IT management involves managing the total information technology system of a small or a giant firm. The person in the charge of this management is referred to as an IT manager. One need not be an IT expert for this designation, as it is more of an administrative post. But he/she has to know a lot about Information technology. His/her main job is to find out efficient people for the firm and to offer professional project management. Moreover, an IT manager has to find out appropriate solutions for getting the highest benefit by working least. So surely it’s nothing but a business administrative post. Students in the business line have a better opportunity to build up their career in this sector. For this they just have to hold the common standard degrees of business in the US. BBA, MBA, BBs, MBs and other courses on business administration and management have much priority in this profession. Students should be aware of the fact that this profession is one of the top 20 professions in USA. It offers nice working conditions and similarly a good pay package.


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Becoming a Software Development Engineer

Software Development Engineers are the most successful service holders in the US today. Uninterrupted development in gaming technology, cloud computing and vast use of multipurpose application software have made this profession the most demanded profession not only in USA but also in Europe and all around the world. Career oriented students must keep this profession in mind. Software development engineers are busy individuals who are always working on different projects on software to develop its function and design. As we all know, there are many types of software among them application software, operating software, webpage developing software, mobile phone operating software, i-phone application software and so on. The basic concept of any kind of software development is programming. If one wants to be a good programmer, then he/she must be a software developer. To become a professional software developer, one needs to complete a course in a registered institution on Software Programming and Development. There are a lot of such institutions in USA like all the universities and colleges of science and technology. Moreover, engineering institutions also have such courses on software Development. Students who are good in programming may also complete a diploma course on this as efficiency is more than degree here.

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Becoming an occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists are among the most sought after professionals in the USA today. The work of an occupational therapist involves assisting injured people to improve their injuries. There are many types of therapists such as Psychotherapists, Physiotherapists, and Child therapists and so on. All of them are occupational therapists. All of them help enable people to be more effective in their daily works. They offer support especially to victims who have survived tough situations like motor accidents, loss of loved ones, tough ailments and disabilities and so on. To become an occupational therapist, one has to be a graduate first and then he/she has to choose the category of therapy that they want to specialize in. After that they then have to undergo specialized training under a registered therapy training centre. After completing the special training which ranges from 18-36 months, they become professional therapists. From there they can join any occupational therapy centre as fully qualified therapists ready to work. It’s now a very honorable profession especially in USA with good financial solvency. Moreover, it has also helped to reduce unemployment problems in USA by a great extent. Students should therefore think of it as a good profession to build a happy and honorable career.

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Becoming a Product Management Director

A product management director is one of the top most job posts in the world today. Product management is a wide department of a company. Here people are very efficient in their work as they have a lot of important responsibilities. The person in charge of this department is called the product management manager. This person obviously has to possess greater efficiency holding this post and seeing that things run smoothly. The Product management Department has the main activity of calculating the products value according to production cost, measuring how to get highest production by least labor, making annual budgets for the company and so on. It’s therefore clear that this sector requires enough efficiency in Costing, Accounting, Company management, economics, and somehow technical knowledge. So if one wants to be a production management manager, he/she must acquire those required qualifications. We also see that the requirements mentioned above belong to the Business group and there are many universities and business colleges in USA on this regard. BBA, MBA, BBS.MBS, CA, ACCA, CMA, etc are common degrees to fulfill those requirements. Moreover, not only students from the Business Group but also those from the Science group can take preparation to get those qualifications.

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Becoming an Actuary

Actuarial science is now leading in the 10th position of the top 100 jobs in USA. This profession has become very popular today. The USA people are very careful about their security of life and private assets and so from the year 1950, the Insurance business has become very popular especially among aristocratic people. Since then its popularity is increases day by day. A person who has successfully studied actuarial science is referred to as an actuary. An actuary is a person who measures the amount of insurance by related surveying. Recently, a large number of students have started to join this profession. To become a fully qualified actuary, it requires a good efficiency in mathematics and additional degrees. The first step involves graduating with an Actuarial Science degree with good excellence especially in Mathematics and Statistics. One should then follow this up with short professional courses and exams like the SOA [Society of Actuaries] so as to enhance one’s profile in the job market and increase the chances of landing a job easily. The number of insurance companies increase day by day and so getting jobs will not be a problem for qualified actuaries. This course is said to be tough but with the right purpose and determination, one can become a qualified actuary and enjoy a fat pay package.

