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Word Games or Puzzles

Do you enjoy word games or word puzzles? Please share your interests.


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Scrabble is a go-to game in my household, always has been and always will be. It's one of those great games where every single time you play it's going to be different. It is a great mind exercise, which I am a firm believer in. Keep those ideas and thoughts flowing at all times, there's no telling what you may come up with. Never think you are too cool for a good old thinking game; once in a while you have to give beer pong a break and play some Scrabble.

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Scrabble is a fabulous game. Scrabulous/Lexulous/Wordscraper on Facebook, Words HD on the iPad, or the actual board game is all good. The on-line versions are especially great, because you can string out games for weeks at a time.

Logic puzzles are also a great time. Eliminating possibilities, inferring others, and deducing likelihood.

Other great puzzle games are your Tetris/Dr. Mario, and Lemmings-style games, which while more time sensitive, still focus on developing our combinatorics skills.

Games are a great gateway to critical thinking- they simultaneously allow us to develop our intellectual faculties while having a lot of fun.

Mention should also be given to card games... Solitaire, FreeCell, Baker's Game, and my favorite: Forty Thieves. Simple, fun, and sometimes very challenging card games that once again have us practicing our applied combinatorics skills.

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Frankly speaking, there's

Frankly speaking, there's only one game I always play with my friends - and that is scrabbles! The more we play it the more interesting it is - we learn new words from each other + relax at the same time :) 

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When there is nothing to do

When there is nothing to do at home, our family usually plays word games. And our favorite game is of course, scrabble!  Though it may seem boring for most students, Scrabble is a very fabulous game for me. Me and my dad always compete to get the highest score. It is very challenging to play, and it really challenges your mind. And you know what, challenging your mind by playing games like scrabble will actually help you prevent alzheimer's disease.  So go ahead and try. In our family, playing scrabble is a routine. We learn new words from each other and it is also a great time to bond. It's bonding while learning! Whenever we play scrabble, I always take it seriously, our game typically last for 1 - 2 hours because all of us takes 5 - 15 minutes before making a move. We always search for the best word to put on the board so we can get the highest score possible, while preventing our opponents to come near double word score or triple word score. We only play for around 1 - 3 times a day, because honestly, after a game you will feel bored, maybe because your mind is so tired. I always feel this after a game. I feel sleepy.

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If you have never played the

If you have never played the game Apples to Apples before, you definitely need to find a box of it and grab a group of friends.  The game consists of two sets of cards: a green one of adjective and a red one of adjectives.  One person pulls a green card and the other players need to put down a red card that the green card could describe.  The person who put down the green card then picks his or her favorite red card.  The options could be serious, literal, funny, or completely nonsensical, and the person can choose a card for any reason.  In college, Apples to Apples is a great game to play to warm up to people.  It gives you a real sense of someone’s sense of humor and the way he or her thinks.  And the game only gets more fun once you know people better and van play cards that you know they will specifically enjoy.  The game works best if you play in a group of five to eight people.  Any less and it is not that fun and any more and the game tends to get a little bit tedious.  Happy gaming! 

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Scramble or word puzzle, it makes you think, it gives you more knowledge  than when you started. I love learning new words and having a way to widen my vocabulary with friends or on my own. It's fun to be able to use them once you learned them or to teach others. 

In college it's a big help to have a widen vocabulary, it helps with papers, you learn them through different classes.

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When I have some spare time on my hands, or when I'm in line waiting for something, I love playing Sudoku. I just download it on my phone and play away. Sudoku is a game with various tiles, and numbers scattered on a couple of tiles. The goal of the game is to get every row and every individual  box containing the numbers one through nine. It sounds pretty simple, but you can easily get frustrated. This game teaches me patience and discipline, which helps us all in daily life. It's not a game that you play just for fun, it happens to be beneficial to the brain as well. It helps you stay focused and also improves your strategy skills.

So next time you're waiting in line or you are just curious to try out a new game. Download sudoku or pick up a sudoku puzzle book at your local bookstore. It might just become your new favorite game!

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I lov eplaying scrabble its one of my favorite games of all time, I prefer the board game over things like words with friends but those work just as well also.  Any word search or scrambled word games I love, they get you thinking a bit I use them to warm up the brain before i start doing school work or before I go to class.  But there is nothing like sitting down with a couple friends and playing a good classic game of scarbble I love it.  

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I enjoy many types of puzzles. However, I enjoy puzzle hunts the most. Puzzles in a puzzle hunt are different than the puzzles that you may be used to; they almost always do not come with directions, giving a two-step challenge.

To figure out these types of puzzles, you first have to figure out how the puzzle works to solve it. Usually the answers will be words in English. In addition to this, in a puzzle hunt there may be various metapuzzles, which are puzzles which use the solutions to other puzzles.

Puzzle hunts are difficult, and as a result require multiple people to complete, giving you the experience of working as a team. One of the less complicated puzzle hunts is the Harvard Puzzle Hunt, which can be found at

If you are competing in a puzzle hunt on-site, usually after you solve the final meta you will be directed through a runaround, which usually entails completing shorter, easier puzzles and running around. I have participated in the Mathcamp Puzzle Hunts in 2010 and 2011 and both times I had a great time! Make sure to bring snacks, because usually an entire puzzle hunt can take hours or even up to thre days! Puzzle hunts are a great way to work as a team, solve puzzles, and have fun!

