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College sports league

I guess that one of the most memorable highlights of our college life is the college sports. Most universities participate in sports league and the university team competes with other universities. Here in the Philippines, the 2 most famous college sports league are the National Collegiate Athletice Association (NCAA) and the University Athletice Association of the Philippines. I really wanted to experience and know what it feels like to watch live sports games especially basketball and cheer for the team of your university.

One last semester!

Hey guys, I have been sharing a lot about my college life here in my college pal. I am actually very thankful that mycollegepal exists because here, I can share everything that I have experienced and learned in college. And perhaps I will be back-reading these posts years from now after I have graduated. I an sure it will be fun reading my old college posts after a few years.


My current exercise - Badminton

Ever since I stopped playing basketball when I got an injury in high school, I got no physical activity anymore aside from my Physical education classess which I have taken on the first 4 semesters of my college life. I was not able to play basketball again because we moved to another place and my ball buddies are too far. Now, I am already playing basketball again every once in a while because I am already gaining a lot of weight since high school! I used to be somehow thin before lol. But now I am into another sport - Badminton


When your pc crashes

There are these times in college when your computer will crash. lol. I myself never experienced it until last week. I was just home from a night out and tried tuning on my computer the moment I woke up. It is my usual routine. And then to my surprise my computer will not turn on anymore!! :( I was so devastated that my computer has crashed at a very wrong time. The end of my semester is already approaching.. and the worse part of this is that I don't have savings yet, meaning I cannot afford to buy a new computer at this time!!

Group Study

In college there are many times where in we will really need to review a lot of things.  There are usually a lot of chapters or even a number of books to review every time the final exam comes our way. And because ofthis, there are times when we really get bored and lazy of non-stop reading by ourself. So some students consider studying with a group so they can kill the boredom and bond with their friends at the same time. I really think that this is a good idea but what we need to have is control.

Alcohol in college

Alcohol - probably a big part of college life for those who are fond of going to parties or just some late night booze. I myself is guilty of this. I would admit that I became more alcoholic when I entered college. I have been drinking alcohol since high school but my alcohol consumption almost doubled when I entered college. I guess that this is due to th environment in the university. In our university, bars are just around the corner. You will just literally walk out of the gate of your university and you will find lots of options on where you can drink alcohol and have a good time.

Too many absences

Something we are free to incur in college is absences. Our professors usually don't care how many absences we incur as long as we don't get pass the limit which would merit us to get a grade of FA or Failure due to absences. I will admit that I myself have enjoyed this benefit in my first few years of college. All of the number of my absences in every subject I was enrolled in is just 1 absent short so I can get a Failure due to absences mark.

Preparing for my thesis defense

Previously I have blogged about being almost finished with my thesis which is a major requirement ro graduate.. And now we are already finished with our marketing plan. Now all we have to do is to proof read and proof read the whole paper so that we can identify potential loop holes which may be asked by the panelists during the oral defense of our thesis which is schedule before two or three months from now.


Benefits of reading books

We may not notice that there are many benefits of reading books like novels etc. I myself also thought of this before, I think that reading books is just a boring past time of others. But when my girlfriend has asked me to read some of her favorite novels, I realized that it is not that boring after all as long as you are really interested in what you are reading.

Cyber crime - identity theft and scams

So here I am again writing another blog about cyber crime. I just realized that my list of cyber crimes will never be complete without these two types of cyber crimes which is one of the most common cyber crimes nowadays. So here we go..


Internet Scams

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