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Spring Break

Any suggestions on where to go for spring break? Share some of your past spring break personal experiences. Give us your suggestions on planning a spring break get away.


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 Where you can go for spring

 Where you can go for spring break of course depends on where your university is located. I suggest Las Vegas if it is a reasonable trip from where you live. It is a lot of fun and can be surprisingly affordable if you don't stay in one of the casino hotels.

 The good thing about Las Vegas is that it is a good place to wander. Most college students don't have the money for gambling, but casinos are basically resorts and can be a lot of fun to wander around. Vegas is also a good place to visit with a group of people since you can split up and do different things if you want.

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Ft Lauderdale

My trip to Ft Lauderdale was exciting and fun. To begin with, eleven girls went. We had booked a suite for six girls. When we arrived the motel had two additional people booked in our room. Not just two other people, a couple! (the guy's name was Gene and the motel thought it was "Jean" as in a woman:) We were considerate and allowed them to have a bedroom for themselves. We traveled all the way from Greenville, North Carolina to Ft. Lauderdale and back and then twenty miles outside of Greenville, a driver pulled out of a side road right in front of us. There was no time to stop, so we hit him. Thank goodness, no one was hurt, but it messed my car up pretty badly.

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go for a temporary job

Well, during my last spring break, I went for a temporary job at  an educational center; and I was teaching high school students mathematics. I would say the experience was great, and at the same time a bit bad. The good part of the experience was that I discovered another thing that I was good at doing, which was teaching.  I never believed that I was a good teacher, and I just took the job because it was my last option. But when I got to the class and started teaching, a lot of the students were able to understanding what I was teaching them. And this has made me really feel happy. Now the ugly part of the experience was that I had two students who kept making fun of my accent, because I speak with the Nigerian accent, and they kept distracting me, and there was nothing I could do to them, except kept sending them out of my class. All in all, I would say that I enjoyed my summer job. However, I do not think I would consider going into the teaching profession.

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Las Vegas

I second the Las Vegas trip Idea if you can afford it. Get together with a bunch of friends and go in on a hotel room (this will cut down on the cost somewhat and potentially allow you to get a nicer hotel room).  I would recommend doing the Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, or the Venetian.  All are awesome hotels. There are a ton of things you can do in vegas, my recommendation is to save up some cash so you can do some gambling.  Personally, I would recommend playing craps if youre new to table games and casinos.  The odds are half decent and it can be alot of fun when a table is hot.  If you don't know how to play, check out some the simulators can learn the game pretty quickly. 

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Vacation rentals

My favorite spring breaks were always spent with a group of friends at the beach in a vacation rental apartment or house. We would all get together and split the cost of the rental and groceries to cook so we could save money by not eating out (that way you can buy more beer ;o). My favorite place to find cheap quality vacation rentals is I still vacation this way sometimes with my friends, we actually have a tradition of renting an apartment on the beach every Labor Day weekend and we sometimes will do the same for July 4th or Memorial Day.

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Spring Break

You know what I did on spring break year in and year out?  Worked.  I was always working while I was in college.  Then I get my degree and quit my job because I am sick of working.  A point of advice that all of you in college, wanting to go to college, or are looking to get back into college, hear this.  Take your breaks and work as little as possible.  There will be plenty of time for you to work.  Find ways to make money on campus because the idyllic spring break is completely worth it.  Sprink break is a time to relax and enjoy classmates or friends company.  Don't work.  I can tell you that much.

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I never went anywhere fun for

I never went anywhere fun for Spring Break. Midterms were usually the week before, and I was so burnt out from studying and working that I would either go home and chill or just crash at my apartment for a week. Looking back, I sort of wish that I could have gone on a legitimate trip. Maybe to Florida, or Europe, or some place where I could just reset my mind. But I really did enjoy how I spent my time during Spring's breaks. And summer was always a lot more fun, with a lot more time to travel and do whatever I wanted.

