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Video Games

Do you play video games? Please discuss your favorites?


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I am a girl. Girls are not supposed to play video games. But I do.

AHHHHH! That’s crazy!

No, not really. And I actually don’t play that much, hardly ever now that I’m so busy with work, school, and family. My husband and I do like our occasional Guitar Hero battle, but that’s beside the point. The point is that I have a warning, gained from personal experience, to share with all you gamers.

Video games are addicting.

I’m not telling you anything novel or mind-blowing. That’s the reason they’re so popular, right? They’re fun, they give us a break from real life, so it follows that they are addictive. But beware of the time you may waste on an innocent game.

World of Warcraft? Anyone heard of it? I thought so. This popular game once sucked in my two brothers and my dad. Especially, my dad. If anyone went and talked to him while he was playing, they were in trouble. Dad was addicted.

Luckily, through serious help, they recovered! Their time was saved! And now they can do more productive things, with the occasional video game on the side. If you’re going to play, be sure to manage your time wisely and safeguard against getting sucked in. Finish your homework before you pick up that controller!


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Whoo hoo! Two gaming girls back to back! Clearly, we're the most awesome kids at school. :) 

I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore gamer by any stretch of the imagination. On the other hand, I'm a bit more devoted than the casual gamer. Not sure how you'd classify that. It's probably way too corky for me to admit that I'm a Farmville addict and have recently gotten hooked on The Sims Social, so if it is, you read none of that. ^_^

As far as console games go, I am, have always been, and will always be devoted to anything in the Mario franchise. My all-time favorites in the series are Super Mario 3, Super Mario World (the Super Nintendo game with Yoshi, and still probably the best overall Mario game ever made), and Mario 64. The latest installment is a lot of fun (especially when I figured out I could pick up my teammates and toss them off cliffs or directly into oncoming enemies...what?) but it just doesn't seem to have that allure to it, that "I WILL BEAT THIS GAME" pull to it like the others. My very, very favorite Mario game ever, though, and one that really shows my age, is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It came out for Super Nintendo in...1994? 95? 96? Somewhere around there. I scrimped and saved my allowance until I finally had enough to buy it. I'm both proud and embarrassed to say that I finally beat the game about four years ago. I could never beat the final boss level, but I finally did it not too long ago. The game is SO much fun. It's still very much a Mario game, but it just feels more mature somehow; I think that's because Square Enix, the geniuses behind the Final Fantasy franchise, helped develop the game. Geno the wizard doll remains my all-time favorite Mario character, and that was purely a Square Enix creation. Figures. 

I'm also addicted to anything in the Lego franchise, particularly Indiana Jones and Batman. I have no idea why, but I've always been obsessed with games that let you break everything in the game environment. The Lego games let you do that and even reward you for your destructive habits. Fun times. That was part of the reason why I loved the original Bloodrayne so much (couldn't get past a certain level on the second game so it remains unfinished). Well, okay, that and the fact that you're a witty, butt-kicking female vampire who goes around killing Nazis, and there is nothing at all not to love about that. 

Other more recent favorites include Little Big Planet (so addictive; I'll warn you right now, even if you think it's stupid, you'll get hooked on it. Just keep that in mind), anything in the Raving Rabbids series, The Saboteur (can you tell that I really like hunting Nazis?), and pretty much any sandbox style games. I love being able to explore the vast worlds created by the developers. That's part the reason it took me so long to beat Spider-Man 2 back in the day, because I was having way too much fun swinging everywhere around NYC to actually complete any of the assigned quests. *cough* 

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Make that a third gaming girl!  I like playing all sorts of games, from the FPS like CoD to action and adventure games.  Lately, I've been hooked on playing MMOS.  I know that it is addicting to play, but unlike some people, I view gaming as a type of lifestyle.  I've always been the quiet sort of girl, so I feel more at home playing these games where I can meet people from all over the world.  I have dozens of friends from Europe and Portugal, especially, though there are a couple who live in Malaysia. 

Jessi, I've heard so many good things about Little Big Planet, but I've never played yet!  I love sandbox and open-world type games where you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want - if only there were more games that would let you do that!  Those are my favorites.  I also have a bit of a guilty pleasure when it comes to playing simulation games like Spore or the Sims or even the candy-coated online games where you bake cakes and make hamburgers for people.  Yes, I am that odd.