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I love playing Sudoku. It is a Japanese game with a grid of 9x9 squares. The goal is to fill in the numbers such that each row and each column of the grid contains numbers 1-9 only once.The game became world hit in 2005 and after that it became a part of newspapers in regular publications and since then I am playing this puzzle game. I find game more interesting when it is a challenge to time than it is to number of moves you make. Usually I and my younger brother both race against each other and clock to finish the game and it is of great fun at that time. 

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I love playing Sudoku. It is a Japanese game with a grid of 9x9 squares. The goal is to fill in the numbers such that each row and each column of the grid contains numbers 1-9 only once.The game became world hit in 2005 and after that it became a part of newspapers in regular publications and since then I am playing this puzzle game. I find game more interesting when it is a challenge to time than it is to number of moves you make. Usually I and my younger brother both race against each other and clock to finish the game and it is of great fun at that time. 

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Scrabble, a game behind my sharpness of spelling, counts among favourite games of mine.  It is a game played by two to four player and goal is to make words from lettered tiles that are available to you at hand. Each tile contains a number which determines the points you get for using that lettered tile in your word. Game requires the skills of being bluffy and strategic with your opponets to get more points. Spelling and vocabulary skills also count but they are a bit trivial as I would say. I have been playing it since my childhood improved a lot in my vocabulary and spelling through this game. The game has a set of rules which I came to know recently which state that the proper noun are not allowed in the game. Your word cannot pass through two tiles of existing words.

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Word Games & Puzzles

I enjoy a variety of word games and puzzles. One of my favorites is the game of Scrabble, which involves spelling words in exchange for points. Each letter has a point-value and the harder the letter is to use up, the higher its point-value is. This game is fun to play with like-minded people who also enjoy spelling. A dictionary is helpful to have in the even that a word is disputed. Sometimes words will be made up or will not be common enough, so looking it up in the dictionary will verify if it is a legitimate word or not.

Another fun word game is Scattergories. Scattergories involves a dice with letters that is rolled along with notepads listing a variety of categories, from movie names to U.S. cities. When the dice is rolled, whatever letter it lands on is the letter that every category must begin with. It is fun to see how many different names in the different categories each player comes up with.

Other fun word games include word searches and crossword puzzles. I could play crossword puzzles for hours, I learn something new when I have trouble finding the answers and crossword puzzles are stimulating for my brain.


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Word Games

Ever since elementary, I already love word games and puzzles. After snack time, my family, and of course I will play Scrabble. I find the game exciting and challenging because you should know your vocabulary well and you should think of a strategy to score high. Even if I’m in college now, we still play Scrabble of we’re not doing anything.

Another game that I enjoy so much is crossword puzzle. It’s a game wherein you’re given a list of clues, the clues are numbered and the answer to a clue must be a word that may be formed horizontally or vertically. It won’t be enough to know the answer, but to fit the answer to the boxes.

Boggle is another word game that I enjoy. It is a game wherein players have 3 minutes to find as many words as possible from the letters found in a 16 cube grid. Each player will record all the words by writing them on sheet of paper. If the players wrote the same word, that word will be removed from all players' lists.

Because of advances in technology, these word games can already be played virtually. These games can be played in desktops, and now luckily, in mobile phones as well. Playing word games can relieve stress, can give people sharper minds and broaden the vocabulary. Aside from the obvious reasons, such games can benefit the players, especially us, who are college students. Playing such games can be useful for the research papers that we write in college, from home works, projects and even in theses writing.

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The Best Word Game

The only word game me and friends play is SCRABBLE. This game is really fun and this is very much helpful in improving one’s vocabulary. The more you play the game, the more you get the chance of having you vocabulary tank get refilled. When you guys are scoring, then the game is more challenging since you have to choose the right tile to get double or triple scores out of the words or letters you have placed. Playing this game is fun especially during semester breaks, summer breaks and holidays. We used to play this game before to kill the very long summer time at the province. We don’t have any choice because the city is very far and you would surely rather stay and drown yourselves with anything from the house rather than going to the city, since aside from it is far, the road to the city is very much rocky and dusty. This is the reason why we started loving scrabble. At first we were just forced to play the game since my cousins got no idea on playing chess. Eventually, we learned to really love it because this game would really twist your brain and would sharpen your strategy skills, strategy in a way that you will be practiced to analyze things out specially on the part of choosing the right tile to be able to defeat your opponent and to be able to gain a high score. We play this game all day long. We would only stop when our maid would call for lunch, 4pm-snacks and dinner.


For those who haven’t tried playing this game, go play this one now! I promise you won’t regret sitting down and trying to construct words here and there. 

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Boggle is a great game. If you have friends who are not native English speakers, Boggle is a great game to play with them. It can increase vocabulary, recall, and reaction time.

I actually took Russian in college and made myself a set of Russian boggle cubes. I took stickers and wrote the letters on them and placed them over the English letters. Then I would play Boggle with my classmates so we could improve our vocabulary and recall. 

One of the greatest things about Boggle is it is quick. It takes two minutes and a little to complete the round and score it. That makes Boggle a great study break game. It happens quickly and it is not a long term game (like Risk). It simply happens, and then is over. You can continue scores from one day to the next or start over. It works because it does not require a huge vocabulary, it simply requires quick thinking. 

Boggle is also inexpensive and small which makes it perfect for dorm rooms and traveling. To make it even easier, there are now online and app versions for everyone to use. There is no reason to have to cart a Boggle set around, just roll on your phone and then play with whatever you have handy. 

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I think puzzles are more

I think puzzles are more interesting than word games. This is because puzzle will help us improve our thinking ability on the other hand word games improving our language skills. I think improving our thinking ability is more important and I go for Puzzles.