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Spring Break: Do something new

We, the students, do not get leisure so much! So, I think in the spring break we should do those things which can help us in our future.  At this moment, nothing is impossible. We can learn anything from our home through Internet. Just think that you are getting many courses’ reviews from this website! You have no need to take those courses officially now!

In most of our educational life, we are busy in studying at some fixed subjects. For that, many students do not have a proper knowledge of the current world. My suggestion to those students who want to make the best use of their leisure period. You can do anything, which can help you in future. For example, you can learn Computer Programming. Computer programming is very popular now.  You can also learn Graphics design or Web design. These types of creative works will give you a proper sharpness to your brain.  Some students do not use his leisure time properly. This will make their brain lazy. Creative works in leisure period work as a memory charger.  The big syllabus makes our life boring. To get a relief, to recharge our memory, we should do creative works in our leisure period.  I am not telling you to do creative works all the time. You can also do a lot for your country. You can help people in his daily work. You can spend your time with the old people. They do not have much chance to enjoy their life at the end. I think, you will not be feeling boring to do all these.

So, do not delay. Start working on something good!

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the beach

I am not even a big beach person, but to me there is just something about the beach and spring break that go together. I have been to San Diego a couple of times on spring break and I can't wait to go back. I love the way San Diego is divided into several different beach communities and they are all unique from one another. There is a place called Ocean Beach that totally meets my criteria for a good time. The only down side was that the water was way too cold to get in the ocean when I was there, but that is fine by me. I was just there for a good time, and that's exactly what I had.

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Florida, New York or Chicago

In my past spring break experiences, I've liked going in between Florida, New York and Chicago!  All of those places are too me, great places to relax. When I want to be lazy and lay out in the sun, and go swimming, I head down to Port Charlotte, Florida. This historical but sleepy town is 45 minutes from the Fort Meyer Int'l Airport, and is a small town. I visited there a few times and LOVED it. I'm not for crowded Miami Beaches AT ALL~ and I belive Port Charlotte is a good place to go and GET AWAY from all the hustle and bustle.

If you're up for a crazy adventure, I recommend both New York and Chicago (Chi-town), both have the cool urban atmosphere that is envied by all small towners, and at the same time, if you look in the right place, a relaxed vibe as well. Not every place in big cities is a hassle. You won't be disappointed at the sites, the food, and the people. I highly recommend visiting these  places for spring break~ (if you don't mind the cold! ^_^ ) 

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Spring Break

Sadly, I have never been privileged to really travel anywhere, on Spring Break or otherwise. I'd spend most of my breaks hanging out at home, or with friends. I would think that a lot of people would enjoy going to the beach, or going camping. If you're in California, there are a lot of nice places to go camping. If you get the chance, I would suggest going to Big Trees National Park. You can also go visit Yosemite. It's amazing there, and everyone that has visited has said a lot of  nice things. On the East Coast, you can always visit Ocean City, Maryland. I visited there one time and they have so many shops and just tons of beach space.

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Spring Break!

My favorite destination for break is typically where I am now... here. I rarely travel during spring break (or any semester break)... instead relishing in the free time at home or, if I lived off-campus, to hang around the college town for that break week--- entirely different atmosphere, as college towns can often turn from 5000+ residents to < 2000 residents in a blink of an eye.

You have the campus all to yourself, which makes working on research a joy, no hustle and bustle of people going between classes... faster internet, and best of all, no deadlines. You've got that whole week to do whatever. I wish there were more breaks during the academic year, I think they are an excellent opportunity to get caught up, relax, and recuperate.

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Where are all my broke

Where are all my broke college students who never went anywhere on spring break??  Where are you all? I know I can't be alone here!! lol

Boy oh boy, all my spring breaks in college were astonishingly boring.  The closest I got to the beach was watching spring break show on MTV.  Now I did that for the first couple of spring breaks until the proverbial light bulb came on in my head, and I realized that watching MTV on spring break when you are too broke to go anywhere was the dumbest move known to man, so I stopped.

