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Spring Break

Any suggestions on where to go for spring break? Share some of your past spring break personal experiences. Give us your suggestions on planning a spring break get away.


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never went on spring break vacation

I have never gone anywhere on spring break. I'm such a nerd though many times I will spend the time working ahead in my classes lol. I've noticed that in grad school though all the exams and papers are due before break so they can be graded, and that puts students into hyper mode. Everyone is scrambling last minute to finish their work I can imagine they need some kind of vacation! In those cases I am happy to just relax and not have to worry about classes. I hang out and catch up with friends, or put in extra time at the gym. If the weather is nice I will go to the lake and lay on a blanket and just read. My son has his break almost 2 months later than I have mine so it's kind of like a vacation for me :). I am not a party animal, but I kind of regret not going somewhere like Florida or Texas, places well known for spring break. I see decent reavel and vacation package deals for places like that but to me it wasn't worth the money since I don't party. I think in my last semster of grad school when it is spring break time I am going to head to either Vegas ro Hawaii. My own special treat for making it through school!

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Spring Break

Spring break is a good time to escape the stress of school and relax for a while. I attend school in South Carolina, so we tried not to go too far. Freshman year we spent the week at our friend's parents' beach house on Edisto Island, SC. We spent the week laying on the beach and having fun around the house. It was a little too cold to get in the water. Sophomore year we rented a cabin in a South Carolina state park near a lake. We rented canoes, paddleboats, and kayaks and played on the lake. One of the days we went on a few short hikes and actually hiked alongside a waterfall. Junior year we rented a cabin in Pigeon Forge, TN in the Great Smokey Mountains. The cabin was way more affordable than we expected, was really nice and included a hot tub and game room. We spent the week being tourists in Gatlinburg, riding go-karts, playing lazer tag, and stuff like that in Pigeon Forge, and sitting in the hot tub. I would recommend having one person handle all the money for a rental house and such, because it's simpler for one person to keep up with who has/has not paid.