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I hear you on the Mario Franchise Bandella!, If I had to rank my favorites, it would be as follows:

1. Mario Three

2. Mario 64

3. Super Mario World (Super Nintendo)

4. Original Nintendo Mario

My roommate has a console which will play super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and regular Nintendo games.  It's awesome! Recently, I've been playing to punch out, ninja turtles, and Mario 64.  It brings me back to when I was younger - I still remember getting my Nintendo 64 and being ecstatic! 

Adelaide, What MMOs are you interested in?  I had a friend who played one called Everquest...and being an Information technology major, I am certainly around plenty of World of Warcraft fans.  I don't have a whole lot of experience in the MMO realm - they can be a real time sink from what people tell me.

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I could write a book about my favorite games, but I'll keep this brief. I mostly play video games on the Xbox 360. I play pretty much EVERYTHING except fighting games (meaning Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, etc.). If I had to come up with some of my favorite games, I would name Fallout 3, Saints Row 2, Condemned Criminal Origins, Bioshock, Deadly Premonition, and Dead Space. I have a thing for survival horror and open world games :D

On the PC, the only game I play is League of Legends. My PC isn't the greatest, so if I have a choice, I play everything on my xbox. My roommate likes video games too, just not as much as me. He's generally one of those "I play Call of Duty and sports games" kind of guys, but luckily, he's open to new things.

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Well, I play almost any type of game console from a PSP to a PS3 from a PC game to Nintendo 3ds. I play sport games most of the time and these sport games are usually soccer and basketball. This is because I love soccer and basketball so much. I also play action games like commando, car racing games like road rash, strategy games like angry birds and action games like the street fighter.

I have two favorite games which I like to play most of the time. The first one is PES, which means pro evolution soccer. I am a very passionate soccer fan, and this game gives me a kind of feeling of satisfaction when i am playing it, especially when I am winning.

My second favorite game is the commando. This game would leave you with six men and one woman. The six men have different abilities and different weapon, that you would find useful in a different situation of the game. Usually for every mission, you would be given three to five men with relevant abilities to the motives of every mission and once you have achieved the goal of one mission you would move to another. One reason why I like the game is that it makes me think about the next step to take; thus, it indirectly improves my intelligence.

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Nintendo DS for the not so hardcore gamer

Ever since I was an elementary-school student, I always had a Gameboy in my hand, and I took that love for Nintendo into my adulthood. 

Today, I absolutely LOVE the next-generation model known as the Nintendo DS products. These gaming consuls are great no matter what type of gamer you are. From Hardcore to casual, it's good for anyone. It also comes with a wide array of games.  My personal favorites are mostly all the Pokemon games, Phoenix Wright, Castlevania and Bleach games for the Nintendo DS Lite. Other gaming consuls like the PS3 and X-box 360 also have amazing games that blow the mind with graphics and story lines. 

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Video Games

I choose to play emulators most of the time as it takes me back in time and allows me to have fun with games that I have previously played and enjoyed.  I like Nintendo 64 and snes the most.  Mario kart donkey kong and a few select others make my day a lot of fun.  I like being able to use a proprietary controller like a PS3 controller or a wiimote.  These allow for the buttons to be customized for a specific game.  The best game is goldeneye 007.  I usually die quickly against who I am playing, but I will soon get my touch back and start winning. It's lots of fun.

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I like sport games very much. For that reason, FIFA 10 is one of my favorite games.

I like this game so much. The main thing I like in this game is the graphic works. The designers of the game must have worked so hard to make it different from the other sport games.

In this game, you can play in various modes. And one matter I must say that the design of players. It's true that, I have not played FIFA series games so much. However, when I play this game for the first time, I was really shocked. I am watching the real Messi, Ronaldo on the screen. I can see not only their faces but also their body languages are as real as the real players. I don't know about the previous game of this series. Nevertheless, believe me, it is awesome!

You can create your own team. You can also create players. You can add world-famous players in your team! Maybe we will not get the chance to play with our real football hero. But, we can play with them through this game! You will hear a very nice commentary too. This is not only a game.

If you are a football player, you can improve your techniques from playing this game. There are many tips and tricks to play football here. So, if you haven't played this game yet, play it now.