On a good note, I had a lot of broke college friends who didn't do anything for spring break, so we devoted the breaks to getting drunk while playing video games.  It actually turned out to be very fun I must say.

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Many people believe Spring Break is a time to get as far away from school as possible. I think that is reasonable; maybe they should rename it School-Break. Moving on… I observed how people traveled during a break to forget about school, spending quite a lot of money on gas and other traveling expenses. Though I do know how exciting and fun that experience would be, it is not at all cost-effective and practical. During spring break, I do believe it is the best thing to get as far way from school as possible, but you can do that in so many ways. You do not have to drive YOUR CAR as far from school as you can; you drive YOURSELF as far from school as you can, and you can do that without walking, running, driving or flying. In fact, you can do that ALL IN YOUR HEAD. You see, I realized how our mental faculties are usually the most exhausted by school (next is our physical and then emotional well-being), and so the best get-away would be a mental get-away. After all, we, students, are on a tight budget. So, spring break is not all about the beach, the mall, or whatnot—it’s about you and what makes you, and your mind relaxes.

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Go on a Cruise

If you can swing it, I would highly recommend going on a cruise. There are so many reasons as to why a cruise is the way to go but here's why I think it's the ultimate spring break. 

1. A lot of things are included. When you go on a cruise the price usually includes all of your food, drinks like lemonade and tea, your room, and access to different ports. When you go to a beach and have to rent a hotel it usually only covers the price of the room for about $100 or more a night, and that's for just the room. For $250 you could get a 4 night cruise with most on board activities, food, drink and room included. Plus you won't have to search for cabs to get back to your hotel room from the beach.

2. See a lot of new places. If you go to Daytona for spring break all you'll see is Daytona. If you take a cruise you could go to Jamaica, Mexico and Grand Cayman Islands all in one trip. Plus there are so many activities and things to see on the ship let alone the ports. Add in some friends from school and you'll have an experience you will always remember. 

Cruises are just fun and there will probably be a lot of people the same age as you on the cruise. It's a reasonable way to travel the world and make lasting memories. 

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Myrtle Beach

One of the best vacations I've ever been on happened over last year's spring break. My ex-girlfriend and I saved up for two years to make this trip possible, and it was simply amazing. It's a great place, and it comes pretty cheap as well - if you book far enough in advance. 

Some of the things you need to pay attention to...

  1. TIME. Spring break is a very popular time of the year for college students, and Myrtle Beach will definitely be packed. Thus, you really need to plan in advance if you want to get a good hotel on the beach, for a fair price. Also, if you plan far enough in advance, you can usually get some sort of deal with it as well. For an example, my ex-girlfriend and I bundled the round trip+ hotel for a seven-day stay for less than $1,500. 
  2. MONEY. Especially important if you don't plan to rent-a-car. Nothing is free nowadays, and a vacation is far from it. If you plan to go anywhere, you'll need a taxi. And they are not cheap. Expect to pay quite a bit per mile, and the driver's always expect a tip.
  3. FOOD. Typically you can get some sort of deal with your hotel if you ask for it BEFORE you book. Whether it's a free meal/buffet or anything. As paying $40-$100 a day on vacation just for food, can really add up. But usually hotels will offer some sort of continental breakfast. (Our hotel offered this. And after seven days, I didn't want to look at a waffle again. ^.^)

There are plenty of places to go to have a good time on spring break. But if you want to have a memorable one that you will never forget, I hope you consider Myrtle Beach! :)

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I think that's a great idea to work during your summer break

Hi Onlinerewardz,

Even though it was a last minute choice to work during your spring break, I hope it was somewhere you had never been and got a chance to venture out and got out to do some sightseeing.  I hope you didn't teach 24/7 and even had a chance to socialize outside of teaching with some of the more seasoned teachers, who taught over the break; they usually have the inside scoop about all the students in the school and other information you may need to know, which would have made your ease into teaching the mathematics class even more fun and exhilarating.