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Becoming a Risk Management Manager

Risk management has greatly evolved and now is among the leading professions in USA. Recent survey report shows that it is now at the 14th spot of the top 100 category jobs in USA. We are living in a fast world today that has a very tough competition. This profession has become so popular that now it is considered as mandatory in all the branches of a company. A risk manager is a person who plays the key role in the branch of risk management. The main job of this risk management department is to make lists of the important activities of a company by measuring the priority of every deed. Most students from the business group are nowadays taking higher trainings to get jobs in this sector. It now also leads as a top job in corporate levels of executives. Interested students should therefore take part in the contest for this profession. To become a successful Risk management manager, one requires high efficiency in business policies. The first step is becoming a graduate of business studies after which one needs to take higher education in costing, accounting, management studies, CMA, ACCA etc.  This is a good career choice and interested students should go ahead and give it a try.


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Pursuing Martial Arts

In the modern world, people want to live well with all fundamental rights and safe from terrorism. Countries and state organizations are always focusing on improving their security detail to make sure they stay well protected. Similarly, on the personal level, individuals are also very concerned about their personal security and many have trained in gymnastics and martial arts from this concern. All the same, a person won’t have security threats all the time and so pursuing martial arts as a sport instead can turn out to be fun as well as a good career. Martial arts are very popular especially in the Middle East countries of China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Singapore. They are featured in Olympics and many competitions in the world and many stars have emerged from the sport. Pursuing a career in this field first demands a personal interest and passion as this is the driving fuel for any career. The next step involves identifying a good martial arts school where you can join and learn alongside individuals with a similar ambition. There are many such schools in the USA it’s just a matter of searching the internet. A point one should remember is that just like in other sports, practice does make perfect in martial arts. One should be committed and fully dedicated so as to learn this skill and afterwards pursue a career as a fighter or even an instructor.

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Pursuing a Sports Instructor Course

We all know that a peaceful mind contributes to a healthy body. And our body will be healthy if we engage in exercise and sports. By engaging in sporting activities, our bodies become fit which in turn enhances brain performance. In the past, lifestyle diseases were on the low and not many people valued exercise as a vital component in their lives. However, times have changed and nowadays people are acquiring lifestyle diseases even at very young ages. This has led to increased attention and calls from the medical profession encouraging people to live healthy lifestyles and incorporate exercises into their daily routines. Sports now get undivided attention not only from the sportsmen and women but also from the general public who have incorporated sporting activities into their lives. This has led to many jobs being created with a very important one being that of a sports instructor. Sports instructors are on very high demand especially in the modern active and super charged world. They land jobs in sports clubs, athletic teams, schools, gyms, hotels, armed forces and may even be hired as personal trainers by individuals. This job is not only paying but also interesting as by training others, you also exercise which enables you to live a healthy fulfilling life. This career is ideal for those students who love outside class activities like sports. You just have to enroll in a sports academy and you will be good to go.

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Pursuing a Journalism course

The world is a very dynamic home to us human beings. Things are always changing every now and then and as they say, we are on the move. There are different factors that influence this change which can range from the economy to social and political factors as well. But if there is one factor of change that has direct influence on us human beings, then it is the mass media. The media is like the mirror by which human beings view themselves. The key component to this mass media is journalism. Journalism makes all the difference since as we know; a journalist can create a revolution by his/her authentic report. Today we can see how the mass revolution defeated dictatorship in modern Egypt. Behind this was the vital role of mass media along with other electronic and social media. The person who creates reports dedicated to the mass is called a journalist, and this total system of creation is known to us as journalism. It is now a very noble profession in all parts of the world. Interested students should have competence in languages as the job basically involves communication and presenting information. One should enroll in a recognized media school and start the journalism course. The sky is definitely the limit for those who excel in this field.

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Becoming a Cosmetologist

Human beings are born with charm and natural beauty. But as time goes by, the lifestyles we lead and the effects of age start to take effect on the skin. The skin may change as a result of ageing or bad lifestyles like excessive intakes of sugar, fats, alcohol or smoking. The skin also undergoes changes during early growth especially in adolescence and may also get damaged incase of accidents like motor accidents or burns. For this reason, people are continuously flocking beauty parlors as well as buying beauty products and researching the internet and even reading magazines so as to keep in touch with the latest trends in the beauty industry. Physical beauty is therefore highly upheld in the modern world thus focusing much attention to the field of cosmetology. Cosmetology is a field of science that focuses on skin beauty and curing skin related infections. The person who has studied and qualified in this profession is known as a cosmetologist. This is a very top rated career right now in most active parts of the world and so an interested student should proceed confidently and give it a try. You should enroll in a beauty school or a cosmetology training centre and then major in a certain field of cosmetology such as hairdressing, nail technician, manicure, pedicure and the like.  


