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Business Law Tutorial

Last year i saw a wonderful tutorial by Mr. Mustafa Mujahid on Business Law. That guy was a practicing corporate lawyer having plenty of experience in the field of companies registration and professional affairs of businesses. I saw the tutorial for enhancing my understanding in the field being a professional myself. The tutorial was mainly based on the procedures of Companies Ordinance 1984, Partnership Act 1932, Societies Registration Act 1860 and Voluntary Social Welfare Act 1961.

I come to know about the various procedures after watching the tutorial. I also come to know about the various terms that are in use in the corporate world after having a view of the tutorial. It came to my knowledge that there are private limited companies and there are public limited companies. Similarly liabilities of various companies differ depending upon their nature and the share capital initially invested at the time of creation of companies.

I learned about various licences that are required for conducting businesses. I come to know about the documentation required for the whole process of registration. It is a fact that complete information was not in the tutorial but more then 80% information was there. Such information can be sufficient for any person like me for knowing the ways to proceed further.

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Yeah even I have seen that

Yeah even I have seen that tutorial of Mr. Mustafa Mujahid on business law, it was really very informative and have cleared my most of the doubts.