Yes, teaching high school kids is a challenge itself, you have to have a strong mind, lots of patience and a backbone, because they are the toughest crowd to get interested in a subject like math.  Too bad, you had to keep sending two students out of the class, but we all know you have to take the good with the bad, in most professional situations. I hope you took it all in stride, and the administrator of the school during your break was supportive in all your decisions of how you handled the class and any disruptive students.

Would you ever think about going back to the school or did they ask you back for a full-time position after graduation?


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We usually go to Mammoth Lakes, CA for Spring Break.  We live about five or six hours away so it is not too terrible a distance.  You can do so much in Mammoth.  You can ski, snowboard, snowshoe, sled, make snowmen, etc.  There are also some cool places to go to eat in Mammoth. 

There is Schat’s Bakery, which has great pastries along with sandwiches and other savory meals.  Beware, though, because there is usually a big line.  It is that good.  There is also Slocum’s Restauran,t which has pretty good food.  I like going there for their dessert, however.  They have these banana fritters which are so good.  They also have pretty good banana pudding.  Their regular dinner meals, however, tend to be a bit expensive and this is why we only go there for dessert. 

If you go into the village area, there is a place called Side Door Café.  It is relatively small, but it has some yummy choices.  I recommend the crepes.  My favorite is the grizzly crepe which has banana, honey, and whipped cream.  It is so delicious!  They also have really good paninis.  The only problem with Side Door Café is that their serving sizes are a tad small so you may end up ordering more than one.       

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Short Spring Break, but a Weight off of my Shoulders

I haven't even stopped to consider that my spring break is creeping up on me. I believe that I only get a week off of school, but that's an entire week that I will not have to stress about getting my assignments done! It's been hard lately; I do not have my own computer, and I have a full-time job. I will be happy to just have to worry about work during that entire week, and not spend the entire day trying to rush through homework while the computer is free. I may take a day to go out with my boyfriend and enjoy myself.

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the last one

If you are a final year student, the spring break is your last, and I am sure that you want to have as much fun as you can. In my last spring break I managed to gather all my classmates and we all went out for a barbecue.
You can also pack your backpack, buy a train ticket and enjoy your vacation wherever you go. I wanted to escape the city and my colleagues really appreciated that. We all got mosquito bites and all sort of insect bites but we had a good time. Many say that the summer vacation is the last of your life, let me tell you that after you graduate you have no right to enjoy that vacation because school has definitely ended for you before that vacation started. During that period you are no longer a student but an adult.
Of course you can always choose to spend that last vacation with your family, but after you analyze that you are going to come back in their house anyway, you just want to leave as fast as you can. The best way would be to grab all your friends and go to the seaside. Let the sun clear your mind, maybe you will also find the possibility of a part-time job.

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What I would most recommend

What I would most recommend for anyone planning on going for a Spring Break adventure is making sure that you start planning way ahead of time. It's kind of like a wedding in the sense that there are a lot of things you have to think about that you didn't even realize were a part of it. If you want to go somewhere for the typical "Spring Break" experience like the ones in the movies, it will be important to start budgeting as soon as possible. You will have to consider where you are going to stay, where/what you will eat, money for activities and souvenirs, as well as plane tickets, or travel arrangements. For me and my friends on our final spring break, we planned to head to Cancun, but right before we went there was a large gang issue and we decided it was unsafe for us to go. Changing out plans completely just a month before we were meant to go was incredibly expensive and hard to manage as we needed to make all new plans for a whole new vacation while still managing classes and our jobs. Avoid that kind of trouble and plan ahead; make sure you do a lot of research before you go anywhere!

