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The College Student Vs. The Rip Off


When you venture out of town either on vacation during spring or summer break, or you opt for a more enjoying vacation of some sort you often prepare for the worst.  What if it rains?  What if its too cold?  What if you didn’t bring enough clothes?  Too many clothes?  What about gas, is there enough money to cover the expenses and the incidentals that arise?  Is there a safety net of some kind.  You check off everything on your list of things to bring and events to prepare for.  Now you think you’re ready to head out right?  TOTALLY WRONG!  Have you prepared for the ABSOLUTE WORST, or have you forgotten one vitally important factor whenever you leave home, most especially if you plan to be gone for an extended period of time? 

The College Student Vs. Surviving Deployment


I had never had any experience whatsoever with anything military.  My knowledge of it was slim to none.  I didn’t understand the rules, regulations, customs, behavior, nor the different world that the men and women of the armed forces lived in.  In a way, going from quaint girl who dates geeks to a girl who is engaged to a geeky soldier…let’s just say it has taken some getting used to.  I can relate Army life much like I can relate it to my move to the Upper Peninsula.  I grew up in lower Michigan, relatively close to the city, everything was in easy reach and there was that blessed anonymity.  When I moved to the U.P., however, that anonymity went straight out the window.  You know those teeny-bopper books and T.V. shows about the ‘new girl in school’ where everyone knew her and her backstory before she even walked through those double doors?  Yep, that was me, and I felt like a sideshow freak.  Its very unnerving having someone walk up to you, give you the third degree then walk off and tell their friends and discuss whether or not you are worthy of being part of their little clique. 

The College Student Vs. The Soup Kitchen

This is just a bit of wisdom that I have acquired within my 31 years of existence.  Each day I learn a new lesson and add that to my library of experience.  

The College Student Vs. The Resume *Facepalm*

I’ve seen a lot of articles on writing the perfect resume.  There are many websites that are dedicated to the successful completion of the perfect fine-tuned resume.  Some of these websites charge a nominal fee for their services which is why a lot of times students opt to write their own.  With the job market still being at a lull, there are a lot of students, such as myself, that remain unemployed.  That resume is the key to your job searching existence.  What you put out, is what you will get back and in today’s market-image is everything.  Now, let’s say you spend hours tweaking and pruning your resume until it sparkles.  You have provided professional quality work, listed everything that you are qualified for and even have references that will leave you feeling awesome.  You think you’re finished, right?  Sure!  So you go ahead and start submitting your resume online.  A lot of employers have transferred their applications online out of convenience and paper applications are very nearly obsolete.  Then, after spending hours filling out online applications and submitting your gorgeous resume that you spent hours perfecting, you realize *gasp* there is a huge gaping ugly error just staring you right in the face and sticking out its tongue going 'Na, na!' 

The College Student Vs. The Frenemy

Any friendship can have its ups and downs.  Some friendships are significantly more stable than others where both friends reciprocate the shoulder-to-cry-on, taking turns paying for nights out, sitting around with that blessed cup of coffee while exchanging pleasantries.  But then you have that one friend, or perhaps a few friends who seem more like enemies than they do friends.  You constantly butt heads, are constantly consumed by their drama and you often find yourself arguing with them more than you are laughing.  Those lovely individuals are known as Frenemies

The Online College Student Vs. Extracurricular

Most online students live a life of both convenience and a time constraint.  Whatever the reasons a student opts for an online campus rather than the traditional campus varies considerably.  But what about further involvement in student activities?  What does an online university have to offer in addition to the forum posts and copious amounts of reading and studying?  College in of itself is a necessary requirement to attain a job in specific fields of study, but the extracurricular activities are enriching and also assist in further learning and experience.  How does an online student then become more involved with academics through outside activities?

The College Student Vs. The Big Bullies


You ever have one of those situations where someone hugs you, those lingering hugs where it’s too close for comfort?  Have you ever had someone just nonchalantly ‘bump’ into you or inappropriate commentary or gestures that leave you feeling both vulnerable and cheap?  Some sexual harassment is more obvious than others and there are so many levels of harassment that sometimes we don’t even realize it’s happening until it’s too late.  How do you deal with sexual harassment or harassment in general and how does it affect you?  Well, I have had more than my fair share of instances and drawing a line is sometimes hard when you feel like there could be repercussions if you open up and say something.

The College Student Vs. Anger Management (and the ninja skills of communication)


When it comes to setbacks and stress, the toll it takes upon a student can have a wide variety of consequences.  You get a bad grade on a paper, you disagree with someone’s viewpoint, feel that you are being treated unfairly, or you are overwhelmed by responsibilities.  Some students feel the need to deflect their emotions onto other people, while others are more inclined to use critical thinking and contemplate options and otherwise look introspectively to formulate viable solutions to these setbacks. 

The College Student Vs. Emotional Baggage

So, you want to go to college?  You’re either starting classes fresh out of high school, or you are an older student who is bound by the day to day responsibilities of domestic life as well as the myriad of other issues that go along with being an adult.  Think you are prepared for the journey and demands that lie ahead of you in college, well grab yourself a life jacket and an inner tube and be prepared for the ride of your life.

The College Student Vs. The Cheater

What is the definition of cheating, exactly?  Obviously, plagiarism is a big no-no for when you take someone else’s work while giving yourself the credit that constitutes as cheating, right?  While learning, you only gain what you put into it, therefore, you gain nothing when you utilize the efforts of someone else to benefit yourself.   Peeking over someone’s shoulder while filling out those sheets with all the bubbles in a regular classroom is the thought that comes to mind when I imagine a cheater.  Sadly enough, it seems as though people are willing to take the easy route and basically fail upwards in order to get by in life, but in reality, all those individuals are doing is cheating themselves.

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