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Cricket 11 is one of my favorite games. I like to play cricket most. For that, I play this game so much.

Cricket 11 is the last game of EA Sports Cricket Series. It is a very interesting game to play. I like all parts of this game.

You can create your player, can edit the player's face as like you! You can also play many tournaments. If you want to play a series between two or more teams, you can play!

IPL is one of the favorite tournaments to most of the cricketers. In this game, you can play IPL also. If you are a cricket lover, I must say that you should play this game now!

The commentary is another interesting part of this game. You will hear world's one of the famous commentators, Richie Beno's sound! It will give you the real test of Cricket. Every ball is very exciting in this game. I must say that you will feel very exciting when you play this game.

I can say that this is one of the most beautiful sports games I have ever played. There is no part in cricket, which cannot play in Cricket 11!

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Vice City

Although I do not like action or adventure games, I wanted to play this game when I saw it.  In this game, I can drive a car or a motorcycle. 

I did enjoy this game very much, and it was one of my favorite games.  For that, I am writing this review. Actually, this game is based on both action and adventure. The hero of this game is a criminal. He works for money. Every time, he will be given a project to complete. The gamer will play the role of a hero. I completed about all levels of this game.

I enjoyed driving car most. It seemed to play NFS in Vice city to me! I can clearly remember, I played this game first in India. My first speech after playing this game was superb!

The graphic of this game is very nice. When you are driving the car or motorcycle, every time you will hear many nice songs! I enjoyed this.

This game is very popular to all gamers even now. Though I don’t play this game now, I can suggest you to play this game, if you haven’t played this game yet. 

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Most of my favorites have been covered already, FIFA, Mario, Vice City, 007, good call folks. But you just happened to leave out a classic, NBA Jam. The original one on the Super Nintendo. That game was incredible when it came out. There is great time in basketball, with Jordan, Barkley, Drexler, and tons of other halls of fame's. Not to mention there were codes you could put in allowing you to play with Bill Clinton, Al Gore and all kinds of other hilarious characters. I heard they either remade it, or were going to, but the original will always be a classic to me.

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My love affair with games

I've had an on-again, off-again love affair with video games. What started with BASIC games on my Commodore VIC-20 grew into Super Mario Bros., "To the Earth", Galaga, Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros. 2 (the best one) and Duck Tales on the NES.

The SNES brought me F-Zero, Lemmings, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Utopia, and Super Mario World.

Strangely, around this time, I discovered the Atari 2600 and went super retro, collecting as many of these gems as I could. My cartridge collection eventually amassed some 200 unique Atari 2600 games, along with original game boxes, instructions, and the occasional controller overlay.

There are so many good games! Jungle Hunt, Combat, Star Raiders (especially the 8-bit Atari computer version, still to this day one of my favorites), Berzerk, Yar's Revenge... I once tried playing all my 2600 games alphabetically from A-Z... 6 hours later I never made it past the A's (Asteroids, another good one).

Eventually, I came across an Atari Lynx (Lemmings on the Lynx was also most fabulous... that and the SNES versions are my absolute favorites), and Atari Jaguar (Tempest 2000!)

At some point I reached critical mass and my gaming frenzy subsided. I now go through long periods of no great interest in playing games, then short bursts of strong obsessions. Emulators very frequently serve my cravings, allowing me to indulge myself in Dr. Mario, Super Mario 2, Star Raiders, and Lemmings.

As for computer games, I fell in love with Descent and Starcraft: Brood War... I still get the urge play a networked game with friends now and then, but as I said, only short bursts of interest then it falls off again for months or years.

Current games, that I enjoy, are Words with Friends HD on my iPad (Scrabble) and Forty Thieves (a really challenging FreeCell variant) via Solitaire Forever, also on the iPad. Beyond this, an occasional logic puzzle and game of backgammon also satisfy my cravings.

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Video Games!

Oh my god! I love video games. Sorry to get a little excited there. I really do. They are my passion, my lifestyle, my hobby. I love the entire Resident Evil series. My parents played it as I grew up, and I learned to fear no undead creature. Dino Crisis was another of my childhood favorites. On the lighter side, we had Super Nintendo, on which they played Donkey Kong and Super Mario.