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Hmm, Spring Break is over,

Hmm, Spring Break is over, but summer is just around the corner. My favorite vacation spot, any time of year, is the ocean. I grew up going to Rockaway Beach, Oregon and this is the place that renews my spirit. During August and September, the weather is amazing. July is it hit and miss, but man when it is good it is gorgeous!! I have spent many amazing July 4th weeks at the coast enjoying the small-town parade, the beach relay races and the late night fireworks. Often in gorgeous, hot sunshine. Occasionally, in cold windy weather. It doesn't matter much to me, it is always the place for me to flee. When life has overtaken me and worry and stress creep into my everyday life, instead of just the occasional stress - I go. I breath in the salt air, I put my toes (and sometimes my entire body) into the waves and let them crash around me taking all the "ick" and despair with them. The salt water refreshes me, with every crashing wave, I feel the tension being pulled out to sea, replacing it with the calm shallows that are found on shore. Ahhh, renewal. It is time for me to get to this place, my favorite spot on earth.

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Traveling Abroad

The best spring break I ever had was when I was able to travel to Italy & Switzerland. I was able to experience it with all of my high school friends. We spent 3 days in Switzerland and 7 days in Italy. If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Europe I will definitely recommend it. Not only were we able to enjoy ourselves and have an amazing time. But without even noticing I learned a lot of things. Like how to count to 20 in Italian and that in Europe, there are NO public bathrooms!! (I learned this the hard way.)

This experience was one that I will carry with me throughout my life time. You gain a new perspective on life and gain a lot of culture that you would have not acquired otherwise. Switzerland was a beautiful scenic place with a lot of quaint small villages and shops. While Italy was a historically vibrant and entertaining country. If you are on a budget, Europe can still be possible for you. Instead of staying in lavish hotels, try staying in local hostels or maybe crashing at a friends place. Where there is a will there's a way. Nothing is ever impossible!



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Spring Break

I've never really went anywhere for spring break, I did once-to Kemah Board Walk-It was pretty fun, it's like a year long carnival. And you can meet a lot of new people. Beaches are always fun, but ever so packed during spring break. If your a history fanatic then go to see the Alamo or the the buffalo Soilders (TEXAS) San Marcos is a great place to visit and to learn and to get a different location. Or what I would love to do this spring break is to take a road trip, not to anywhere specific but just to get in a car and drive!! It would be so worth it and to experience different places and meet new people. Get out your comfort zone and explore a little bit and not feel bad about it or anything. 

If you are of age, go overseas and go to pubs or take a cruise around the world or study the holy lands, I would really love to do something that would take me out my comfort zone and to get me to push my limits to see what i'm really made of and i can apply that to my everyday life, after all each and every day we do get out there and learn :).

Just research and find what interest you and start making plans

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Spring Break

Spring break was always the same for me. I never really went anywhere except for my own back yard. While everyone else was talking about going to Miami or Mexico, I was just happy to have a one week and half break from school work. One spring break i just slept most of the time and the other I worked overtime at my job. 

Campus was usually so dead during spring break, which was truly sad. On Facebook, you could literally feel the pain of people's boredom via their statuses. For me, I was happy to see the city and campus pretty empty and slow. No more hustle and bustle of thousands of students rushing to class and blocking sidewalks with their group discussions. It was a big relief for me and I loved it.

One spring break that came close to being an actual vacation break was when I drove back home to Virginia Beach with my boyfriend. We went there to get away from the city life, to visit my family and to go to the beach. I hadn't been to the beach in over a year, so it was the closest to an actual college spring break trip for me. 

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Spring Break

Unlike the scores of students who went to Cancun or Florida on their spring breaks, I was always at home for the week. I can't remember ever having anything planned for spring break after graduating high school. High school and early spring breaks were the responsibility of my mother  and she always had something planned. But when it was up to me, I was just so happy to sleep in that I couldn't even bother with trips.

It also didn't help that I didn't work at the time, so while my friends were going on cruises or road trips, I stayed in. It always seemed like the days were rushing by way too quickly to even get anything done. I had the type of professors who didn't mind assigning complicated, time-consuming projects during our break. Not that it mattered, I'd still do them (and complete them) the night before it was due.

