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jsherm101's picture

I actually don't attend an

I actually don't attend an online University / Coursework but I've heard mixed results. Some people rave by it citing the ease of use, quality of content and usually the personality of the classroom (less classical / more contemporary) but at the same time, people scream about of the cost, the "for-profit" aspect and the quality of content in reverse (more technical, less value in perspective to traditional schools and degrees)

One intersted fact i've come across is that University of Phoenix ( for example, but others included) will not re-hire from in-house masters / doctorate programs they offer. So if you get a Masters in English from UoP you don't qualify to teach at their university - they'll opt for someone traditionally from the system.

I'm curious what anyone else who has gone through the For-Profit system feels about this - moreover how do they feel of their classroom environment? Best of all - do you feel prepared for the future like others?

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Full Sail University Online

I just started my New Media Journalism master's program at Full Sail University. It is a one-year program all online! This is not my first time working online for a class, but it is my first time taking up a degree solely online. FSU  is a great school that makes their students feel welcomed; even online. I have met students online from all over the nation and world!

For our orientation they actually had at least fifteen videos for us to watch to prepare us for our online experience. They took us on a tour of the class's online dashboard and showed us how submitting assignments would be. They have set-up such a well organized list of assignments for your convenience so you can complete them on your own desired time.

This school has one of the best graduate programs because they actually send you a Mac laptop, all the software required for your particular program, and all the equipment you will need to complete projects. Get this, it is yours to keep for life but of course you have to keep a certain GPA and pay it off via loans, etc. What other school you know would do that for you? 

FSU is a privately own media arts school and is only made for those who are ready for a challenge. You will have days when you will be on weird class schedules like working on the weekends or early in the morning. However, this school teaches students organization and diligence. Considering their online programs whether an undergraduate or graduate will prepare you for the real world. 


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Attending University of Phoenix Online

I have been attending the University of Phoenix - Online for about a year and a half. I am working on my Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. I chose an online program because I own a small business with my husband and have two young children. I am too busy to sit in a traditional classroom to do my learning but have a strong desire to further my education.

I have been very happy with my U of P learning environment so far. My financial advisor and academic advisor are both very good at communicating with me regarding my upcoming courses, financial aid information, and just checking in with me every so often to see how I am doing and if I have any questions. The one disadvantage to the online learning environment is that I am required to work in learning teams. There is nothing wrong with working in a learning team, but it can be frustrating to coordinate schedules with other classmates who live in various time zones or who are not as motivated as others. Working with others is always a challenge so I look at it as a learning experience. 

Overall, I would recommend the University of Phoenix - Online to anyone who is interested in self-motivated, independent learning. While the tuition is a little more than others, it is well worth it for me to be able to study and learn at home.

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I just wanna know more about

I just wanna know more about the courses related to Automobile industry in University of Phoenix..

Can anyone suggest me the best one?

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