Later in life I developed a taste for the amazing tactical action of Metal Gear Solid. I also am currently playing the 4th installment of the Devil May Cry series. I have loved to see all of the games that I have come to know evolve over time. Another more macabre favorite of mine is Silent Hill. I once went to a GameStop and bought every (3) Silent Hill game they had. I have played all but number 3 up to this point. If you love things that are eerie and strange, it is definitely for you. I believe they are classified as psychological thrillers.

Anyway, I love Dead Nation, Burnout, Fat Princess, Assassin's Creed, Turok, Deadly Premonition... The list goes on and on. I'm always free to talk about video games with anyone interested. Drop me a line and we can talk about it.

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I cannot forget. If anyone was wondering, I do love Pokemon. I currently own Silver, Fire Red, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, and about a couple thousand of the trading cards. I haven't been playing it lately, but I do love it. I want to try the new ones that have come out. As for my cards, I am an avid collector. I haven't bought any in a while, but I have a ton of them. I organize them all by the number, and I currently have a couple hundred or so that I still have to organize. It is a labor of love.

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Oh... where to begin. Minecraft may seem like child's play. I've seen many compare it to Lego's. However, to hardcore gamers, it is so much more than that. It is a new world, an adventure. You have to survive on the world around you, starting with nothing and converting the land into your own personal empire. With each update, it gets more and more exciting. You can download texture packs, or make your own. You can play with friends. You can mod it, and you can make it your own. Get it while it's cheap, because the price will only go up once it has been completed.

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What I look for in a video game

Some people like to say that it is the graphics that make a game. Others like to think that it's about the characters, the story. I love to see all of these elements in a game, but it is really a combination of all of them that brings it together for me. I love a storyline that gets the player involved. One that is full of emotion, one that brings all of the characters together, or tears them apart. I hate characters that feel overly generic, like a bad guy that no one can identify with. Even if he is evil, he needs a REASON to be evil. If your main character isn't likable, then the game is likely to flop like a bad book. I do love breath-taking graphics, but sometimes I'll take a mind-bending storyline over blood and guts everywhere. I love the classics from PlayStation, and Nintendo, and even though their graphics weren't the best, they really knew how to make a game.

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Everyone has their own

Everyone has their own definition of "a great game". The game of Harvest Moon series is a good example for me, since I played it the most, and I consider it the best game for me. However, my brother disagrees saying it isn't since the game didn't appeal to him. To make it simple, just because you said the game is great, doesn't mean the game is already great to others. But you can't also count on reviews much yes.

One of the great things of reviews is that, someone has already played the game and have checked out every quirk and tweaks on it to share with everyone. Back when God Hand was released for the PlayStation 2 at around 2006, I believe (I got it on year 2008), I've played the game like hell, and it was a great game to be honest. I then recommended it to a friend, who is also a fellow gamer. But what he told me is, "This God Hand? No thanks, I saw the review at IGN, and it is a 3.0 rating."

That's what it says in IGN, and it is true. What's not true is the rating. I recommended the game to a friend and clearly, he has NOT tried the game yet because he only based the game on reviews. How would you know if the game really is great or not if you're not going to try it yourself? Because someone said it is bad, it's not already bad as it is. I, as one of the players, who has played the game, can say that it is a decent game (a great one really) but that friend of mine is already judging because of the review he had read. Until I proved him wrong, and he never returned my disc, since he really like the game.

That's what gaming review is about. While others may say it's good, or bad, or not. Until you try it yourself, you can't say anything on the game itself. Why? You didn't play it of course, let alone try it.

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I absolutely HATE when I am considering buying a game, and I see someone review it as "horrible game don't buy it". How lazy can you be, that you cannot even put together a few sentences of WHY you didn't like the game? It really just ticks me off. I'm into a lot of different games. And usually when it is something I am familiar with, I won't listen to any reviews or anything. I made a couple of good choices based on reviews and my own instincts. One of these would be Turok. It is a really realistic game where you are on an unfamiliar planet with enemies AND dinosaurs.

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Call Of Duty

Actually, I don't like action game anymore. My best friend knew that. He gave me the DVD of the game, Call Of Duty. When, I was installing the game, believe me, I was feeling very boring. I didn't want to install this game. However, when I play this game for the first time, I cannot stop playing this game. The graphic was just awesome. FIFA 11 was my most first game before playing this game. But, Call of duty is my most favorite game now. It is just amazing.