Another reason I didn't bother going anywhere was the fact that I went to school year-round. From the fall of 2006 all the way through my graduation, there was not a semester where I was not enrolled in at least three classes. So a week off seemed like the greatest gift I could get. I could go back home and not have to worry about classes, assignments, laundry or food.

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Henna Tattoos Anyone?

I live in a spring break destination, Huntington Beach, CA.  People from all of the world come to Huntington Beach for spring break and over summer.  WE have a downtown area that is a vibrant and booming cool beach town.  

During spring summer break I work at a kiosk doing henna tattoos.  I have people from all over the place that are my customers. We freehand draw henna body art.  We are very busy.  There are a few other artists that work there too.  We are all art students enrolled at various colleges and universities.  The cool thinkg about that is we all have funny stories to tell about our classes.  We all have similar experiences and it is fun to share.  

Even though we are working really really hard while everyone else seems to be on vacation, it does seem like a get away.  I get to sit outside at the beach, hangout with people I like, draw all day, and make lots of money. 

I love my spring break even though I don't go out-of-town. I live in it.  Maybe I'll give one of you a henna tattoo when your on spring break in HB!

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Spring Break

Your spring break doesn't necessarily have to be a sequel to The Hangover, but make sure that it is memorable. If the costs associated with going on a trip are a concern for you, I suggest that you save some money months in advance before this hiatus from coursework.You have to enjoy these breaks while you are still in college. Once you join the workforce, week long vacations are few and far in between. While winter vacation is a time best spent with your family, spring break is a time best spent with your peers. It may be a cliche, but go somewhere with lots of sun, water,and bathing suits. Many other students will undoubtedly have the same idea, and the beaches will be overflowing with bodies, but this is an instance where dealing with a crowd is a good thing! There is nothing like being part of that throbbing mass,that pulsating celebration of youth.Spring break is about enjoying the lack of inhibitions while you are still capable of doing so. It's about enjoying that final spring, before all the seasons begin to melt together. You're not going to accomplish this by spending that week studying for upcoming exams. Although your coursework certainly is important, you should plan to get all that studying accomplished prior to your trip. 

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Spring Break?

Well, I live in a small town near Charlotte, NC, and I don't have much of a social life. So, as far as spring break is concerned, I usually spend it the way I always have. If I'm not working, I will most likely spending time with the group of friends I do have, hanging out in various locations in Charlotte, and, well... Sitting around at home. I have never considered spring break the massive extended party that others seem to see it as, but I do appreciate it quite a bit in my own way. However, I would like to spend at least one spring break out partying with friends and getting "shwaysted", as they say. Within reason, of course. Honestly, I just like using it as time to relax and spend a week or so away from school. Even if I don't get to go out and party.. Which I honestly prefer, as I am neither a social person nor one who particularly enjoys parties or the loud noises, bad music, and rambunction, annoying crowds that are intrinsic to virtually any party or similar event. Thus far, this spring break has been rather nice, albeit quiet. And I don't mind it that way.

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My spring break

Spring breaking is coming up next week and I’m trying to find something to do around my town. Instead of telling you where to go, I’m going to tell you some of what I’m planning to do. I am a guy who loves making movies. It is just a hobby but a hobby on a semi-pro level. My career goal is not to make movies but there is a thing in me that loves it.

Lately, I have been trying to find topics for a good Youtube video. I was never really able to think of on right on top of my head. One day, I decided to hire a guy to write a short film script for me but after he delivered it to me, I couldn’t film it because I don’t have actors. Silly me. I can do lots of things, I just can’t decide which one I want to do. I can sing, make movies, and make any sort of computer related tutorials, CGI/VFX tutorials, math tutoring, a lot. I guess I just need to sit down and do my thing: come up with an idea. Or, one thing I can do is just talk and let the camera roll. See if I can get something creative.

I call all that fun because where I live it’s boring. Right now, I can’t afford to go anywhere because of college tuition and different kinds of bills. I hope all of you that are going somewhere will have fun.