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Free Tools


FreeMind - A free easy to use mind-mapping program for individual.

XMind - A free open source mind-mapping program which has an online component.  Its basic version is free. - Another fun brainstorming web tool.


Free Clipart and images:

Open Clipart Library - Their clipart may be used in any project for free with no restrictions.

Copyright free images - A community indexed photo archive at Gimp Savvy.

MorgueFile - A free public image archive which provides free images.

Pixabay - A public domain images repository.


PDF Converter Software:  

PDF Creator Tool  - It will create PDF file from almost any applications.

DoPDF - This is another simple and free PDF converter tool.

Presentation Software

Jing - A free great screen capture software that works on both Mac and PC.

Google Docs Presentation - A free web-based applications. 

CamStudio - This program will record all screen and audio activities on your computer and create video files.

Audacity - An open source software that can record and edit audio files.


Image Manipulator Software

Gimp - A free image editor and photo retouching software.

Pixlr - A free online image editor software.

Inkscape - An open source scalable vector graphics editor.


Web Browsers:

Mozilla FireFox

Apple Safari

Google Chrome


Files Transfer:

FileZilla - An open source FTP program for uploading files to your hosting company. 


Save and Sync Notes or Backup Important Files:

Evernote - An application tha allows you save and sync notes and webclips on all your devices/computers. 

Dropbox - A free account with 2 GB of space where you can share and sync some of your important files in the cloud.