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Chapter Reading

When it comes to your college level classes, chances are you're going to be doing A LOT of reading. To help you remember what exactly it is you're really reading about, I'm going to share some classic tips with you that might finally help! It can be frustrating trying to understand what in the world it is these chapters and books are really about. But it all comes down to plain old organization and note taking!

What Do I Wear?!

For those of you college freshman who are straight out of high school, I'm sure this question has lingered over your head more than once; What do I wear? Fear not, for I have compiled a small list of tips for your first day of college outfits, and for days after that. Some of you like myself have probably come from a high school where you were obliged to wear uniforms on a daily basis. Welcome to college where you are free to wear whatever you desire, but of course, there are always some tips you should follow.

Getting Ready for Class

For all of us, especially us girls, getting ready for class in the morning can be a little wild. With some of these few tips, you all might be able to minimize the time it takes for us to get ready and get to class on time!

Managing Work & School

Welcome to college, the land of research papers, professors, and the infamous freshman fifteen. If we didn't have enough things to worry about as a college student, we have the added pressure of tuition. Some of us are lucky enough to have parent's who have saved up money to send us off to college. But others have to fend for themselves, and this is where college and working have to coincide. Having a part time job while attending college full time is no easy thing. We have two totally different aspects of our lives that we need to give our full attention to.


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