Every mission was very attractive to me. I don't know what about you. But, I cannot forget that game anymore. I have loved that game so much that I downloaded the 2nd part of this game from the Internet. I'm playing that also.

I haven't seen any game like this game, Call Of Duty. First, the graphic of this game is very nice, besides the missions. Every mission is very interesting. You cannot leave this game without completing any missions!

I made some research on Call of duty in the internet. Then, I found that it is the game of the year! I know the reason of this! :):) By the way, if you haven't played this game yet, you want to try it. 

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Video Games

Video games for me were an essential part of college.  My friends and I spent large chunks of time playing video games, and now that I think of it those were some of my best times in college.

We played mostly sports games like Madden, NFL 2k, NBA Street, FIFA.  This was on Xbox cause back then the first Xbox had just come out.  I tell you there is nothing like a group of like 10 of your friends with a whole bunch of beer and food siting down and doing tournaments in NFL or FiFA or NBA games.  There were funny times to fights then back to funny times, but it was a whole lot of fun.

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My boyfriend is absolutely in love with Steam. You can get a ton of games for your computer, for a fraction of what you would pay to get them for the console. There are a ton of sales going on, all the time. If you have a decent computer and love video games, you should have Steam. Me, I like to play on a console. So I go to Gamestop. I pretty much only buy used games, to it is a good place to get them. Their Powerup Rewards program is pretty awesome, and you get plenty of discounts from it. I went on to the site, and bought six used games for my brothers, for only about $20. Granted, they were older games, but who cares? I also got Devil May Cry 4 for Xbox 360 for $6.99. That's a deal.

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Next Gen Consoles

I recently saw in Game Informer that Sony and Microsoft are planning to release a new set of next gen consoles in the next few years. It makes me wonder, how much more realistic can video games be, until they ARE real? It will be like controlling a movie. Or maybe it will be like a game where you control real people somewhere. Freaky. I'm wondering what these consoles will look like. I also wonder if they'll incorporate the motion technology right into the console, just like the Nintendo Wii. It's just a thought. Anyhow, they'll be too expensive for half of us to buy.

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When I was in my first and second year, there was this game  that most, if not all, of my male classmate would love to talk about: DOTA. You can just see the seriousness in their faces as they discuss SS of different heroes, the strategy they used on their latest game or perhaps the defeat they had because of the 'imbaness' of their opponent. I don't know about other countries, but Icefrog and his creation is really famous in the Philippines. There's even this song entitled "Mas mahal mo ba ang DOTA" ("Do you DOTA love more?") which speaks of sentiments of a girlfriend who let her partner chooses between her and the game.

I, myself, was hooked with the game. I remember how I would skip my calculus classes just to attend a game session with my friends. We would scream, trash talk and even stand up with arms raised, as if we have won a million peso in a lottery game. Amazingly, I still got A in my calculus. It's not always like that though.

I am thankful I woke up before everything is already too late. Playing computer games is not bad, if and only if it is in its right place. What I forgot is that I'm at school to study, not to play.

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Cricket Revolution 2010

I have already mentioned before that sports games are my favorite. I love to play sports games on my PC. Recently, I bought a game, Cricket Revolution 2010. Before buying this game, I read many reviews and saw screenshots of this game. Those screenshots have made me interested in this game. And after playing this game, I think it is good, but it's not as good as “Cricket 2011 or Cricket 2010” . The visualization and graphic of this game are nice. I think it is much nicer than Cricket 2011. 

Commentary is one of the important parts of Cricket. But this game has no commentary option. I was really shocked about this. And the other thing, all the names of International Teams are wrong! I don’t know why! In the time of playing, there is no option to see a replay too. It is just boring. I never wanted this!

The control option to play sorts or bowling was also very tough to me. But the graphic of this game is just awesome. Truly, I saw the screenshot of this game in the Internet and after seen the graphics, I thought that this game may be great. But I was wrong. The developer should think more about this game.