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Becoming an interior designer

As the world keeps transforming and experiencing the arrival of new ages and sophisticated technologies, the tastes and preferences of the people also change and as they say, the information age has created not only a competitive world but also a classy one. People have nowadays upheld the value of professionally designed home and office appearances. An appealing and appropriate office or home look sends out a good message to the clients, friends and all individuals who visit. A person who has majored and trained in this field of designing internal decorations and arrangements is known as an interior designer. These professionals are on a very high demand today as people become more and more conscious on home and office appearances. This demand can only be expected to rise with the advent of better technologies and lifestyles. If someone wants to be an interior designer in USA, then he/she has to join The American society of interior designing (ASID).  Through education, knowledge sharing, advocacy, community building and outreach, the Society strives to advance this profession, and, in the process, to reveal and celebrate the power of design to positively change people’s lifestyles. Its more than 40,000 members engage in a variety of professional programs and activities via a network of 48 chapters throughout the United States and Canada to help people easily understand the value of embracing interior design as well as building up career in this sector. Interested students should pursue this field confidently as the demand for these professionals can only go high with the advent of better technology and design.


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Becoming a Choreographer

As they say, we are now living in a fast world. Times have greatly changed in the modern world and we have seen the great evolution especially among the young generation from a period where great activists, scholars, and philosophers were greatly respected and idolized to the current season where the celebrity bug has bite everyone and celebrities now draw more attention than even politicians and great scholars. It’s basically a common dream among the modern youth to rise to fame and become superstars with the media all over you plus huge chunks of cash to blow. Reality shows are also on the rise seeking to launch more and more stars into the waves ranging from singers, rappers and dancers to emcees, deejays and actors.  If there is a field that draws huge attention, then it is dance. Although people have for a long time adored sports personalities for their stamina and vigour, dance is different as it involves a darling to many: MUSIC. Music is truly food for the soul and when people master the moves and tactics of flowing to the beat, it becomes quite interesting. Choreography refers to the art that involves the arrangement and making up of steps and dances for performance on the stage. Becoming a choreographer is a wonderful career choice especially for music and fitness lovers. To become a professional choreographer, one should enrol in a dance training institution and there are many such schools in USA.

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Pursuing A Court Reporter Course

When many people hear about courts, the picture that directly comes to their mind is of the very serious court sittings, where criminals are tried by very learned individuals be them judges and the jury, while receiving legal aid from the learned friends called lawyers and advocates. If most people were to open up, courts would not be a preferred place to be in unless one works there. But beneath these “feared” buildings known for executing justice lie wonderful careers that interested individuals can pursue and get to that desired level of a well paying job and professionalism. These careers don’t have to be the obvious ones of being an advocate, lawyer or judge that require one to possess a law degree. There are also other good jobs requiring other skills and qualifications. One such job is becoming a court reporter. The work of a court reporter involves recording court proceedings and arranging important files in a court such as case proceedings. They also offer translation services to any individuals with impairments in the court sitting. One has to be a professional typist as one is required to move with the court pace without missing any important information. One is actually required to have the skill to type 225 words per minute. A person who wants to join this profession must take a course on court reporting from a certified training institution. There are many such institutions in USA. The course roughly lasts for 2 years.

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Pursuing a Music Degree

Food is the fuel for our bodies. And just like the body, our minds need some fuels too. The fuel for the mind is entertainment. And the greatest entertainment for a human being is music. So a musician is arguably the most admirable entertainer of the human soul. Although talent plays a very great role in music, professional training is also very important to bring out the best from a musician. It is therefore recommended that one pursues a professional music degree first. One popular undergraduate program is the Bachelor’s degree in Music Education which was first offered by the Oberlin Conservatory. There are now many institutions across USA offering music degrees such as California Institute of the Arts (Valencia, CA), California State University, Long Beach Bob Cole Conservatory of Music (Long Beach, CA), Butler University Jordan College of Fine Arts (Indianapolis, IN),  Brigham Young University Music School (Provo, UT), Bowling Green State University College of Musical Arts (Bowling Green, OH), Berklee College of Music (Boston), Belmont University Music School (Nashville), Boston Conservatory (Boston, MA), Boston University Music School (Boston, MA) and many others. An interested student should just select one and enrol so as to start the journey to becoming a professional musician.


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Becoming a Freelance Photographer

God created a lovely world full of wonders and beauty. A photographer is a person who captures that beauty and sells or shows it to other people. And a freelancer is someone who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer for long term. So a freelance photographer can capture any kinds of photos he wants and sell it to anyone he likes to. As far we know, it was Sir John Herschel in a lecture before the Royal Society of London, on March 14, 1839 who made the word "photography" known to the world. Photography gained the attention of many scientists and artists from its foundation. Scientists have used photography to record and study movements, such as Eadweard Mueybridg's study of human and animal locomotion in 1887. Artists are evenly interested in these aspects but also try to explore avenues other than the photo-mechanical representation of reality, such as the pictorialist movement. There are so many news papers and other companies that need photos for their daily works. Therefore, a freelance photographer has so many opportunities to sell his photos. That’s why students in USA should think about this profession which can give good earnings and make life more interesting and enjoyable.