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HD Remakes

Is anyone else pumped for the HD remakes of some older PS and PS2 games that are coming out? Personally, I'm excited for pretty much all of them. I believe, as of now, there's Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, and maybe one other. I've always thought of how awesome a lot of these games would be with better graphics. I mean, they aren't really remaking the whole game, but giving the graphics a little pizazz is always fun. Personally, I would like to see some of these games born again from scratch. They are often overlooked because of their graphics.

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best thing for time pass

Hey, my friends, I am Akshay from India. I have an addiction, since the day I was born, and that is "video games". Ohh! I am so excited, even while writing about this video game, which has always been my pulse.  My friends keep saying that you are like a kid - even now - as I am in college. But who cares, I will play games even when I am an old man, because games are not just for kids.  It is a fantastic way which gives you your childhood back, when you play it.

My craze towards video games is still increasing, as it's the best thing that I can play one full day, non-stop. Are you interested in knowing what video games do i like the most? I think the best, and the father of all games is "CALL OF DUTY," and the latest part is "call of duty modern warfare 3".

This game provides the best visual graphic, and you can't believe what it feels like when playing it. It is a third-person shooter action game, which gives you the feeling like you are actually shooting somebody. I like all shooting and action games. My favorite games are need for speed, crisis, call of duty and battlefield (awesome game).

You should play these games, if you are a game freak like me.

deadlywater96's picture

game freak

Gaming is my passion, and I can't hear a single word against this passion. Since childhood, I am gaming ever since, and daily play 5-6 hours a day, and sometimes even double, because my mom and dad never allow me to play more than that. It is a wait for me to come in contact with the animate world and feel things like you can't even think of in your real life.

Call of duty, battlefield, need for speed, San Andreas and many more with a full list. I play every kind of games, but these games were chosen by me because they have some kind of energy in it. Whenever I play these games, I know nothing what is going around me, it's like I'm in some different world.

Parents keep scolding me for this addiction, but they won't understand. I used to play at my home on my laptop but been thinking to buy a computer desktop to play games, because it can deliver even more gaming experience and can take more load than the laptop notebook. I also play at a gamer center in my city for better gaming experience called "GAMERZ".  

In my opinion, you should try these above-mentioned games once, and I can guarantee that you will face some best video games of the generation.

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I love video games.

I play computer games in spare time. Computer games enhance the abilities of a person. It gives enough abilities to counter with complicated situation. This is the best use of spare time rather than involving in bad activities and society.

The games I play are “dead space, driver, assassin creed, mafia, commando, computer game, and chess”.

Just like dead space is good 3rd person shooter game, which has increased to cope with sudden incidents, it increases my reflexes and made me more capable of taking decision in different situations.

I also play cricket game in spare time, as I remain busy in my studies and have very less time to play cricket, I love to play cricket game in spare time as a captain.

Captainship creates leadership in me. I decide which person comes as opener batsman and which person comes as a bowler.

This gives me encourage to make the decision in life.

I also play chess game, because as a mathematician God gifted me qualities to think and moves accordingly.

I love to play with computer. I think chess enhances the ability to think and move.

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My favorite game

I played a lot of games in the past. I never counted them, and if I did, it may come around 1000. I normally play PC games. I also play on NDS, game boy, play stations, Wii, etc. I enjoyed playing them a lot. By the starting of my B. Tech course, I have retired and now am concentrating in my studies.

When I think about the good old days, some good games always come to my mind. Prince of Persia is one of them. Maybe it's because of my craze towards adventure games. People, mainly select, their games which suit their behavior, and yes I am an adventure type person or maybe I like swords more than guns.

Prince of Persia has several versions but sands of time, warrior within and the two thrones are the ones which made the major hits. I think the latest one is the forgotten sands.It is a game of Ubisoft.The three games are the part of a single-story warrior within is the continuation of sands of time, and the two thrones are the final ending part of the story.

Then it is made into a film after the huge success of the game. The game is about a prince in Persia, who makes a mistake unknowingly in his life, and it causes the destruction of the world. Prince then takes responsibilities and tries to fix things up. The story is a twisted one and haves a good climax.

The awesome movements and style of his fighting did make the game very enjoyable. But the real element leads it to success is the humor. Game is both humor and deadly. The prince is so cool and stylish. There are many traps in the game where we want to work with our brain a lot. Thus, the game is not only a time pass but also a brain game too. I will say its a perfect game to play.